How Many Kids Does Tonya Harding Have?

Figure skater Tonya Harding might be the most well-known for the notorious 1994 scandal in which Harding's ex-husband hired an assailant to attack fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan, thus eliminating her as Harding's competition. But these days, Harding is trying to turn her life around as a wife and mother. Sixteen years after the U.S. Figure Skating Association banned Harding for life after she was found guilty of trying to hinder the prosecution of Kerrigan's assailants, the disgraced figure skater met her third husband, Joe Price. 

Harding first met Joe Price while he was performing Jerry Lee Lewis' hit "Great Balls of Fire" at a karaoke bar in Washington state. The former figure skater was immediately captivated by Price and proposed to him only a few weeks later. Shortly after her proposal, she became pregnant with her and Price's first and only child: a son named Gordon.

Harding's transition to married, familial bliss is a far cry from the reputation she carried with her following the Kerrigan attack. But as she told ABC News, she feels this new family is "a second chance" — an opportunity to have a happy, normal life.

Tonya Harding had what would be considered a geriatric pregnancy

Tonya Harding skated, competed, and lived hard, and that didn't stop after her promising figure skating career came crashing down around her at only 24 years old. Per the Olympics website, Tonya Harding transitioned from figure skating to professional boxing to earn income in the early 2000s and worked as a television personality for TruTV. Her pregnancy was no less hard-fought. 

The former figure skating champion and her husband, Joe Price, had their son when Harding was 40 years old. According to the Cleveland Clinic, pregnancies after the age of 35 are considered geriatric and put the mother at a higher risk of miscarriage and health complications in both the child and mother. The increased risk of her pregnancy and her life before it seems to have instilled a more profound appreciation in Harding. 

Speaking to Inside Edition, Harding got emotional as she talked about her son. She called him "the most wonderful thing in the world" and said she "couldn't imagine my world without him." Gordon's father feels the same way about Harding, telling Inside Edition that Harding is "kind, loving, a little rough around the edges ... she's a redneck, but she's my redneck."

Tonya Harding and Joe Price are choosing to wait to tell their son about his mom's past

Tonya Harding has come a long way from her figure skating days in her 20s, so much so that unless you were a diehard Harding fan, you likely wouldn't recognize the former U.S. Olympic figure skater. And frankly, that's how she prefers it, stating that she dropped the name that will forever remain in sports infamy for her husband's last name and goes by Tonya Price. 

Moreover, she and Joe Price have decided to wait until their son is older to fill him in on the seedier details of his mother's past. She told Inside Edition that she's not fearful of the day he finds out, boldly questioning why she should be in her usual Harding way. "My son will know who his mom is and who his dad is when the time is right," she said. 

Of course, Harding's story was unearthed from the pile of subsequent scandals and headlines that followed the notorious figure skating drama in the mid-90s, due in no small part to the 2018 biopic "I, Tonya," in which Margot Robbie utilized her unique method of getting into character to wholly embody the fierce, talented, and largely misunderstood athlete. But if Harding's interviews are any indication, she has no problem clearing up misconceptions for those actually willing to hear — and when the right time comes, that will include her son.