The Truth About The Hallmark Channel's Andrew Walker

Hallmark Channel fans are surely familiar with the work of Andrew Walker. After all, the actor has starred in nearly two dozen movies for both Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, according to Parade.

Walker made his debut on the network in 2012, costarring with Arielle Kebbel in "A Bride for Christmas." Through the years, he's become a familiar face in many of Hallmark's most popular movies, including "Bridal Wave," "The Perfect Catch," "My Secret Valentine," and "Bottled with Love." 

Walker has also made his mark on favorite holiday movies such as "My Christmas Family Tree," "Christmas Tree Lane," and "Christmas on My Mind," just to name a few (per IMDb). 

And viewers who love Walker's work are in luck: He signed an exclusive multi-picture deal with Crown Media Family Networks, which owns Hallmark, in April 2022. 

"Andrew has a special talent and charm that shines through in every role," said Lisa Hamilton Daly, executive vice president of programming, per Deadline. "He's become a favorite among our viewers for good reason. We couldn't be happier to continue our partnership with Andrew and can't wait to see him in his next role."

So who is the guy who has captured the hearts of so many Hallmark viewers?

He started acting as a teen in Canada

Andrew Walker was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and he admits that he wasn't always the best student in school. 

"I would say that I was an interesting blend of an athlete and an artist. I never really liked school — math, chemistry, physics," he said in an interview with My Devotional Thoughts. "I was terrible at anything I had to study, anything having to do with numbers or breaking down formulas. But anything having to do with athletics or the arts or anything having to do with my imagination was what I truly enjoyed."

He was bitten by the acting bug as a child and started working professionally as a teen with a role in the Canadian series "Student Bodies." But his first love was football, which he played at Vanier College in Montreal, setting five records on the sports field. His time there led to a football scholarship at Boston College, but, unfortunately, an injury ended any dreams of going pro. 

"At the time it was a very difficult setback to come to terms with," Walker told From the Desk. "However, when I look back now, that trial has not only made me a stronger more resilient person, but also saved me from potentially a few more injuries."

Instead of wallowing, Walker decided to move to Los Angeles with a friend — and the rest, as they say, is history.

Andrew Walker is a married father of two

Hallmark Channel star Andrew Walker met fellow Canadian Cassandra Troy in 2004, and the two soon bonded over their love of the great outdoors. 

"In the first week we met (circa 2004!), we discovered each other's love for nature. It started with a hiking trip in @monttremblant," Troy wrote on Instagram. "Followed countless small wilderness adventures, and some big, big trips which are always centered around being in nature."

The couple eloped in June 2012 and welcomed two sons: West Byron in July 2015 and Wolf Reinhard in December 2019, per US Weekly. When asked what the most rewarding part of parenting was, Troy told Fashion Mamas, "The unconditional love, the constant humbling moments, and especially the sense of accomplishment knowing that I'm truly a bad-a** because I created two little human lives."

Of course, family comes first, but Walker and Troy have also been focused on building their careers. While he worked to land more acting roles, she decided to help others get healthy. 

"I spent several years in the fashion biz — which I loved — but I always felt my true calling was in the food industry, inspiring people to live healthier lives through moderation, conscious eating, and making approachable great tasting food," she explained.

That passion led to a business endeavor that is a family affair.

He and his wife launched a juice company named after their son

In 2013, Andrew Walker and Cassandra Troy decided to elope so that they could use the money they had saved for a big wedding to open a cold-pressed juice store in Los Angeles called Clover, per US Weekly

"We never imagined how large our community could grow!" the couple wrote on the company website. "We've always been passionate about eating with an emphasis on nutrition and wellness, and we love inspiring people to lead a healthier, more invigorating life."

Walker and Troy rebranded the company Little West after the birth of their oldest son, and their products are now available nationwide. Its success has allowed Walker to be more selective about the acting roles he takes. 

"I'll pick and choose based on location and script, the people I'm working with and all of that stuff, you know ... nine and half times out of ten, I usually take the project no matter what because, it's great — Hallmark has a 'No A-h*le' policy so, usually I'm working with really great people ... people that reciprocate the same kind of set mentality but, all in all, I do get to pick and choose, and it's really great that I'm able to do that right now in my career," he told Lolly Christmas.

Andrew Walker has some famous friends

Andrew Walker counts some notable names as friends. He is good pals with fellow actor Tyler Hynes, and the two even showed up for cameos in each other's 2021 holiday films that aired on the Hallmark channel, per US Weekly

In addition, Walker and his wife, Cassandra Troy, are close with Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman. When Walker and Troy eloped in June 2012, Van Camp was one of the witnesses during the ceremony. And, when the "Revenge" actress wed Bowman in 2018, Troy served as one of Van Camp's bridesmaids.

Walker is also friendly with many of his Hallmark costars, including Bethany Joy Lenz. "It was immediate chemistry, you know, her and I," he told Lolly Christmas

He continued: "I feel like when an actress is really open to putting the work in outside of our days on that we're on set ... we met up the first weekend that we got there, we started cutting up the script a little bit, giving our own spin to it, and then when we jumped on set ... we just had fun, you know? She does a lot of adlibbing and she's just a very open person."

He and his family finally moved into their dream home

Andrew Walker has a thriving acting career as well a successful business with his wife, Cassandra Troy — but the road to get there was not always easy. In an Instagram post, Cassandra explained that the couple lived in a small two-bedroom apartment for a decade and often struggled to pay rent while trying to keep their juice business, Little West, going.

In May 2022, she announced that the family of four had moved into a new home, which includes a view of the Los Angeles skyline from their backyard. "We have always said that we could live in a box and still be happy, and I know we would be ... and I suppose that's why I cry daily with gratitude for how full my heart feels realizing that this is our reality," she wrote.

In addition to growing Little West, Walker most recently starred in "Dying for Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery" with Nikki DeLoach on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. And there will be more to come as Walker has committed to staying with Hallmark.

"I'm humbled and grateful to have been a part of the Hallmark family for a decade now. I love diving into each character, to create quality films with positive content that make people feel good," he said, per Deadline. "The impact this network is making on its viewers is infectious and I'm thrilled to be continuing our collaboration."