The Most 'Fascinating' Part Of Motherhood For HGTV's Erin Napier

Erin Napier of "Home Town" fame has been quite busy with her professional endeavors since launching her HGTV show with her husband Ben Napier, publishing a memoir, and releasing a wallpaper collection. But the interior designer has also dedicated a lot of time to her family. If you're unfamiliar, Ben and Erin Napier are parents to two kids, Helen, who was born in 2018, and Mae, who was born in 2021.

Although Erin and her husband have made the decision to keep their children's faces off of social media, the two have still provided the occasional glimpse into their family life. In an Instagram post from May 2023, the Mississippi native shared what she believed to be one of the most fascinating parts of motherhood, commenting on the evolving relationship between her two daughters. But parenting isn't all easy for this HGTV star. In the post, Napier shared that she also deals with common challenges in raising her kids, just like every other parent out there. 

Erin Napier loves seeing her daughters grow closer

As mentioned, Erin Napier discussed what she finds to be the most fascinating element of motherhood in an Instagram post, opening up about the growing bond between her two daughters. The snapshot features a rear view of the duo in front of a lit stage, with her oldest child in a tutu with an arm thrown around her younger sister.

"All of a sudden, they're becoming a team," Napier captions the photo. "Mae was cheering in the front row, and Helen was squinting into the spotlight, smiling and waving from the stage for her baby sister who called back, 'HEY SISSY!' As they watched the younger ballerinas do their rehearsal, Helen whispered to Mae, 'You can be up there one day.' It's fascinating to watch siblings become friends."

The HGTV star and her husband, Ben Napier, have previously spoken about the dynamic between their two children, marking another milestone in their relationship. "Helen said, 'Thank you for getting me a sister,' the other night and that makes you want to cry," Erin told People, explaining that her older daughter has started to bathe her younger sister under parental supervision. "Helen doesn't understand what's so sweet and so special about this, but to us, we know. This is special and it's fleeting, too. They're only going to be little for such a short time."

Just like every mom, Erin Napier experiences difficulties parenting, too

Erin Napier is quick to mark the special moments between her daughters Helen and Mae Napier, but she's also shared their typical sibling struggles. While the HGTV star may be documenting their growing relationship, they still have those tricky moments characteristic of young kids and sisters. In an interview with People, Erin and Ben Napier opened up about how their children have started to play together, also citing challenges that come with their ages.

"They're also finally jealous. If one of them gets in Mama's lap, then the other one is close behind, and there's a fight fixing to happen," Ben said about the couple's daughters. Erin added, "And if I try to put them both in my lap, they just pull each other's hair ... So, it's a struggle right now, honestly." This isn't the only occasion that the HGTV couple has provided glimpses into the more challenging aspects of their children's relationship. In an Instagram post from January 2023, Erin expressed her relief at the two finally getting along.

"Grateful for a weekend in which the girls loved each other and played together without fighting (even if one has a fever and cough today)," she captioned a collection of photos. As fans of the Napiers, we're grateful to see Erin sharing both the positive and challenging aspects of mothering two young daughters, as this is definitely something much of her audience will be able to relate to.