Our Favorite Photos Of When Calls The Heart Stars That Sizzle Off Screen

As "hearties," AKA fans of the Hallmark series, "When Calls the Heart," dive into the tenth season of this beloved series, filming for Season 11 has already begun. With a whopping ten seasons under its belt, this heartwarming show has allowed fans to watch these characters go through many trials, tribulations, and life-changing moments. It's safe to say that fans have fallen in love with the residents of Hope Valley, and this extends to the actors who portray them.

Still, as much as we love these amazing characters, it's easy to wonder what the actors playing them look like in real life when they're not dressed like folks in the Canadian West in the 1910s. Spoiler alert: If you think this is one hot cast, wait until you see how they look in the 21st century. Luckily, in the 21st century, we have Instagram, and the cast uses it to share plenty of photos of themselves, and there were quite a few that caught fans' eyes. We've got all the best photos of "When Calls the Heart" cast members that show us just how good-looking these folks are when they're not busy in Hope Valley. 

Erin Krakow is one lovely leading lady

When it came time to cast the leading lady of "When Calls the Heart" back in 2014, the team behind this beloved series had a daunting task in front of them. Still, the Hallmark Channel managed to make the perfect choice when they gave the role to Erin Krakow. Today, Krakow is an executive producer on the successful series, in addition to bringing Elizabeth Thatcher to life on screen. 

We'd be lying if we said we weren't frequently in awe of Elizabeth's amazing wardrobe on the show, but her penchant for long skirts and layers doesn't mean Krakow is always covered up IRL. In one Instagram post, Krakow showed off her workout attire with a mirror selfie. She looks fit and muscular and even tagged fitness coaches in the post, proving that she's no stranger to hitting the gym when she's not in Hope Valley. And, while we don't typically see Elizabeth sporting athletic wear, it's even more surprising to see her with an iPhone in hand. 

Thirty-eight looks good on Kevin McGarry

By the looks of it, Elizabeth Thatcher is certainly not the only Hope Valley resident who spends her fair share of time working out behind the scenes. In March, Kevin McGarry, who plays Nathan Grant on "When Calls the Heart," posted a photo of himself to Instagram with his birthday cake. "This is 38!" the caption read. He went on to say, "A little wiser, and my back hurts more! Thank you all for the lovely and heartwarming messages! So grateful for everything!"

While his birthday celebration and candle-covered cake were clearly the intended focus of this post, McGarry's massive biceps holding up the cake are undeniably difficult to ignore. McGarry's fiancee and costar, Kayla Wallace, even poked fun at the rather distracting arms in the photo with her comment. "It was so heavy carrying it from the bakery, thanks for giving my biceps a break," Wallace joked about supplying her partner's birthday cake. 

The boys are back in town (to film Season 11)

What's better than one "When Calls the Heart" hunk? Three "When Calls the Heart" hunks, of course! And folks following Jack Wagner on Instagram got exactly that on August 6th. Wagner, who plays Bill Avery, posted a pic captioned "Sunday Hang" with a sunglasses emoji. The photo shows three sunglasses-clad costars: Wagner and his pals, Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally.

The actors are looking cool and relaxed, enjoying cigars and drinks outside on what looks to be a calm Sunday off from shooting Season 11. It's easy to see that this handsome trio loves each other's company off-screen just as much as they do on screen, and they clearly embrace spending extra time together even when they're not hard at work filming. Plus, while these guys are always looking good, it's nice for fans to get a chance to see these hunky actors sporting sunglasses and t-shirts instead of their usual buttoned-up period ensembles. 

Chris McNally is the most dashing dog dad

Oh, how we love a man who loves his dogs! And, no one is quite as much of a dapper dog dad as "When Calls the Heart" actor Chris McNally. Fans fell for McNally's character, Lucas Bouchard, just as hard as Elizabeth Thatcher did, and we're all thrilled to see this lovely couple getting ready to walk down the aisle. In real life, though, McNally is half of another lovely couple with fellow Hallmark star Julie Gonzalo

And, since this proud dog dad pic was posted in 2020, the adorable couple has welcomed a baby into the family, allowing McNally to add "hot human dad" to his list of titles. In the adorable beach photo's caption, McNally wrote, "I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously IN LOVE WITH YOUR DOGS, but I haven't figured out what that is yet," and finished with the hashtag, #dogdad. McNally was playing on the "Zoolander" quote, "There's a lot more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking," and he's certainly got that one in the bag, too. 

Kayla Wallace can add supermodel to her resume

We can't imagine anyone other than Kayla Wallace bringing her character, Fiona Miller, to life. And, while Wallace certainly has the acting chops to take us back in time and make us believe that Hope Valley is a real place, she's got a few posts on her Instagram that prove she can do more than just act; she's a regular supermodel, too. In September 2022, the bombshell posted a truly stunning photo of herself wearing a sheer dress and looking like the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour. 

Wallace doesn't shy away from sharing stunning photos of herself on the 'gram, and she didn't shy away from making a happy announcement there, either. Just two days before Christmas 2022, Wallace posted a video of herself and costar Kevin McGarry sharing a smooch and showing off her brand-new engagement ring. She captioned the post, "Forever," with a heart emoji. And if this breathtakingly beautiful behind-the-scenes couple isn't enough to get the Hearties' hearts pumping, none other than the pair's costar, Erin Krakow, shared some loving words in the comments, saying, "Our forever friends found their forever! So happy for you both! Still haven't recovered from this beautiful moment!" It's safe to say that "When Calls the Heart" sure knows how to make a love story happen both on screen and off. 

A Heartie's dream double date

Is one "When Calls the Heart" off-screen romance not enough for you? How about two? Yes, like her pal Kayla Wallace, Erin Krakow is also half of a couple that found each other on the set of the Hallmark series. Krakow is in a relationship with costar Ben Rosenbaum, who plays Mike Hickam. What Heartie wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall at this double date? "When Calls the Heart" isn't just home to some beloved onscreen romances; plenty of real-life love stories also developed on set, and so have some long-lasting IRL friendships. 

In June 2022, Kayla Wallace treated fans to this celebratory selfie of her and her partner, Kevin McGarry, enjoying Venice, Italy, with couple pals, Krakow and Rosenbaum. It's clear that the double date was in honor of "When Calls the Heart" getting renewed for another season. "News just reached Italy," Wallace captioned the adorable image. She added, "Mamma Mia! Here we go again! #Season10 Congrats to my When Calls the Heart family #hearties." 

Andrea Brooks is one hot mama

Talk about glowing! Andrea Brooks is always a stunner as Faith Carter on "When Calls the Heart," so we can't say we're surprised to see her looking like a blonde beauty in the real world. Still, this picture she shared on Instagram in November 2022 proves that the pregnant mama glow is all too real. Less than a month after this post landed on the 'gram, Brooks shared an equally stunning makeup-free selfie of her with her newborn baby.

If this timeline makes you wonder why Faith isn't pregnant in Season 10, your math is correct. Brooks' pregnancy didn't throw a curveball into Faith's story, thanks to some Hallmark magic. In June 2023, Brooks shared a video montage showing just how pregnant she looked while filming "When Calls the Heart." The caption reads, "Watch me grow a 10lb baby during the filming of season 10 of @wcth_tv (fitting number). I'm so excited for you to see all the hilarious ways we hid the bump this season." She added a thank you to the Hallmark Channel for their support. Whether showing off the bump or hiding it, Brooks makes a truly beautiful mom.

Ben Rosenbaum bares his buff bod

If you consider Mike Hickam your favorite heartthrob in Hope Valley, get ready to have your heart pumping. Mike Hickam isn't exactly the type to take his shirt off, so we were none the wiser that the actor who plays him, Ben Rosenbaum, is hiding some seriously toned muscles underneath the three-piece suits we're used to seeing him wear. In October 2022, Rosenbaum shared a series of photos on Instagram that showed the actor in various situations checking out his super muscular biceps. And, hey –– who could blame him?

Rosenbaum brought some humor to the thirst traps, captioning the post with, "It's like I was worried that if I wasn't checking in on them periodically, my arms might just disappear..." It's only right that Rosenbaum takes the opportunity to show off all those muscles since we know he's already back in the Mike Hickam suits filming Season 11 of "When Calls the Heart." 

Natasha Burnett is a natural beauty

Natasha Burnett lovingly used the hashtag #teamcanfield when sharing an on-set photo of herself on Instagram. If you, like the rest of us, consider yourself #teamcanfield, you'll love seeing the marvelous Miss Minnie looking like herself sans heavy on-screen makeup and costumes. Most of us know Burnett as the amazing mother, Minnie Canfield, on "When Calls the Heart."

Burnett is always a beauty on the show, so we wouldn't expect to be totally blown away by a photo of her when she's not playing her fan-favorite character. She managed to prove us wrong, though, when she took to her Instagram account back in March. Burnett posted a breathtaking headshot proving she's a true natural beauty. Her hair and makeup are pared down with minimal products and an easy, laidback look. Burnett is a true stunner, and we're gonna need her to drop the skincare routine ASAP. 

Kavan Smith's smile lights up Paris

Attention, fans of the Coulters! Leland Coulter is one-half of one of our favorite couples in Hope Valley, and he's played by none other than Kavan Smith. In July 2022, Smith posted an adorable selfie on Instagram showing off his relaxed, family vacation smile on his trip to Paris. Of all the stars of "When Calls the Heart," Smith looks the most different from his character in real life. We've definitely never seen Leland wearing glasses or sporting a scruffy beard. Still, Smith's friendly nature shines through, and it's clear that he's enjoying some well-deserved time off. 

While Smith may look very different in his downtime than he does on the show, there's one thing that Smith and Leland have in common: their close relationship with their on-screen wife. Leland Coulter's wife, Rosemary, is played by Pascale Hutton, and while Hutton and Smith aren't actually together, they're as thick as thieves in their real lives as they are when cameras are rolling. These two often post about each other on Instagram, and it's clear that they're the best of friends. 

Beautiful besties on screen and off

We all love the friendship between Elizabeth and her bestie, Rosemary. And, we love it even more now that we know that the actors who play these two amazing characters are just as close when they aren't filming. In May 2022, Pascale Hutton, who plays Rosemary Coulter, posted a pretty pic of her and on and off-screen BFF Erin Krakow. The snap shows the two leading ladies dressed to the nines and flashing stunning smiles.

Hutton captioned the photo, "Betty and Veronica hit the town," comparing herself and Krakow to another famous pair of blonde and brunette beauties. It's definitely good to see that these two love hanging out with each other in the 2020s just as much as their characters will in the 1920s. Like so many of their cast mates, Hutton and Krakow clearly love the friends they've made in Hope Valley, and these best buds are just as beautiful IRL as they are when we tune into every new episode of "When Calls the Heart."