William And Kate Put Their Kids First This Summer & We Love To See It

It has been somewhat of a hectic time for the Cambridge children, who have gone through some big changes since the beginning of the school year in 2022. Beginning in September, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louie learned that their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, had died. And while their parents, William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, may have done their best to keep their kids in a routine and give them extra grace as they dealt with the loss of their beloved Gan Gan, it was undoubtedly a very heavy time for the whole family. Things looked different for the family through the holidays and into the new year, as they all prepared for King Charles' coronation and, of course, that meant more changes — and more royal engagements that needed to be at the forefront. 

Given all of this, it's no surprise that Prince William and Kate Middleton wanted to ensure that they gave their children a fun, relaxing summer during which both of them took some time off from their royal duties to really spend time together as a family. "William and Kate have made it very clear that their children are their priority this summer holiday. They have blocked off much of the summer so that they can spend time with the children in the UK," Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer said, according to OK! magazine. Interestingly, the Prince and Princess of Wales have actually been criticized for the amount of time they've taken off to be with their kids.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are spending time at Balmoral with their kids

William and Kate have done a number of fun activities with their children this summer, from attending Wimbledon with Prince George and Princess Charlotte to bringing all three children to the Royal International Air Tattoo on July 14. The family then headed to the royal residence at Balmoral in Scotland, where William spent plenty of summers when he was a kid. According to the Mirror, the kids have been spending a great deal of time outdoors, having picnics and fishing amongst other things. But while the Prince and Princess of Wales are enjoying their time off, there are some people who are apparently surprised at just how much time off the family has taken.

"They're very popular, they're a huge asset to the U.K., but there have been eyebrows raised in other parts of the royal household about the amount of time they're not doing official engagements. It may well be that they come under a little bit of pressure to up their number of engagements," Richard Palmer said on the "Royal Round Up" podcast, per the Daily Record. Regardless of how other people might feel, we love that William and Kate are putting their kids first, and we think it's important that they dedicate this time to their family. It's time they won't ever get back, after all.