Every Hallmark Movie Alison Sweeney Has Ever Starred In

Over the years, Alison Sweeney has become one of Hallmark's most beloved leading ladies. As of August 2023, she has starred in a whopping 26 films for the network over the course of just one decade. Plus, when she's not filming with Hallmark, she's also been busy with her role as Sami in "Days of Our Lives" — she appeared in over 3,600 episodes of the show before leaving it behind in 2022 for a new contract with Hallmark. 

It seems that Sweeney loves to keep busy — and she will be definitely appearing in plenty more Hallmark movies in the years to come. As Lisa Hamilton Daly, EVP Programming at Hallmark Media, told Deadline, "She's long been a fan favorite, and we can't wait to continue our work together as we bring new stories to life."

Now is as good a time as any to rewatch Sweeney's older films. From "The Wedding Veil" series to "Murder, She Baked," these are all of the Hallmark movies Sweeney has starred in.

Second Chances (2013)

Alison Sweeney landed her first Hallmark role in the 2013 film "Second Chances," later renamed "Hearts on Fire." Sweeney starred as Jenny, an emergency dispatcher and a single mom who ends up renting out her spare room to Jeff (played by Greg Vaughan), an injured firefighter whom she first met during an emergency call. Naturally, once they're under the same roof, sparks begin to fly.

Sweeney had a wonderful time on her first Hallmark project. For one thing, she was already old friends with her co-star. In fact, the pair had even recently begun working together on "Days of Our Lives." "I have known Greg for more than 10 years, so, you know, we go way back," Sweeney told Hallmark. She went on to say that she was actually a huge fan of the film herself. "This is totally a movie I would watch," she confessed. Clearly, Sweeney and Hallmark were a match made in heaven from the very beginning.

Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery (2015)

In 2015, two years after her first Hallmark project, Alison Sweeney returned to the network for "Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery," the first film in a series of murder mysteries about a crime-solving small-town baker, Hannah. "A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery" involves Hannah looking into the death of a local delivery man.

Naturally, Sweeney loved returning to Hallmark for the series — especially since the films had a little bit of everything, from mystery to drama to romance to baking. "I think this movie has something for everyone," she told Hallmark during an on-set interview. " I think so many people will relate to and enjoy the family aspect of it and the action. ... It's just really fun to think that you can share it with your kids and enjoy solving the mystery together."

Clearly, families did love the films — in fact, as of 2023, Hallmark has made a total of seven Hannah Swensen mystery movies and they are widely considered one of Hallmark's most popular mystery franchises.

Love on the Air (2015)

In 2015, Alison Sweeney also starred in the romantic film "Love on the Air," about two rival radio broadcasters — Nick Linden (Jonathan Scarfe) and Sonia Mayerick (Sweeney) – who, after a bit of career competition, discover their feelings for each other.

If you're a fan of a classic enemies-to-lovers romantic arc, this movie is definitely one to add to your list. "It just is so great the way he shakes things up for her," Sweeney told Hallmark. "It's sort of fun to see them both squirming over these new feelings they have for each other."

For Sweeney, this movie stood out as it proved to be popular with male viewers, too. "It's super fun," she gushed to The Wrap. "It's a great romantic comedy, and, if I may say, I feel like it's a great date night movie 'cause my husband actually likes it!" High praise indeed for a rom-com!

Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Murder Mystery (2015)

In "Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Murder Mystery," Alison Sweeney's character, amateur detective Hannah, takes on the mystery of a businessman killed inside his office at the Christmas Tree Lodge — all while dealing with Christmas orders at the bakery.

Although this film marked the second installment of the "Murder, She Baked" mystery series, it was Sweeney's first Christmas movie with Hallmark. "I think it makes it a fun twist that it is a Christmas-themed mystery movie," the actor told Hallmark. "Joanne Fluke laid in such wonderful Christmas tie-ins to the whole plot and the story. It really allows it to kind of be Christmassy, but also the mystery that I think people loved with the first Hannah Swensen movie." 

To make things even better, the movie features a tantalizing love triangle, so mystery fans and romance fans alike will love this movie.

Murder, She Baked: A Peach Cobbler Mystery (2016)

Next up in the Hannah Swensen series was "Murder, She Baked: A Peach Cobbler Mystery." In this film, Hannah becomes one of the suspects when a rival baker turns up dead, which makes solving the case more urgent than ever.

"Peach Cobbler" is one of the more exciting Hannah Swensen installments. As Alison Sweeney's co-star, Cameron Mathison told She Knows, "For the third installment the main murder suspect will surprise a lot of people! Also in this installment the viewers really get to know the characters on a deeper level which I loved. We get some important background on Mike that explains a lot."

For Hallmark fans, "Peach Cobbler" is a resounding favorite. According to some fans, this third film in the series is the one where Sweeney finally seemed "to settle into the role," as one reviewer put it. Another reviewer claimed it was their "favorite installment so far."

Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe (2016)

"Murder, She Baked" continued with "A Deadly Recipe" in 2016. In the fourth film in the series, Hannah finds herself tackling the case of a dead sheriff when her brother-in-law becomes a suspect.

While the mystery is, of course, the main focus of the film, "A Deadly Recipe" also spends a lot of time exploring Hannah's love life. "I can't tell you if Mike officially wins Hannah's heart, but he's gonna try," Alison Sweeney's co-star and onscreen love interest Cameron Mathison said during an on-set interview. "I feel a momentum shift in this one."

The actors were also getting closer than ever on the set of the fourth film. "We watch out for each other — we really do feel like mother and daughter," said Barbara Niven, who plays Sweeney's mom in the film, before the actors shared a hug. Sweeney also revealed that the whole cast loved joking around on set. 

The Irresistible Blueberry Farm (2016)

In a deviation from her role as Hannah Swensen, Alison Sweeney starred in another Hallmark film titled "The Irresistible Blueberry Farm" in 2016. The rom-com saw Sweeney playing Ellen Branford, a straight-laced lawyer who reconnects with her teenage love for the sake of her recently deceased grandmother. "Ellen is a woman living the life she thinks she should be living until she discovers the true meaning of happiness in a small town when pursuing her grandmother's final wish," the actor told Soap Central.

While the film is a romantic comedy, it's ultimately about the relationship between granddaughter and grandmother. As the author of the original book told Hallmark, "[It's] probably the most paramount relationship in the book." She continued, saying, "I love the way it's being done in the movie where Shirley Jones appears as Ruth and the voice of Ruth kind of guiding Ellen along." 

Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts (2017)

In the fifth installment of the "Murder, She Baked" series, "Just Desserts," Alison Sweeney stepped into Hannah Swensen's shoes once again — this time to solve the murder of a fellow baking judge during a local competition. 

"Hannah is definitely up to her antics of rolling up her sleeves to solve the latest crime, but there's a lot of romance in this movie as well that I think fans will really love," Sweeney teased to My Devotional Thoughts before the film's release. She was definitely right about that. This movie finally moves along the famously slow-paced romance between Hannah and Mike — but still leaves fans wanting more!

Fun fact for Sweeney fans: The scene in which Hannah sprains her knee after falling down the stairs was actually added in after the actor actually injured her leg while skiing. "It really came out of necessity," Sweeney told Lansing State Journal. "I didn't want to write it in, but it would be hard to work around it."

Christmas at Holly Lodge (2017)

Alison Sweeney executive produced and starred in the Hallmark film, "Christmas at Holly Lodge." In her second Hallmark Christmas movie, she plays Sophie, the owner of a quaint lodge who begins to develop feelings for Evan (Jordan Bridges), a businessman who wants to buy the lodge to build a new development. Talk about a conflict of interest!

To the audience's delight, the film also stars Sheryl Lee Ralph as Nadine, a woman grieving the death of her husband. "I was so excited when Sheryl said yes to being cast in Christmas at Holly Lodge!" Sweeney told TV Insider. "I'm such a fan of her as an actress and as a singer, and even more a fan after working together. Every moment on set gave me goosebumps as an executive producer and when we acted in scenes together, it was even more special." She continued, saying, "She is incredible."

Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered (2019)

Alison Sweeney plays Alex in "Recovered," the first of the "Chronicle Mysteries" on Hallmark in 2019. The story followed Alex as she came back to her hometown for an investigative podcast episode about her friend who vanished years ago. Soon, her investigation turns into an unexpected murder mystery.

According to Sweeney, she was drawn to the project for a particular reason. "I just am obsessed with this true crime craze that's happening and I just thought it was a fascinating character," she told KTLA

"It's really fun to be a producer on the project and get to be part of the development," she said in an interview with Hallmark. "Part of these stories is really the mystery that we're gonna solve, and then, of course, the interpersonal relationships that come along with this kind of life that they lead together," she added, describing her character's romance with partner Drew. As Sweeney noted, her hope was that viewers felt they were involved in solving the mystery with the characters — we'd say they succeeded!

Chronicle Mysteries: The Wrong Man (2019)

The "Chronicle Mysteries" series continued with "The Wrong Man." In this mystery, Alex and her detective parter Drew uncover the mystery of a murdered lawyer who was working on a dangerous case involving a shipping company.

As Sweeney told KTLA, she loves the "Chronicle Mysteries" because they involve cold cases — which can often add an element of danger to the mystery. "When it's a cold case, it means someone got away with it," she said. "Meaning, like, that there's out there who's going to do what they have to do to protect their secret, and that creates some danger and makes it interesting." And in "The Wrong Man," there's plenty of danger! But, of course, as Sweeney teased, "there is a hint of romance" too.

Apparently, she and co-star Benjamin Ayres bonded over their love of true crime. As she told The TV Water Cooler, she and Ayres would discuss their "suspicions on [real] cases and who [they] thought did it."

Chronicle Mysteries: Vines That Bind (2019)

In the third "Chronicle Mysteries" movie, "Vines That Bind," Alex and Drew try to uncover whether a fatal accident was actually a murder. "In the third installment, Eileen is on a completely separate case and she stumbles upon something she thinks is fishy and brings it back to Alex, which then in turn brings it to me ... . It's kind of a bit of a road-trip, field-trip movie," Alison Sweeney's co-star, Benjamin Ayres, explained in an interview.

As Sweeney told the Hallmark Channel, this installment was a particularly fun one as it was set at a winery. "You can imagine how difficult the research for me was in looking at different wineries and vineyards," she joked. She explained that they ended up shooting at a Canadian winery. "They have beautiful wines in Canada so we went up there and I was like, 'Oh, let's have another one,'" she laughed. 

Chronicle Mysteries: The Deep End (2019)

In "The Deep End," the fourth in the "Chronicle Mysteries" series, Alex and Drew try to prove that a wife is innocent of her husband's murder. "I am so very excited to be back shooting another 'Chronicle Mystery,'" Sweeney told Hallmark at the time. She went on to explain that this was the first film to feature to good old-fashioned murder board. "I think the murder board allows us to tell a complicated mystery, a complicated crime because, with those elements up there, you can be refreshed every time — I want the audience to be right there with Alex if not a little bit ahead like they know who did it."

In this installment, we see Alex trying to bring Drew on board as a co-host of the podcast. "I think there's a fun banter between them about whether or not he should be on the podcast," she said in an interview. It's definitely a recipe for some great romantic tension!

Time for You to Come Home for Christmas (2019)

In 2019, Alison Sweeney plays Katherine, a widow who meets someone after coming home for the holidays for the first time in years. 

Sweeney was working on the "Chronicle Mysteries" when she came across "Time for You to Come Home for Christmas." "They brought me the script and I just fell in love with it right from the get-go," Sweeney later told TV Goodness. "It was fun for me to read something that was so polished and finished. I thought the script was so beautiful when I read it because it does sort of provide you with a little more of the other side of how hard it can be when you have so many wonderful memories with someone important to you. And when that's gone, you know it's hard to rally and still feel the same way about the holidays." Ah, the perfect mix of poignancy and holiday romance.

Good Morning Christmas! (2020)

In "Good Morning Christmas!," Alison Sweeney plays a TV presenter who begins to fall for her co-host (played by Marc Blucas, her previous co-star in "The Irresistible Blueberry Farm") during a holiday trip. "My character is a morning talk show host and she has a co-star whom she does not get along with," Sweeney explained on "The Sarah Scoop Show." "And you find out throughout the movie why they don't get along and how they find a way to resolve their differences." That's a great premise for a holiday romance if you ask us.

During an on-set interview, Sweeney gushed about the experience. "I'm having so much fun playing Melissa," she said. She went on to explain that this rom-com really is all about how Christmas can bring people together. "Christmastime is magical, and I really feel that way, and I love being able to share that with the audience."

Chronicle Mysteries: Helped to Death (2021)

In the latest installment (as of 2023, that is) of "Chronicle Mysteries," Alison Sweeney reunites with Benjamin Ayres as Alex and Drew take on a new mystery for their true crime podcast. This one takes place at a self-help retreat. As Sweeney told TV Goodness, "I've just been really fascinated by the sort of self-help guru cult space. And I decided to base this episode on that."

Unfortunately, the pandemic made this movie a little trickier for the cast and crew. As the lead actor and producer, Sweeney had a lot on her plate. "Thank goodness Vancouver, for the most part, gifted us with some beautiful weather and some days that allowed us to do that filming without extra headaches," she said. "It was just a lot of puzzle building, figuring out [staging safely] and then trying to focus on my performance as an actor in between all that other stuff. It was a lot to take on."

Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swensen Mystery (2021)

After four years, Hallmark brought back fan-favorite baker/detective Hannah Swensen with a new series of films titled the "Hannah Swensen Mysteries." Alison Sweeney was thrilled to reprise her role — especially since fans were so passionate about her. "No matter what I did, what I posted, what other projects we worked on, everyone would always ask, 'When are you going to do another 'Murder She Baked?' And people kept asking," she told TV Goodness. Eventually, she convinced Hallmark to bring back the series. "I'm just so thrilled and excited and I felt the same way you did being back on set and playing Hannah."

This Hannah Swensen mystery picks up with Hannah and Mike as they make plans for their wedding. However, things begin to go awry when someone is murdered at a nearby gym. Luckily, Hannah's detective skills are just as sharp as ever.

Open By Christmas (2021)

In "Open By Christmas," Nicky (Alison Sweeney) finds a Christmas card written by an anonymous secret admire during their high school days. Even though years have passed, she embarks on a journey to discover the mystery person's identity.

Once again, Sweeney was heavily involved with the film, working as both lead actor and producer. As she explained to TV Goodness, she loved the script because it featured a beautiful female friendship, as Nicky's best friend helps her find the letter-writer. "It was this special story of a friendship between these two women who are both successful in their own right," Sweeney said. "But they both learn something they need to work on. And I loved the idea that ...every woman knows ... her best friend is the only one who can tell her what's really going on." 

Not only did Sweeney love portraying a strong female bond, but she also got to work with director David Weaver once again. "He brings a lot to it in a way that it's so fun," she said. "I really enjoyed working with David and I think he has a lot of wonderful ideas."

Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas (2021)

A spin-off film to the popular "Time for You to Come Home for Christmas," this 2021 Christmas film is about a Jane Doe, a young woman with amnesia trying to piece together her identity with the help of Paul, the handsome doctor who is treating her. Alison Sweeney reprised her role as Katherine in the film, even though the main story revolved around a brand new couple. 

As one reviewer wrote, "Happy moment was seeing Alison Sweeney had a cameo in the movie as the woman who lost her dog." Another shocked viewer wrote, "They find a stray dog outside and chase him around the town. They return the dog to Alison, freakin Sweeney?!?!" Clearly, her appearance in this film surprised more than a few Hallmark fans.

It's great to see the Hallmark Christmas Cinematic Universe expanding with the help of Alison Sweeney.

The Wedding Veil (2022)

In 2022, Alison Sweeney began a brand new Hallmark franchise: "The Wedding Veil." The initial trilogy follows three friends who, one by one, tie the knot while wearing the same magical wedding veil. 

Fans quickly fell in love with the franchise after the first movie because of the strong female friendships in the films. "They're the kind of friends who would drop anything and they do drop anything to be there for each other," Sweeney's co-star, Lacy Chabert, told Entertainment Tonight. "We had the beautiful romantic storyline, but we also have this relationship and love story in and of itself between these three women and how they've always been there for each other and they continue to be as they navigate life."

As Sweeney revealed to People, she actually learned a lot from Chabert while filming. "[Chabert] has this way about her of making every person on the crew and every person she comes across feel special," she said. "It's so sincere and she does it with gentleness and kindness."

The Wedding Veil Unveiled (2022)

Second in the "Wedding Veil" series was "Unveiled," which followed the wedding of art history professor Emma, Autumn Reeser's character, to Italian Paolo, played by Paolo Bernardini. "It was very strange to play a character that has the same name as me, but I was happy since everyone on set wouldn't miss my name," Bernardini told Digital Journal. "Most of the time, you have different names from your characters." However, the actor apparently had more in common with the character than just his name. "As a person, myself, I am romantic and I like to be romantic since I feel people are losing that a little bit," Bernardini admitted.

Even though Alison Sweeney isn't the main character of this film, she plays an important role as one of the central threesome, and her fans will still love seeing her in a supporting role. Sweeney was particularly fond of her character, telling the Hallmark Channel, "I love playing Tracy as a skeptic. She's a New Yorker. She's like the tough, real-world one and ... that's been such a fun role for me."

The Wedding Veil Legacy (2022)

In the third "Wedding Veil" film, we finally saw Alison Sweeney's character, Tracy, walk down the aisle in the magical veil. After meeting fellow New Yorker Nick at the tailor, the ever-cynical Tracy finally learns to accept and embrace the uncertainty of love. The film ends with a beautiful surprise (we won't spoil it for you) that is one of Hallmark's most magical moments to date.

Even though this film might look beautiful and magical, it wasn't always that way for the actors. In fact, Sweeney confessed that during one scene in a restaurant, she and the other actors had to drink "some sort of dreadful non-alcoholic wine." Luckily, there was also some delicious cheesecake on the table. "We caved and had to just give in [and] enjoy the delicious treat," the actor wrote in an Instagram post. She added, "I can't tell you how much I enjoyed filming these movies." It shows!

A Magical Christmas Village (2022)

In "A Magical Christmas Village," Alison Sweeney stars as Summer, a woman whose mother brings a magical miniature Christmas village to her home for the holidays. As Summer's daughter begins to play with the village, her real life begins to mirror her daughter's games — and before long, there's a new love interest on the horizon.

While starring in a Hallmark Christmas movie was nothing new for Sweeney at this point, she was all too happy to take on the role. "I love doing these movies because it is different because, first of all, I love Christmas," she told us here at The List. "So [knowing I can be] celebrating Christmas in the middle of August, when we're dying, I'm like, 'I could have Christmas twice, three times a year. It's perfect for me.'"

And as her co-star, Marlo Thomas, added, this particular Christmas movie has a bit of everything. "It delivers on hope and love, and [the] reality of the tension between members of a family, and then coming together," he said. What more could we ask for?

The Wedding Veil Expectations (2023)

In 2023, the beloved "Wedding Veil" series continued with a second trilogy. The first in this series is "Expectations." Alison Sweeney reprised her role as Tracy in the story that followed Avery and Peter's marriage and house renovation. 

Unlike many Hallmark movies, "The Wedding Veil Expectations" doesn't end with happily ever after — it starts with it. "The thing that I'm most excited about is that we finally get to see what happens after these movies end," explained Sweeney's co-star, Lacey Chabert, to Forbes. "Usually they end with that first kiss, the characters are falling in love or in this case, it ended with them getting married and then there was their happy ending. I feel like the audience always goes 'What happened after that? I want to see them in the relationship.'"

During a live interview with the Hallmark Channel, Sweeney noted that women will love the rebooted series because "everyone has someone in this group they relate to."

The Wedding Veil Inspiration (2023)

Next up in the "Wedding Veil" series was "Inspiration," a story that focuses on Emma Reeser's Autumn and her relationship with her husband post-wedding. Paolo had to return to Italy, and Emma struggles with her long-distance marriage. "Both Emma and Paolo are trying to balance relationships and careers, which I think most people can relate to," Reeser told the Hallmark Channel

Of course, Alison Sweeney's Tracy and Lacey Chabert's Avery are there to support her every step of the way. "So much of these movies are from what the fans wanted," Reeser said. Sweeney agreed, saying, "And so in developing these next three movies they, like, doubled how much we are in each other's movies." Yes, Sweeney fans, don't worry — you'll see plenty of Tracy in this film, despite the focus being on Autumn. Plus, the wedding veil is still playing a big part in the women's journeys.

The Wedding Veil Journey (2023)

The sixth "Wedding Veil" film, "Journey," is centered around Alison Sweeney's character Tracy and her marriage to Nick. In this film, the couple finally takes their honeymoon and faces some tough questions. "They have their routine, they have their schedules, they're busy working adults, and they find themselves in a rut," explained Sweeney to TV Insider. "They're not making time for each other."

For Sweeney, making this final "Wedding Veil" film was a special experience — for one thing, they filmed in Greece, "which was spectacular, and an amazing opportunity," the actor told Media Village. Plus, by the sixth "Wedding Veil" film, Sweeney and her female co-stars were closer than ever. "Now it's deeper," she said. "We've had the most meaningful [times] together doing these. ... There's such trust that we have with each other and confidence. We all have this lovely ebb and flow where we can support each other in the way we work and be there for each other." No wonder their chemistry is so solid!

Carrot Cake Murder: A Hannah Swensen Mystery (2023)

In 2023, two years after the last installment, Alison Sweeney brought the much-loved Hannah Swensen back to Hallmark once again with "Carrot Cake Murder." When a body is found in a construction site, Hannah can't help but investigate the case, causing tensions to rise between her and Mike.

As Sweeney told TV Insider, she chose this particular story because it features a death from the past. "One of the reasons that led me to this mystery was the idea of it being an older body that they find," she said. This meant that Hannah could approach the case a little differently. "In some ways, she has more information than she ever has before because it is a cold case and so she does have access to some information in the same way that podcasters get closed cases. ... That's really a new development for Hannah, where she's coming along in her detective skills, learning a little more."

As of this writing, Sweeney fans have a lot to look forward to — the next Hannah Swensen mystery has already been announced!