Who Is Claim To Fame's J.R.?

This article contains spoilers for "Claim to Fame" Season 2.

Each episode of ABC's "Claim to Fame" culminates in a guess-off, tasking one of the lowest-scoring competitors with correctly identifying the celebrity relative of another contestant. If they guess correctly, the exposed player is eliminated. However, if the guesser is incorrect, then their own claim to fame is revealed and their time in the competition comes to an end.

Season 2 episode 8, which aired on August 14th, ended with yet another incorrect stab at Chris' elusive celebrity relative, this time issued by the easy-going contestant J.R. As a result, the Dwayne Wade-look-alike's famous connection was revealed, stunning many of the other housemates and ending his time on the show.

Now that J.R., whose full name is Robert Stafford Jr., has left the game, and his celebrity relative has been definitively revealed, audiences can take a retrospective look at all the clues that have been pointing in this direction all along. With that in mind, here's everything we know about J.R. and his celebrity relative.

Who is J.R.'s celebrity relative?

Episode 8 of "Claim to Fame" revealed that J.R. is related to the LGBTQIA+ music artist Lil Nas X, a connection that his fellow players Gabriel and Chris had already caught on to. While the contestant had convinced many of his housemates that he was related to a basketball player, there were several clues pointing to the true identity of his celebrity relative.

Episode 1 established that J.R.'s relative is his brother who is most known for being a singer, while Episode 2 revealed that the celeb is from Lithia Springs, Georgia. However, the biggest indicator of J.R.'s secret identity came from his wine cellar clue, which read as, "Bold artist who went to Old Town Road," a reference to one of the singer's most-known songs. Knowing this, it's possible that the horse and cowboy boot on the clue wall was a reference to J.R.'s relative, while the M&M-like candy is likely alluding to the star's sponsorship with the brand.

In episode 3, a penalty reveal associated J.R.'s celebrity with a chef's hat and a baby pacifier, which were likely references to Lil Nas X's songs "Panini" and "Industry Baby." For the telephone challenge, the hint "stepped on some stars" likely refers to the song "Star Walkin'," while the line "lil sis" could be a nod to the artist's stage name.

What did J.R. have to say about his brother?

After his secret celebrity relative was revealed, J.R. spoke very positively about his little brother Lil Nas X. "He's opened my eyes so much to the LGBTQ community, and he taught me, man, just be yourself," he explained to his fellow contestants (per TV Insider). "No matter what nobody thinks about you, just be yourself. I'm blessed to have him as my brother."

In an interview with PopCulture, the "Claim to Fame" contestant shared more insight into his relationship with his famous relative. "Our relationship is a typical brother bond," he said. "The only difference is that he's a huge superstar, so he is busier than most. However, when we link up, we never miss a beat."

J.R. went on to add about his brother, "What people don't know is how hard he works on every single project. His vision is immaculate and he makes it come to life and that is what I love the most about him." Now and then, the TV personality features pics of him and his famous brother on his Instagram page, showing that they still have a pretty tight bond.