The Biggest Red Flag Kody Brown Ever Raised To Fans About His Spending Habits

Kody Brown, TLC's most popular polygamist, has had his fair share of financial struggles over the years. From bankruptcy to pushing his wives to purchase houses he couldn't afford on his own, the reality star is notorious for not being the wisest when it comes to handling money.

Gwendlyn Brown, the daughter Kody shares with his ex-wife Christine Brown, has previously touched upon this topic on her YouTube channel, claiming that her dad and his only remaining wife are definitely spending more than they're earning. "I think that my dad and Robyn [Brown] have a terrible habit of spending very crazy and, like, not within their means at all," Gwendlyn noted in a video.

Kody is undoubtedly more relaxed than the average person when pampering oneself, given that he earns five figures per episode of "Sister Wives" — an estimated number from TLC's reality producer Terence Michael, per E! News. Fans of the show are worried about his spending habits due to one of his decisions, though. At a Las Vegas casino, Kody was spotted wearing a lavish necklace, fueling speculation that he has a gambling and spending problem.

Kody was spotted wearing a pricy piece of jewelry

"Sister Wives" fans have gone wild in a Reddit thread, where someone captured Kody Brown strolling around the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel & Casino wearing a peculiar necklace reminiscent of an iconic movie accessory.

In the photo shared, the reality star can be seen donning a silver necklace with an elongated blue pendant. Reddit users didn't miss the opportunity to compare the luxe piece with the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace featured in "Titanic," but they're obviously not the same. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the neck adornment worn by Kody is a David Yurman Shield Amulet with lapis, a semi-precious gemstone, and sapphires. As reported by The Mirror, he styled the flashy necklace with a different ensemble when he attended his daughter Savanah Brown's graduation in May 2023.

"Stabbed Kidney of the Ocean," a Reddit user wrote in the aforementioned thread, poking fun at Kody's 'knife in the kidneys' comment. "Don't you realize he's wearing that necklace to send a message to everyone? His heart WILL go on," another emphasized. However, it's not just his taste that has people looking askance; the necklace's $1,100 price tag also does. Apart from joking, fans got to speculating on how Kody could even afford to splurge the four-figure amount considering his alleged money troubles.

Fans are speculating Kody might have a problem

Kody Brown is no stranger to a lack of funds. At least, that's what he makes it out to be. According to The U.S. Sun, he and Robyn Brown pleaded for an urgent house loan just a short time before the Las Vegas snap of the patriarch started circulating the web. Another article by the outlet revealed that Kody was looking to relocate to Sin City due to the costly maintenance of the home he shares with Robyn. "It will be way more affordable to kind of start back over in Vegas," an anonymous person close to the family shared.

Some of Kody's other lifestyle choices are also raising red flags in the aftermath of his divorces. With three incomes less, it is now up to Kody and Robyn to take care of themselves. Nonetheless, that isn't stopping the pair from enjoying their time away from TLC's cameras. According to yet another source with access to the Browns, Kody is showering Robyn with elaborate gifts and costly trips in order to keep her happy. But how?

"Sister Wives" fans have a theory about where all of Kody's money is coming from (and going to), and it's central to Las Vegas. "There's a rumor about [Kody] having a gambling addiction," a user wrote in the previously cited Reddit thread. "Why are they so obsessed with Vegas these days?" another asked. While it is unclear how much money Kody has at his disposal, his behavior and lifestyle surely don't match a frugal budget.