Kody Brown's Messy Sister Wives Splits Have Changed His Views On Marriage Entirely

Polygamist Kody Brown has been making headlines with his three breakups, which were all shared with the world on TLC's "Sister Wives." Now, the patriarch is seemingly over the controversial lifestyle altogether. After Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown packed their bags and left him, Kody only had one partner left, which wasn't the situation he signed up for.

Still, despite openly advocating for the practice that's mostly not legally recognized in the world, Kody has been doubting it for a while. Even before the failure of his marriages, according to People, he admitted to struggling with the family dynamic and even blamed God for making everything so hard on him. The thing is, he wasn't raised in a plural family himself. Instead, Kody got involved in the polygamous lifestyle later in life, which may be the reason that this way of living simply doesn't come naturally to him.

As the star changes his views on marriage in the aftermath of his messy splits, his remaining spouse, Robyn Brown, might be getting the short end of the stick. After being in the Brown family for the shortest time, the fourth sister-wife saw her polygamist dream evaporate right before her eyes. Will Kody be enough for her?

Kody is ready to move on

A polygamous lifestyle seems to no longer work for Kody Brown. In an interview with People, the infamous patriarch revealed he sees no point in marrying again after his family fell apart. Despite putting on a brave face for TLC's cameras during the fallout of his three marriages, Kody said the process was heartbreaking and challenging for him. As he entered polygamy with an idealistic mindset, the struggles along the way caught him off guard, and he admits he could've done a better job at handling them.

Still, the father of 18 is ready to move on with his life. "I want to get to a place where I can accept [the breakups] with a heart full of grace and love," the reality star said optimistically, adding, "I feel like I've hit the bottom of a deep swimming pool, but I've pushed off and am headed to the surface."

Everything that the Browns have been through over the years has made Kody realize just how hard a plural marriage can be, which is why he doesn't see himself living through that again. Down to only one spouse, Robyn Brown, Kody has obviously tumbled into monogamy unintentionally. The last sister-wife standing, however, might not appreciate the new order.

His remaining wife still wants a plural family

Robyn Brown joined Kody Brown's clan in 2010 by spiritually marrying into the family. The two legally wed in 2014 so Kody could adopt Robyn's three biological children from her first marriage, and they eventually welcomed two of their own kids. She was very open about wanting a joint family from the get-go, which is why Kody's splits have affected Robyn greatly.

However, fans have long been speculating that Robyn secretly wanted Kody all to herself from the beginning of their relationship. "[Kody and Robyn] are monogamous, and the first three [wives] are looked at as annoying exes. They keep them around to get the money," a user wrote in a Reddit thread, while others claimed Robyn enjoyed the control she had over Kody.

In public, the mom of five has had differing reactions when asked about continuing a polygamous lifestyle. At one point, she said she didn't want Kody on his own and that she signed up for the plural family package. Despite claiming she struggled with the idea of monogamy, she also stated it would be weird to bring in a new wife after her husband's three failed marriages. While we may never know where Robyn truly stands, it's safe to say Kody is sticking with his last wife and her only; at least for now.