Princess Beatrice's Reaction To Getting Mistaken At Work Proves She's The Most Humble Royal

There are certain advantages to being a lesser-known British royal. You get the prestige and plenty of perks without most of the pressure. Prince William may be heir to the throne, but as such, he has to watch his every move. His cousin Princess Beatrice, on the other hand, is ninth in line to the throne at this writing, and once Prince George starts his own family, her place will slip down even further. Yet Beatrice still enjoys a life of luxury and celebrity elbow-rubbing.

For instance, in June 2023, she was an honored guest at the wedding of Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein; for the occasion, she wore the same tiara her mom, Sarah, the Duchess of York, wore at her own wedding. The princess also has more life options than her older cousin. William's future was determined at birth, but Beatrice and her sister, Princess Eugenie, are non-working royals and so were free to find real-world jobs. This, along with her courage in the face of personal challenges, is why Beatrice is considered more relatable than other royal family members.

Perhaps a little too relatable? Sarah Ferguson shared a humorous anecdote about her older daughter on a recent episode of her podcast, "Tea Talks With the Duchess and Sarah."  Beatrice holds a high-level position at the tech company Afiniti, which uses AI to help improve companies' customer experience. But her first day on the job was humbling for the princess, to say the least. The executives thought she was a regular civilian. 

The princess was mistaken for a pauper

Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson dished to her podcast audience about the amusing "oops" moment her daughter Princess Beatrice experienced when she first began work at the tech firm Afiniti. She'd flown into the company's Manhattan office to meet with her fellow board members, the duchess recalled. But apparently either she wasn't dressed regally enough, or the executives didn't recognize her signature red hair and wide green eyes. Mistaking Beatrice for an office assistant, the group gave her their coffee and tea orders.

Beatrice could have copped an attitude and snapped an indignant how-dare-you to the group. She could have laughed scornfully in their faces and made them feel like fools. But thankfully, the princess inherited mom Sarah Ferguson's classic sense of humor. Without making a fuss, "she goes off and pours them all coffee and tea," Fergie said. "And then they all tell her how excited they are to meet Princess Beatrice." Fergie didn't explain exactly how the incident ended, but it's likely the princess simply smiled and introduced herself after serving the drinks. The duchess still chuckles about that moment to this day. "I'm so glad I brought my girls up with their feet on the ground," she told co-host Sarah Thomson. "The key[s] to life [are] humility, honor, humor."

As a master of all three, Beatrice has been touted (per Express) as the "secret weapon" who could help her uncle, King Charles III, repair his relationship with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. If anyone can do it, she can.