Whitney Thore Shares Scary Details Of Dad Glenn's Car Crash: 'Hug Your Daddies Tight'

Whitney Way Thore from TLC's "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" took to Instagram Monday, August 21, 2023 to share details of her father Glenn Thore's recent car accident. In the video, Whitney said the accident took place over the weekend of August 19 and 20. Glenn's vehicle was hit by someone who ran a red light. The collision happened near where Whitney lives, and she was able to accompany her father to the ER. As for Glenn's physical condition post-crash, Whitney said, "he didn't break his ribs, but he does have a broken bone in his ankle and he's got a very large hematoma on his leg." She added that "in true Glenn Thore fashion, he did refuse the morphine that [the ER] offered him."

The second half of Whitney's update video was filmed the day after the crash and is less somber. It showed Whitney and Glenn sitting side-by-side in her car, and she laughed at the expression on his face. Glenn must be an avid coffee drinker, because Whitney explained how he said he needed to go to Starbucks or the employees at the coffee shop would worry about him. With their coffees secured, Whitney asked Glenn what he was going to do today and he said, "Rest."

Many fans commented kind words for Whitney and Glenn

Whitney Way Thore's mom, Babs Thore, sadly died in 2022, but it seems that Glenn Thore is going to be all right after his car crash. Whitney's post about the accident was captioned, "This helicopter daughter is helicoptering! Hug your daddies tight. Glenn Thore will be protected at all costs!" 

The newest season of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" teases life-changing revelations, but unfortunately, some people shared negative, hateful comments after clips of Babs' funeral were shown in the trailer. Whitney posted about this, sharing a text message from Glenn saying he saw the criticisms about filming Babs' funeral and justifying why he felt it was right. Whitney and her brother, Hunter Thore, agreed with Glenn's reasoning. In the post's caption, Whitney implored people to think before they comment hateful things. "I'm asking you," Whitney said, "just this once, to think about my father and my family. He doesn't deserve to read these things." 

Thankfully, Glenn is receiving lovely well-wishes from supporters after the car wreck. Many commenters on Whitney's post about it expressed their relief that Glenn was okay. One fan said, "So thankful he is ok! He is a National Treasure!!!" Another said, "Sorry to hear but so glad it ended up being as minor as it was! Enjoy your Starbucks, Glenn, and feel better soon!!"