Insiders Deny Secret Meeting Plans Between King Charles And Prince Harry

Rumors have swirled that Prince Harry and King Charles have been considering holding "peace talks" since before the coronation took place in May. As far as we know, though, no reconciliation between the famously feuding father and son duo has taken place. It's now being reported that things still aren't looking good for Prince William and Harry's relationship, and the same goes for Harry's relationship with his dad.

Previous rumors of a potential royal reconciliation have been reignited as of late when it was reported that Harry had a plan to visit the U.K. after he heads to Dusseldorf and makes a speech at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games on September 16. While it's possible that Harry does have this visit with his dad and brother in mind, that doesn't mean that Charles and William will agree to a meeting with their estranged family member. From the sound of it, the king and his heir aren't ready to forgive and forget just yet, and the day that they are ready may never come.

The royal rift rages on

It seems that a royal family reunion after the Invictus Games isn't as likely a possibility as Prince Harry may be hoping. A friend of Prince William told the Daily Beast that William will never agree to a meeting, even if his dad is on board with the idea. As for King Charles, sources say that it seems as though he'll probably never be entirely closed off to a potential rekindling of his relationship with his son. As for September 17, though, an in-person visit isn't likely, as Charles will be preparing for a high-priority trip to France that he's headed on just a few days later.

By the sound of it, Harry is going to have a much easier time making amends with his dad than he is with his brother. Still, according to William's friend, "Charles won't be seeing Harry and nor will William. No chance. He feels utterly betrayed by what Harry wrote about him in the book and said about him on Netflix." When it comes to being one big happy family again, these three royals still have a long road ahead of them.