The Special Gift Andrew Walker And Hallmark Left Behind After Shooting A Safari Romance

Hallmark may be best known for its feel-good Christmas movies, but it's got some pretty great year-round releases. "A Safari Romance" is one of six Hallmark premieres for August 2023, and it features some familiar Hallmark actors. Brittany Bristow stars as wildlife biologist Megan Henry opposite Andrew Walker as Tim Ericson, a theme park designer, and in tried-and-true Hallmark fashion, they have their differences at first but find that love overcomes them.

"A Safari Romance" was filmed in South Africa at Mabula Game Lodge, a private game reserve, and Walker posted on Instagram about the highlight of making the movie on location. It wasn't what he got out of the experience just for himself; instead, it was special because of how he was able to give back while he was there.

Walker explained that he and other cast and crew members, including Bristow and her parents — her father Leif Bristow was the film's director and her mother Agnes Bristow was the film's writer and producer — took the time out from filming to help out at one of the filming locations. "[We] rehabilitated the school we shot one of the scenes at. We weren't able to see the [kids'] faces when they showed up to a new classroom, freshly painted exterior, new park, new soccer balls, and a new brick patio, Monday morning ... but I'm sure it was sweet!!" Walker said that he even got his dad and sister in on the action. What a touching way to give back!

Andrew Walker had a fantastic time making A Safari Romance

Andrew Walker's Instagram post about how he and "A Safari Romance" crew helped to update a classroom in South Africa has been flooded with fan comments, noting how excited they are about the gift the crew left behind. We're touched to see that giving back was the most special part of Walker's time in South Africa, and if his social media is any indication, Walker really did have a great time making the Hallmark movie.

He posted another reel on Instagram of him and Brittany Bristow dancing with kids and teachers on set with the caption: "Dancing never gets old, especially when you've got great company. Miss you" — it seems likely that it's the same school that they helped update. He posted another dreamy behind-the-scenes reel showing the beauty of where they filmed, and Walker noted that he felt super comfortable and grateful to have made the movie with the Bristow family: "This was a family project, written, produced, acted and directed by the beautiful Bristows. I was brought into the fold and immediately felt like family. Thank you for this unforgettable experience, jobs like this are few and far between."