How Martha Stewart Reportedly Upset Her Rich Neighbors By Hosting New Friends

Good fences make good neighbors, and it seems as though the reservedly posh neighborhood in upstate New York where Martha Stewart lives might need some fence mending. Stewart's neighbors are reportedly wary of the business mogul's outdoor soirees with her friends and new Westchester residents, designer Andy Chia Yu and his partner Dr. Evan Goldstein. 

Trouble in upstate paradise began following a lavish birthday celebration thrown by Yu for Goldstein and Stewart. According to Page Six, sources close to the neighborhood drama said, "People are jealous. There were never parties like this in Westchester before, but it's new money!" Others took a far less envious approach, accusing Yu of cozying up to Stewart for personal gain. 

The hotly debated birthday bash certainly isn't the first time Stewart invited people to visit her home in Westchester County. However, with far less philanthropic intentions — and a few too many food vendors, according to the neighborhood — her backyard party has caused quite a stir.

What the neighbors had to say about the backyard party

Taiwanese designer Andy Yu posted snapshots of the party on his Instagram, which was a joint birthday celebration for Martha Stewart and Yu's partner, Dr. Evan Goldstein. The photos revealed a massive tent for guests to mingle under, wisteria backdrops, lots of flowers, and of course, lots of cake. 

A compilation video revealed additional details, like flower and food vendors, jarred goods, tables full of fruit and Bellini sparkling wine, and Yu's stunning hot pink outfit with a mirrored chain bodice. Some sources told Page Six that the opulent shindig was "tacky" and like "an expo of vendors, like a South Beach Food Festival."

Personal tastes aside, Yu insists that his relationship with Stewart is mutually positive, calling her his "fairy godmother" in a 2022 interview with Westfair Online. Speaking to Page Six about neighbors' claims of seedier intentions, he said, "[Martha Stewart] is the sharpest woman in America. Do you think she would let people use her? If she felt like I was using her, I don't think we'd be this cool."

This isn't the first spat Stewart has had with her neighbors

Dealing with tensions between neighbors is never easy, but this isn't Martha Stewart's first time causing a stir in her neighborhood. In 1997, Stewart's Westport, Connecticut neighbor Harry Macklowe accused the businesswoman of hitting his landscaper, Matthew J. Munnich, with her car. In the end, no criminal charges were filed against Stewart, per the East Hampton Star.

All things considered, the criminality of the Westport scandal makes the criticism by her Westchester neighbors seem rather tame. Moreover, Stewart seemed to enjoy her time at Chia Yu's soiree, posting a tribute to the hosts and their party on her personal Instagram.

"The garden was lush and green, the pool was inviting, and the food [sic] and drink delicious! Many local vendors were engaged to display their talents and feed their guests. Thanks, Andy, for a wonderful afternoon and a very fun-filled party!" Stewart wrote.