Did Kody Brown Lie About Trying To Save His Marriage With Meri?

Three of Kody Brown's original four wives have left their plural family, which has been documented on TLC's hit show, "Sister Wives." However, Kody sometimes remembers things a bit differently than everyone else. This time around, the patriarch is arguing that his attempt to reconcile with his first wife, Meri Brown, was sabotaged by his third wife, Christine Brown. While it may sound like a soap opera, the polygamist triangle is real, at least according to Kody. 

He previously slammed Christine during the bombshell "Sister Wives" tell-all, so it doesn't come as a surprise that Kody is pointing the finger at her for this, too. Still, people are seeing right through him, including his kids. Christine and Kody's daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, thinks her dad is making the entire thing up, and fans of the show seem to agree. Christine and Meri were, understandably, both confused by his statements too. 

In fact, the only person who backed the reality star was his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, albeit without any substantial evidence. After years of struggling to maintain their relationship, Meri and Kody officially called it quits in January 2023, sharing their decision on Instagram. They've previously been open about their problems on the show, so their separation didn't shock many, unlike Kody's debatable claim that he was trying to save their marriage.

Kody claims he was ready to take Meri back in

Considering some of the biggest fights Kody and Meri Brown have had over the years, and after all the drama that ensued during and following the fallout of their relationship, it was pretty shocking when the controversial polygamist claimed that he was trying to save their marriage at one point. Christine Brown, his then-third wife, was to blame for that not succeeding, at least according to Kody. In the exclusive tell-all at the end of Season 17 of "Sister Wives," Kody stated that Christine flipped out when he told her he was considering reconciling with Meri. 

However, he's the only one to remember the situation that way. Robyn Brown, the patriarch's only remaining wife, stood by his side when asked about the dubious day and said she does remember Christine being upset but didn't go into much detail, per ET, because she wasn't actually there. Christine, on the other hand, was visibly taken aback when it was her turn to talk about what happened.

"That's really absolutely frustrating and offensive right now. There's no way I would not support him and Meri having a great relationship if that's what they both wanted," she responded. Then it was Meri's turn to comment, and she revealed that Kody never came to her with the idea of getting back together, adding that it was notable that Christine didn't remember any of the conversations in question. 

Gwendlyn thinks Kody is setting Christine up

Over on her Patreon account, Gwendlyn Brown shared her opinion on Kody Brown's claim that he wanted to patch things up with Meri Brown, and plainly speaking she's not buying it. "Robyn [Brown] remembers the supposed aftermath. The only person who remembers [the situation] is Kody. This is completely made up," she stated firmly (via Cheat Sheet). Gwendlyn went on to reason that her dad is probably trying to pin more things on her mom, Christine Brown, in the wake of their own messy breakup.

Gwendlyn isn't the only one to believe Kody isn't being real. "Sister Wives" fans have been studying the patriarch's behavior on the show and also think he has a hidden agenda. "Nothing about [Kody's] story makes sense," one Reddit user wrote in a deep-dive thread on the platform, while another added, "[Kody] absolutely fabricated this to paint Christine as a home wrecker for trying to block a reconciliation." It's to be expected that the viewers feel this way, as Kody has openly been pushing Meri away for years.

From publicly stating that he didn't want to be intimate with her while they were still married to claiming that she could marry somebody else before officially ending things with her, Kody has made it pretty clear where he stands with his first wife. After everything the "Sister Wives" star was seemingly so adamant about, it does look like he never had the intention of taking Meri back, despite her best efforts.