4 Signs That Leaving Kody Brown Was The Right Choice For Sister Wives' Janelle

Janelle Brown is more than content after choosing to leave Kody Brown, the controversial polygamist from the "Sister Wives" reality show. The patriarch actually drove Janelle away years before officially splitting, so it's no wonder she's been having the time of her life after their divorce. In 2022, Kody's second wife threw in the towel after almost 25 years of marriage and six children. "My needs get ignored. I decided to be my own hero. I rescued myself, and I started doing things for myself," Janelle shared in an episode of the series before the ex-spouses broke up for good (via Us Weekly).

Divorce is a messy process that can surely take a toll on one's mental and physical health, but Janelle seems to be blooming in every way possible. She's lost weight, is running multiple businesses on top of her TLC arrangement, and is motivating others to find the strength to show up for themselves. Kody, on the flip side, has admitted he's open to taking his estranged wife back. Unfortunately for him, that's not what Janelle has in mind. Leaving Kody was unquestionably the right choice for her, as the star can't stop smiling, at least on social media.

Janelle doesn't want Kody to try to make amends

Without a doubt, Janelle Brown is happier now that she and Kody Brown have called it quits. The ex-spouses announced their breakup in the tell-all special as Season 17 of "Sister Wives" was coming to a close, but they had visibly different sentiments.

"Kody and I have separated, and I'm happy. Really happy," Janelle shared exuberantly. "Things just really became sort of indifferent, like I just didn't care anymore."

On the other hand, Kody grudgingly noted that Janelle had moved on and was now content with her life as a single woman. The patriarch of the Brown family admitted he was more than willing to work on their marriage despite everything that went down. However, his ex wasn't as sure.

The mom of six told the confessional host Sukanya Krishnan that although the possibility of reconciliation with Kody still exists, doing so would require significant change on both of their respective parts. "I know I'm happy," said Janelle. "I don't want him to come back." But, according to their Mormon religion, a marriage is a sacred covenant that lasts for the rest of a person's life. Because of this, Janelle revealed she would consider taking Kody back but hopes he doesn't go down that route.

She's focusing on her health with great results

If Janelle Brown's words don't do her justice, her post-divorce radiance certainly does. For years, she has been focusing on her health, according to her social media posts, meaning she was most likely still married to Kody Brown when she set out on the journey. However, the results are now more visible than ever.

The ex-sister wife has previously been open about struggling with her weight and has documented her health journey online. As of late, Janelle published an unedited photo of herself doing Pilates on Instagram as part of her training routine. "I have worked for years on my physical strength and stamina, and only now am I consciously working on my core and flexibility," she wrote in the caption, urging her followers to abandon perfectionism in favor of investing in themselves.

According to an insider who spoke exclusively to The U.S. Sun, the reality star has shed about half of her prior weight. "Her numbers have completely changed. She's got to be at least 100 pounds down," the unnamed source claimed. Other than getting her move on, Janelle has been using Plexus, a dietary supplement that she also advertises on social media as a part of her wellness business.

Janelle runs two wellness-related enterprises

Janelle Brown is thriving after divorcing Kody Brown, and not only appearance-wise. In addition to being a reality celebrity, she has a couple of lucrative side gigs.

On her website, Strive with Janelle, the mom of six describes herself as a certified health coach whose mission is to inspire people to shed pounds and become the greatest versions of themselves. As a part of her well-being program, Janelle offers body compassion and accountability coaching, as well as pre-recorded workouts. According to her LinkedIn profile, she embarked on the wellness journey in 2016 but has since expanded her expertise, most notably after breaking up with Kody.

Janelle established "Janelle Brown Plexus," a weight loss-focused business, in 2023, The U.S. Sun reported. After using Plexus and crediting it for her impressive weight loss, it's clear Janelle wanted to share the secret to her good looks. "If you are looking for balance in health, mental clarity, weight, fatigue, and energy, then you need to try my drink! It's seriously the best, guys. 2+ years strong and haven't missed a day," she said in the caption of a photo

Other than on her own Instagram account, Kody's ex-wife can be seen promoting the powder-based product on Life With Health & Happiness, an Instagram account that also features Christine Brown and some of the Brown children. It seems like the only weight Janelle needed to lose to succeed was Kody's.

She's spreading positivity on her social media

Janelle Brown's overall mindset seems to have changed after calling it quits with Kody Brown. Not only has she visibly lost weight and is running two businesses, but Janelle's also been exhibiting a constant attitude of positivity on social media, People noted.

"Embrace your inner strength and unlock the limitless potential within you," she captioned a video montage of her photos, adding, "Empowerment is the key to living a life of purpose and fulfillment." It's almost like she's sending a message on how one can flourish after shedding dead weight, literally and figuratively. 

Fans have recognized this and didn't fail to deliver compliments in the comments. "The cleansing power of a well-used word," a user wrote, alluding to the explosive argument Janelle and Kody had in the "Sister Wives" trailer for Season 18. "These pictures are proof you were being smothered by Kody! You are shining now, and I commend you for moving forward with your life," another comment said.

Nowadays, Janelle frequently includes inspirational passages in her Instagram posts, which she didn't do as much when she was married. Other than sharing her uplifting thoughts, the reality star has been hanging with her family; no Kody in sight. From birthday parties to traveling around the country, Janelle can't wipe the smile off of her face and doesn't seem to be missing her ex-husband all that much.