What Happened To Nardo's Natural After Shark Tank?

From banana peel facials to yogurt masks, beauty fanatics will opt for the wildest hacks to ensure glowing skin. Before natural skincare became as buzzworthy as it is now, four brothers took it upon themselves to enter the new market. Kyle, DJ, Danny, and KJ Mastronardo began pursuing skincare after DJ burned his hand during a cooking demonstration. They promptly discovered the healing properties of olive oil and were inspired to concoct their own natural products.

The Mastronardo brothers began working out of their parents' home and eventually perfected their first moisturizer just months later. In 2009, they officially took up a business together — each bringing their love for wellness and unique skills to the company. "Nardo's Natural" landed on season 3 of "Shark Tank," as Kyle, DJ, Danny, and KJ Mastronardo sought help from the celebrity investors. Their premium serums, moisturizers, and cleansers are sourced from organic ingredients such as aloe vera, charcoal, and coconut oil.

In their pitch, the brothers shared that all "Nardo's Natural" products are produced in their hometown of Tampa, Florida. At the time of filming, Nardo's Natural had already found success online and in retail locations such as spas and boutiques. From 2009-2012, the company saw $30,000 in gross sales with an overall $625,000 valuation. With these promising numbers, the brothers hoped to land a deal with the Sharks in order to grow their small business.

What happened to Nardo's Natural on Shark Tank?

The Mastronardos asked for a $75,000 investment in exchange for 12% equity in their family business. During negotiations, billionaire Mark Cuban was the first Shark out due to the lack of demand for their products. Fashion founder Daymond John initially supported the brothers, as he shared that he got his start with three business partners as well. However, he felt it was too early to invest — he was out.

Finally, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran showed interest in joining the Nardo brothers, but not before offering up some critique. First, Corcoran called out their exaggerated projections, in which they placed Nardo's Natural $4.8 million in sales over the next two years. She also wasn't a fan of the brand name, which was a spin-off of their family surname. Despite these criticisms, overall she was impressed by their drive.

Corcoran once shared what she looks for in entrepreneurs before investing, which rings true in the case of the Mastronardo brothers. "I've never seen a young entrepreneur succeed without great naivety," she told the business owners during their pitch. The angel investor made a counteroffer: $75,000 in exchange for 50% of the company. In addition to the large equity, there was another catch — they must change the brand name. The brothers eventually agreed to her terms and accepted the offer.

Nardo's Natural After Shark Tank

After "Shark Tank," the Mastronardo brothers got to work with their investor, Barbara Corcoran. Luckily the Shark didn't actually force them to change their name, and she helped the green business gain exposure through her connections. Following their "Shark Tank" appearance, the organic skincare line even landed a feature on Good Morning America (per ABC Action News). In 2012, the same year as their episode aired, they opened The Spa by Nardo's Natural in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they offered services using their own cosmetics.

During season 5, Nardo's Natural was featured in a "Shark Tank" update segment. Much had changed since we last saw them: in 2013, their youngest brother KJ passed away in a motorcycle accident. Despite this tragic loss, the Mastronardo brothers continued to run their organic skincare company successfully and reached over $500,000 in sales that past year. They also pursued deals with retailers Whole Foods, Walgreens, and CVS.

As of 2023, The Spa by Nardo's Natural is permanently closed. However, the USDA Certified Organic company has reached an impressive yearly revenue of $5 million (per Shark Tank Blog). Their product line has expanded to offer botanical anti-aging serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens which are available on Amazon. Outreaching various audiences, Nardo's Natural also offers cosmetics such as lip balms, eyeliners, foundation, and even muscle rubs for athletes. On their website, the brothers shared that they aim to continue supporting local endeavors and job creation in Tampa.