Days Of Our Lives Classic Love Story: Victor And Caroline

It's safe to say that soap opera fans love a good classic love story: two people fall in love and ride off into the sunset, determined to live happily ever after. Although, that's not how it usually happens on soaps. Love stories are never complete without lies, betrayals, and a healthy dose of unnecessary violence. Such is the story of Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) and Caroline Brady (Peggy McCay).

Caroline first came to Salem in 1983 with her husband Shawn (Frank Parker) and their children, Kayla (Mary Beth Stevenson), Bo (Peter Reckell), and Roman (Wayne Northrop). Previously, Caroline had an affair with Victor and Bo was actually his son, but she didn't reveal that at the time. Between their hidden affair and the entanglements with their children, Victor and Caroline were always in each other's orbit, but they ultimately loved other people. They never did find happiness together before Caroline's death on the show in 2019. Now with Victor's death on the show imminent according to Soaps She Knows, it's fitting to look back and reflect on his time in Salem and all of the people he loved along the way.

Caroline and Victor were drawn to each other

When Caroline came to town, Victor tried to pursue her since they shared a history, but she rejected him. Feeling hurt, Victor vowed to get revenge, and he ended up almost being shot by Bo. Caroline revealed that Victor was Bo's father, but Victor lied and said that he had a vasectomy, as Bo was too upset at the prospect that Victor was his father. Eventually, the truth got out, and Bo came to terms with his parentage.

Caroline remained loyal to Shawn as Victor became involved with multiple other women in Salem, but when both Victor and Caroline were presumed murdered by the Salem Stalker, the town was devastated. As it turns out, both of them were alive and well on Melaswen Island, and they were keeping each other company while they were being held prisoner. Victor wondered if they could ever rekindle their relationship, but when they were rescued, Caroline returned to Shawn and left Victor heartbroken once more.

Victor and Caroline were brought back into each other's lives again when Bo suffered a health scare and needed a pancreas transplant. They grew closer, and Caroline recognized Victor's attempts to help Bo when he brought in his godson Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) to do the surgery and offered Bo's donor Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) a place to stay after her operation.

Victor and Caroline loved each other from afar

Victor and Caroline remained friends for years, even after Shawn died in a plane crash and left Caroline a widow in 2008. Victor stood by Caroline when she was wrongly accused of murdering Trent Robins (Roscoe Born), who had been harassing her son Max (Darin Brooks) after returning to town. The charges were dropped, yet Victor still supported Caroline.

Jealousy struck when Victor remarried Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) so that she would stop attacking her enemy's daughter, Melanie (Molly Burnett). Caroline was outraged that Victor would deign to marry someone as evil as Vivian, but he saw it as a necessary means to an end. Victor and Vivian's marriage eventually dissolved, and even though Caroline was glad about it, she still wouldn't admit that she was jealous.

Peggy McCay passed away in 2018, and Caroline's death was announced on the show in 2019. As Salem mourned the loss of the matriarch, Victor grieved deeply. He professed that she would always be the love of his life, even if he ultimately wasn't hers.