Why Joanna Gaines' Favorite Wedding Day Memory Was Leaving The Ceremony

Chip and Joanna Gaines, HGTV power couple, joint Magnolia magnates, and all-around relationship goals, tied the knot in 2003. The long-time Waco residents chose a local venue for their vows, the Earle-Harrison House. It was the early 2000s, and we were obsessed with strapless gowns and tiaras, both of which Joanna selected for her bridal ensemble. Chip sported a classic tux but looked unrecognizable from his current dad persona thanks to a super clean cut and what looks like frosted tips.

Presumably, there were lots of loved ones in attendance, tons of dancing, and, of course, cake. But out of all of the standard wedding trappings, Joanna has confessed she has a favorite — the food. The "Fixer Upper" star also divulged that for her, one memory, in particular, takes the "wedding" cake, if you will, and that is when she and Chip left the ceremony.

While you might think that if the reception food is your fav, you'd be loath to leave, that wasn't the case for Joanna, and the reason is absolutely adorable.

Joanna, Chip, and to-go boxes stole away

Joanna Gaines admitted to People, "My favorite moment is when we said goodbye to everybody." She was ready to hop in the limo and fill her stomach. Apparently, upon arriving at the reception, Jo noticed how delicious the spread looked, consisting of more than one type of cake, Beef Wellington, and mashed potatoes, and immediately told her mom, "'No matter what, will you just put some food in a container and put it in the car'?"

Always a girl with a vision, Joanna had a plan and wasn't about to let the traditional wedding to-do list stop her. She explained that they went through all of the reception formalities, like cake cutting, making the rounds greeting guests, and of course, sharing a dance. The bride danced in a ruched ball gown, complete with a tiara and veil while holding a bouquet of red roses. The historic Greek revival home was the perfect setting for the future HGTV couple who would make a name for themselves renovating similar old houses. 

Until finally, it was time to say farewell. Joanna admitted, "And the second that door shut, I was like, 'Thank God, this is why I'm here. I just wanna be with you and I wanna eat.'" And eat they did, according to the Magnolia queen. Joanna remarked that they didn't even need utensils, opting to eat with their fingers. After that, they jetted off to New York for their honeymoon (with full bellies and fuller hearts). 

Throughout their marriage, food has been a constant for the couple

Joanna Gaines' love of food extends far beyond her wedding day. Since they tied the knot, Joanna has been cooking regularly for her husband, Chip, and their five children. She's so comfortable in the kitchen that she has released a cookbook and has opened a breakfast and lunch restaurant. The domestic diva turned her recipe book into a cooking show, too.

On her blog, she wrote, "Feeding my family food that they love — that makes it worth the work I put into it." Noting in another post (via Taste of Home), "When Chip and I are traveling a lot, the first thing I want to do when I get home is cook. I want my kids to have the security that when momma's home, there will be a good meal." It seems like she and food have just as close of a bond as she and her handyman husband. We can't blame her, then, for wanting to depart the wedding reception just so she could be alone with her two favorite things in the world; Chip and a great meal.

The couple, who says they'll never get divorced, regularly marks their anniversaries by posting sweet tributes on Instagram. In 2018, for their 15th wedding anniversary, Joanna shared a picture of her and Chip in their just-married getaway car. We weren't able to spot any takeout boxes, but we're guessing they were stashed somewhere close.