What Happened To TA3 Shaping Swimwear After Shark Tank?

For many women, beach anxiety is very real. Buying the right bathing suit for your body type can be extremely nerve-wracking, as these tight-fitting pieces can accentuate all the wrong curves. Well, one female-led fashion brand aims to end the stressful swimsuit search. TA3 Shaping Swimwear — which stands for "eat" backward — was founded by Leila Shams, a fashion designer hailing from Los Angeles.

The entrepreneur was inspired to make her swimwear line after struggling with her self-image when wearing traditional bathing suits. This insecurity eventually prompted her to get liposuction, and as she healed, she realized that the post-surgery apparel did wonders for her figure (per Shark Tank Blog). Over the next three years, Shams got to work perfecting a prototype of her first design and launched TA3 Swimwear in 2020.

Shams appeared on season 13 of "Shark Tank" in 2022. Calling her invention the world's most flattering swimsuit, the adjustable shapewear suits come in various designs and range from sizes XS to 3XL. While TA3's patent was still pending at the time of filming, Shams shared that her brand had already profited $800,000 in just over a year. Her suits sold for the above-average price of $178, which many women were willing to pay. She hoped that a Shark would invest in TA3 Swimwear, which she valued at $5 million.

What happened to TA3 Shaping Swimwear on Shark Tank?

On "Shark Tank," Leila Shams sought a $500,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in her company (per Shark Tank Recap). In her pitch, she shared that her online fashion brand had already found relative success through social media marketing. With models of varying body types present to show off her swimsuit's versatility, the Sharks were instantly impressed.

QVC Maven Lori Greiner applauded the product's quality and the fact that it solved a common problem for many women. When it came time to negotiate a deal, though, the product's quality wasn't the only factor to consider. Barbara Corcoran said that she already wasn't faring well with another swimsuit business, Raising Wild, and didn't want to face more losses. She backed out. Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary both had little experience with the swimwear industry and for that reason, they also backed out.

Fashion founder Daymond John appeared interested in the brand until he learned that Shams was behind on inventory. Seasonal inventory could lead to bigger losses down the line, so due to this business model, he was out. Finally, Greiner was the only Shark left. She encouraged TA3 Swimwear to license and sell their design to larger retailers, but Shams wasn't a fan of the idea. Thus, the inclusive swimwear line walked out of the Tank without a deal.

TA3 Shaping Swimwear after Shark Tank

While TA3 Swimwear ended up missing out on a deal with one of the Sharks, the brand is trending in the fashion world. Founder Leila Shams posted to Facebook after her episode aired, thanking customers for their support. She also shared that her team had been able to scale production and fulfill their high demand.

There haven't been updates about TA3's financial gains, but it's safe to say that the inclusive swimwear line is doing well. Their designs have gone viral on TikTok, due to their high-quality compression that aims to fit every body type.

As a designer for a previous celebrity fashion line, Shams founded TA3 to finally make clothing that had a purpose. "The way we usually fit women's clothing is so backward. You try everything on a tall, hourglass-shaped fit model and then grade up or down from that," she told Authority Magazine (via Medium). Giving wearers a cinched waist due to their tie-back design, TA3's bathing suits have received rave reviews online. Seeing as women prefer different types of bathing suits, TA3's online shop now offers over twenty signature designs. They come in various colors such as hot pink, teal, and orange.

On TikTok, the company promotes its various styles and reposts some of the best mega-sculpting reviews. In these videos, wearers are shocked by the wonders this bathing suit does for their self-image. The hashtag #TA3Swim has over 44.5 million views on TikTok and has even been endorsed by Drew Barrymore.