Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 8/21: Xander Faces Sarah's Truth, EJ's Worries Grow

August might be coming to a close, but the heavy-hitting storylines on "Days of Our Lives" are just getting started. As the Fall season approaches, fans can expect to see epic conclusions to months-long plot lines, romance ramp-up, and the long-awaited return of a fan-favorite character.

Aside from those moments, viewers will see more of Salem's characters reeling from the news of Victor's death, Sloan growing desperate to keep her secret about Nicole's baby, and Ava's break from reality. Currently, the biggest storylines on the soap are Victor's death, the love square between Nicole, EJ, Sloan, and Eric, and Sarah's secret pregnancy.

For viewers that would like to know, here is what's going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of August 21, 2023.

Nicole reflects on her time with Victor

In the wake of Victor Kiriakis' death, many of the characters take the news to heart; it's not every day that the patriarch of Salem passes away. On Monday, August 21, Nicole takes time to reflect on her complicated history with Victor. Nicole married Victor after she saved his life. However, their relationship turned sour when she fell in love with his grandson and he told her to leave town. Long story short she tried to kill him, and they have been frosty acquaintances ever since. Despite their twisted history, the news of his death will surely hit home for Nicole.

Xander comes face-to-face with pregnant Sarah

Sarah's secret pregnancy is finally revealed to Xander on Monday, August 21. Viewers have seen the ugly end to Sarah and Xander's relationship as she left town with Rex, and how she's been keeping her pregnancy hidden from everyone in Salem. Now that Maggie and Bonnie both know that she's pregnant with Xander's child, it was only a matter of time before he found out, too. The revelation of Sarah's pregnancy could spell trouble for Xander and Chloe's relationship and might cause Chloe to doubt if Xander could ever really get over Sarah.

Li plans a romantic date

Love is in the air on Tuesday, August 22 as Li plans a romantic date for Melinda. The criminal and the DA have been getting closer recently, despite the bad blood they have shared in the past. With Li's questionable dating history and past obsession with Gabi, fans hope that this new pairing with Melinda will bring some much-needed joy back into his life. As for Melinda, viewers will be left to wonder if she is really interested in Li, or if she's trying to weasel a confession out of him for his past misdeeds.

EJ has a nightmare, which he takes as a sign

Fear overtakes EJ on Thursday, August 24, when he has a nightmare, and takes it as a sign of his real life. With all of the stress surrounding Nicole's recent pregnancy and her potentially not being able to carry to term, it's not a surprise that EJ would be worried, but the nightmare could also have something to do with Eric's constant presence in Nicole's life. Could the fear that Nicole's child is actually Eric's be coming back to EJ, or is he suspicious that Nicole and Eric haven't actually moved on from each other?

Melinda offers some relationship advice to Sloan

On Friday, August 25, Melinda lends a helping hand to Sloan and offers some advice on her relationship with Eric. Since Sloan and Eric just got engaged, things should be going smoothly, but Sloan is still hiding the fact that Nicole is carrying Eric's baby. Melinda is the only one who knows the secret, so will she encourage Sloan to keep her mouth shut or reveal all to Eric? However, Melinda's dating history isn't squeaky-clean either, so relationship advice from the DA should be taken with a grain of salt.

Kate is surprised by an unexpected visitor

The week ends with a bang as Kate is shocked to see an unexpected visitor on Friday, August 25. John-Paul Lavoisier returns as Philip to Salem, and as always, drama will be stirred up. Philip originally left Salem presumed dead, and his mother Kate was the only one who knew that he was being treated for a mental breakdown off-screen. Philip will likely return to mourn for Victor, but his jealousy might be sparked when he finds out his love Chloe is dating Xander. Will he want her back, or is he ready to move on?