Elia Cantu's Birthday Tribute To DAYS Co-Star Jackee Harry Is A Hilarious TV Throwback

Long before Jackée Harry took Salem by storm as the assertive and boisterous Paulina Price on "Days of Our Lives," she appeared on the classic 1985 sitcom "227" as the wacky Sandra Clark who was obsessed with men. One of the most memorable episodes is Season 4's "And the Survey Says..." in which the family appears on the hit game show "Family Feud" but is split into two teams. Sandra is on one team while Mary Jenkins — played by "The Jeffersons" alum Marla Gibbs — is on the other. Hilarity ensues as Sandra is asked the usual survey questions by then-host Ray Combs and answers them all with something about men. Ultimately, none of her answers match those given by the audience, and she bombs big time, with Mary wisecracking throughout the segment.

While Harry's Paulina adds quite a bit of levity to "Days," sometimes to the chagrin of her husband Abe Carver (James Reynolds), fans may not be aware that costar Elia Cantu, who plays the serious and stalwart detective Jada Hunter, also has an extremely funny side in real life. Not only is she an incredible makeup artist, offering her services through her website and Instagram page, but she's also well-versed in improv and doing celebrity impersonations. Using those comedic skills, she recently created a hilarious video that not only was a birthday surprise for Harry but also honored Harry's "227" character Sandra Clark. 

Cantu impressed fans with her impression

Donning a Sandra Clark wig and dress, "Days of Our Lives" star Elia Cantu reenacted the famous scene from "227" where Sandra completely bombs on "Family Feud," posting it on Instagram. "In honor of your birthday @jackeeharry, I just HAD to recreate one of your iconic scenes from #227!! It's one of my favs!! Happy Birthday Queen! It's been an absolute joy & honor working with you on @dayspeacock!!" she captioned the Reel. A clearly moved Harry replied with, "Oh my goodness! You're TOO TOO MUCH! Luv!" while Cantu acknowledged Harry's praise by posting several loving emojis in response. Costar Glen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) posted the reaction, "So good!!!" Another "Days" castmate, Paul Telfer (Xander Cook) was impressed with Cantu's impersonation, writing, "Amazing!!!"

Cantu took the time to thank many of the fans who praised her video. One viewer commented, "The dress is spot on too," to which Cantu replied, "Thank you love! I made it out of an old sweater! LOL." All of the responses shared their enjoyment of the video as well as their love for both actors with one posting, "I love this so much! Jackee is amazing and so are you!" And several viewers reacted by saying how much they loved the show, "227." One fan also remarked about Cantu's superior impersonation skills, while another summed up the fan response by enthusiastically posting, "OMG! YOU NAILED IT! I LOVE JACKEE HARRY!!!! I LOVE SANDRA CLARK!!!!"

Happy birthday, Jackée Harry!