What The Cast Of The Bratz Movie Is Doing Today

Before there was Barbie, there were Bratz. Well, that's not true; Barbie came first. But, before there was "Barbie," Greta Gerwig's billion-dollar movie that shattered box office records in the summer of 2023, there was 2007's "Bratz," a live-action musical comedy centered around the fashionable dolls that were all the rage in the 2000s. The movie was not all the rage, to put it mildly. It currently sits at a paltry 10% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the movie barely cracked $10 million at the domestic box office.

From its pink opening credits in Comic Sans to the multiple music videos that play over the end titles, "Bratz" is a wild ride from start to finish. It's about four friends who enter high school excited to take on its challenges together, but they soon find themselves scattered among various cliques. Will the girls find their way back to one another before multiple musical numbers lead to the movie's climax? You'll definitely experience terrible dialogue and a soundtrack including aughts luminaries like Ashlee Simpson along the way!

"Barbie" features megastars like Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, but the cast of "Bratz" was significantly less famous. Many of them have even gone on to change their names since being part of the Sean McNamara-directed movie (though we're not saying there's any connection to starring in a legendary flop like this). Read on to check in with what the cast of the "Bratz" movie is doing today.

Skyler Shaye has continued to work with her godfather after playing Cloe

Skyler Shaye plays Cloe in "Bratz," the friend on the soccer team. Cloe's home situation is less financially secure than the other girls' families, so she's the reason they enter the talent show in order to win a college scholarship. In real-life, though, Shaye has considerable Hollywood connections, including to the most famous person in the "Bratz" cast: Her godfather Jon Voight, who plays Principal Dimly. "Jon has been my acting coach my entire life," Shaye told OK! Magazine in 2007. "He is such an incredible mentor!"

Shaye looks back fondly on her time as a Brat. She told We Are Entertainment News, "I am so happy I was part of the 'Bratz' film to this day. It was such a fun film to be part of." It seems director Sean McNamara enjoyed working with Shaye, too; she's been in numerous movies from the director since, many of which also starred Voight. Shaye starred in "JL Family Ranch: The Wedding Gift" and "Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders," both helmed by McNamara. Shaye was a particular fan of the former film, telling Hallmark's "Home & Family" talk show, "I'm gonna be honest ... I saw the full movie a couple days ago, and I cried! I did! I cried!"

The "Bratz" star is now married to musician Christian Lopez, and Voight gave a speech at her wedding. "He's been there for me my whole life," Shaye told People

Nathalia Ramos, who played Yasmin, has pivoted to content creation

While all four girls are important, if "Bratz" has a main character, Yasmin might be it. She's the shy singer who doesn't find a clique of her own when her friends start to leave her behind in high school, finally coming into her own when everyone joins her in the talent show. The character was played by Nathalia Ramos, an actor who is Spanish and Jewish, just like Yasmin. "The movie is very anti-stereotypical. It breaks down stereotypes," she told JVibe around the time of the film's release. "No one would expect me to be from Spain and also be Jewish."

Ramos was the youngest cast member in the film as a high school freshman, while the others were already graduates. Nevertheless, she and the other girls have stayed in touch. On Christy Carlson Romano's "Vulnerable" podcast, Ramos revealed, "We're really good friends. They're like, my ride-or-dies, really. ... What I feel really grateful about is that we have been so supportive of each other."

She's spent most of the last decade on Nickelodeon's "House of Anubis," a show about mysterious happenings at a boarding school. She now primarily makes informative content for TikTok and Instagram, where she has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers thanks to videos like "Hollywood on Strike" and "How to Set Your Rates: A Guide for Freelancers."

Janel Parrish parlayed her role as Jade into a long career on TV

Janel Parrish plays Jade in "Bratz," the ultra-smart, ultra-fashionable friend. The character is just as good at sewing stunning outfits in Home Ec as she is at concocting glittering fireworks in Chemistry. Parrish landed a record deal thanks to her work in the movie. She told MovieWeb proudly, "My song is on the soundtrack. And my video plays during the credits at the end of the movie." Parrish enjoyed the film, telling KidzWorld that it wouldn't be the last. "I think they definitely can [hold out hope for a sequel], yeah," she said. "I don't think this is the last time they see the Bratz." It was indeed the last time anyone saw the Bratz, and Parrish's debut album never materialized either. 

Since "Bratz," Parrish is best known for her time on "Pretty Little Liars." She played Mona Vanderwaal one of the series' main antagonists. Parrish also appeared in the "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" film series, playing the older sister of the main character. Most recently, Parrish starred in "Family History Mysteries: Buried Past," a Hallmark movie. She told Access that, unlike former Hallmark queen Candace Cameron Bure, she enjoyed the channel's focus on diversity. "I think the stories that [Hallmark is] making are so beautiful, and inclusive, and diverse ... I'm really proud to be working for them."

Logan Browning was Sasha in Bratz

In "Bratz" Logan Browning's character Sasha joins the cheerleading squad, showing off her dancing skills. Speaking with MovieMom, Browning talked up her character's sense of style. "We all have unique and different styles in the movie, and it helps us show who our characters are, what makes each of us unique," she said. "Sasha is very Beyoncé, very classy, and animal prints are her signature."

Browning has worked consistently since "Bratz," appearing in 78 episodes of Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns." She also led the cast of "The Perfection," a horror movie co-starring Allison Williams, and she was one of the leads on VH1's cheerleading show "Hit the Floor." Most recently, Browning starred in 40 episodes of the Netflix hit "Dear White People," playing the show's main character Sam. In an interview with Refinery29, Browning discussed the backlash she's received from both white and Black audiences about the role. "To have an opportunity like this one is very exciting — and yet, at the same time, I'm in a position to really listen to and absorb the feelings of people who would like to see a darker-skinned woman in this title role instead," she said.

These days, Browning has been vocal about her support of the ongoing SAG strike, writing on Instagram, "it's for the future of being an artist as a viable profession, and if you love art & artists you will support us."

Chelsea Kane was Chelsea Staub when she played Meredith

Like a surprising number of her castmates, the actor who played Meredith wound up changing her name after being in "Bratz." She now acts under the name Chelsea Kane. Back in 2007, though, she was Chelsea Staub when she starred as the mean-girl student body president who sets out to make life difficult for the girls she terms "the brats." Kane loved being the villain, as she told RadioFree, finding that the character's lack of conscience was fun to play with. "That's kind of what I loved about her — you know, she didn't feel bad about anything. She always came first in her mind," Kane explained. "So I thought it was funny to play a character that really only cares about herself."

After "Bratz," the actress played Stella on two seasons of the Jonas Brothers' Disney Channel show. In 2012, she was cast as Riley on the ABC Family comedy "Baby Daddy," the best friend of the show's titular daddy character. By the show's final season, everyone on set had gotten quite close, she told Trippin' with Tara. "From the prop department to wardrobe to sound, it's just, it really is such a family," Kane said.

Kane also does a lot of voiceover work, including shows like "Fish Hooks" and "Archibald's Next Big Thing." She told AZCentral, "[Voice acting] gives me my performance fix without a lot of the stress — there's no wardrobe, no make-up, no fittings."

After Bratz, Anneliese van der Pol returned to the role that made her famous

Anneliese van der Pol shot to fame as Chelsea on "That's So Raven," which ended in 2007. That same year, she starred in "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway. "It's so exciting not only to be making my Broadway debut in this fabulous show, but to also have the honor of being the last person to play Belle on Broadway," she said in a statement to Playbill. In "Bratz" she played Avery, one of mean-girl Meredith's lackeys.

Van der Pol's career was rather quiet after 2007. She starred in the "Twilight" spoof "Vampires Suck" and appeared on a Grover-centric "Sesame Street" spinoff called "Shalom Sesame." Then in 2017, she returned to the role that made her famous. In "That's So Raven" spinoff "Raven's Home," van der Pol once again played the psychic eccentric's eccentric best friend. She told Naluda Magazine that she was happy to be reunited with Raven Symone, explaining, "No disrespect to those freakin' talented kids, it's just so nostalgic living life again with my old friend. It truly gives me the fuzzies."

In April 2023, van der Pol made headlines after she appeared on fellow Disney Channel alum Christy Carlson Romano's "Vulnerable" podcast. She called out the network's racially-prejudiced past, noting that when she was cast on "That's So Raven," Raven wasn't the lead. "They couldn't really see a Black girl being the show," she said. "They saw her as a sidekick."

Malese Jow now goes by Melise

As mean girls in movies often do, Meredith had two sidekicks in "Bratz." They were named Avery and Quinn; while Avery was played by Anneliese van der Pol, Quinn was portrayed by actress Malese Jow. Like Chelsea Kane, Jow has changed her name and now mononymously goes by "Melise."

After "Bratz," she spent a long time on The CW, appearing in "The Vampire Diaries," "The Flash," and "Star-Crossed." She was also a Nickelodeon veteran, putting in time on "Big Time Rush" and "The Troop." In "The Vampire Diaries," Melise had an arc as a vampire named Anna who was in a relationship with Elena's brother Jeremy, played by Steven McQueen. "There was an innocence that he brought out of her that she thrived in and he did too, so their dynamic was so beautiful to me," Melise told Entertainment Weekly. Looking back on her time on the show, she shared, "I loved working with Steven [McQueen]. We were best friends on and off set."

According to IMDb, Melise's most recent acting credit came in 2021 as the voice of Dupli-Kate on the animated superhero show "Invincible." She's now an influencer who, according to her Instagram bio, wants "to make living itself an art."

Stephen Ford played Cameron and now makes his own films

"Lunsford is dead," the actor who played Cameron in "Bratz" tweeted back in 2020. "Long live Ford." He now goes by Stephen Ford, making him the final actor on this list to switch up their name after starring in the 2007 musical comedy. Cameron was the on-again off-again boyfriend of the villainous Meredith, though he seemed much more interested in soccer star Cloe than his duplicitous girlfriend.

After "Bratz," Ford went on to appear in multiple episodes of "Teen Wolf" as Matt, a Season 2 character who might be a Kanima ... until his untimely death. Ford joked with ClevverTV, "You're not sure if he's good or bad, but he's very handsome and very sexy, like I've said in every one of my interviews."

Nowadays, Ford directs his own independent short films, including a "Tenet" fan film and various videos based around "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare." Ford frequently documents his projects' productions on his Twitter account, where he has more than 141K followers. He told Voyage LA that starting Ascender Productions gave him the chance to develop storytelling skills he wasn't using as an actor. He also acknowledged, "I'm fortunate that I've had the chance to lead some really great projects as both an actor and director, but regardless of former achievements, the industry is constantly changing and there's no guarantee of work."

Lainie Kazan was Yasmin's Bubbie

Broadway veteran Lainie Kazan played Yasmin's grandmother, known simply as Bubbie, in "Bratz." It's a small but important role in the film, giving Yasmin the advice and motivation she needs to take on the bullies at school, plus a healthy dose of Kazan's wacky comedic energy.

After "Bratz," she starred in five episodes of "Desperate Housewives," reprised her past role in the sequel to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and acted in a number of independent films. In 2021, Kazan starred in a film called "Tango Shalom," which, like her role in "Bratz," mixed her Jewish heritage with a bit of Spanish flavor. "I had a wonderful time with it. It is fun, it's warm, and it's just a wonderful movie," she told Digital Journal about the project. "It's an inclusive movie and the perfect time for it."

Kazan is also a talented live performer, making her a fascinating interview subject. "I'm looking forward to sharing with you INSIDE HOLLYWOOD STORIES about some of my Friendships with Legendary Celebrities," she wrote on Instagram in April 2023, advertising a Palm Springs stage show where she pledged to spill stories about Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Tab Hunter, and Divine. And you'll see her next jetting off to Greece in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3."

Jon Voight's glorified cameo as Principal Dimly

Actor Jon Voight played Principal Dimly in "Bratz," a fittingly-named administrator who tries to run his school like a prison by forcing his students into cliques as a way to control them. Even though the movie was a relative failure, Voight has defended "Bratz" as a worthwhile piece of entertainment. He told BoxOfficeMojo, "People wrote it off as something less than wholesome because of the [Bratz] dolls — and it isn't. It's very loving and surprisingly moving — with wonderful lessons for young people. It's a terrific, rousing movie."

The "Deliverance" star spent much of the last decade on Showtime drama "Ray Donovan," playing the father of the show's title character. Voight also returned for the show's wrap-up movie, telling Studio 10 how he felt about the characters' final goodbye. "I think the last scene, I hope we did a good job with it. And I hope that people will be deeply moved by it."

These days, Voight, who is Angelina Jolie's father, is also known as one of Hollywood's most prominent conservative voices. He regularly makes political videos on Twitter, a hobby that has given some of his co-stars pause. "Jon [Voight] and I made an agreement years ago to just never talk about politics," his "Ray Donovan" co-star Liev Schreiber told TVLine. "We just don't do it."

Chet Hanks played against type as Dexter

Rewatching the "Bratz" movie in 2023, one of the biggest surprises in the cast is the appearance of Chet Hanks. The eccentric son of Tom Hanks plays Dexter in the movie, a science nerd who catches the eye of fellow math whiz Jade through his unexpected fighting skills. Though Chet likes to show off his muscled frame now, he was much skinnier back then, and he even had braces. 

Chet Hanks has remained relevant in the culture thanks to his outsized personality and questionable love of Jamaican accents. He answered for his use of patois in an appearance on "Ziwe," claiming, "Aside from, like, Jamaican culture itself, and Caribbean culture itself, which is obviously very, you know, vibrant, I was, like, the first person to, like, kind of, like, get in the conversation? Like, of just recent times." For her part, Ziwe stared incredulously.

The "White Boy Summer" rapper also made headlines in 2023 for his feud with Eric Andre. After filming an appearance on the comedian's show, Chet took to his Instagram Story and addressed Andre. "I thought you were funny and cool, but turns out you're just a p****, dude. That's what's up." Andre responded in an interview with The Independent, proclaiming, "Tell him to say that s*** to my f***ing face."

Daniel Booko: from a background jock to reality TV

After the Bratz realize that they've been forced to take part in the school's cliques rather than sticking together as a friend group, they embark on a mission to reach out across clique lines and befriend everybody. (There's that wholesome message Jon Voight was talking about!) In one scene, Jade offers to tutor the football team, and actor Daniel Booko plays a jock who does math involving touchdown and field goal scores.

Booko went on to appear on an iconic "iCarly" episode, playing Cort on the episode "iHire an Idiot." His other credits include "Jersey Shore Shark Attack," "21 & Over," "Shameless," and "The Goldbergs."

Up next, Booko might be playing himself on the upcoming "Vanderpump Rules" spinoff. According to Reality Tea, Booko is expected to join a cast that includes former "VPR" stars Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute. Alongside his wife Nia Sanchez, Booko recently became a parent. And Sanchez' Instagram post about the birth includes supportive comments from "Pump Rules" alums like Brittany Cartwright and Stassi Schroeder, so it's pretty safe to assume Booko will be bringing the drama on Bravo soon.