Hallmark Star Tyler Hynes' Grateful Message To Fans Is Warming Our Hearts

Tyler Hynes is known as a veritable Hallmark heartthrob, garnering a dedicated fanbase through made-for-TV movies such as "Roadhouse Romance," "It Was Always You," and "Three Wise Men and a Baby." Though he's made quite the impression on our TV screens, the simply stylish actor is also quick to bond with fans and shout them out in interviews. 

As he gushed to Us Weekly, "I can't tell you enough about the human beings who watch these movies and how kind, lovely, wholesome and earnest and authentic they are." Hynes is pretty active on Instagram too, sharing glimpses into his personal life, promoting upcoming projects, and consistently professing his love for his followers. 

Even so, the Hallmark star appeared to take a brief break from the platform during August 2023, posting twice at the beginning of the month before going silent. Of course, Hynes' first post after this short hiatus was a message of gratitude to his adoring fans. Given all the love Hynes has shown to Hallmark viewers in the past, this doesn't come as a surprise, but it continues to warm our hearts regardless. 

The actor highlighted some of the fanmail he received

On September 5, 2023, Hallmark star Tyler Hynes took to Instagram to share some thoughts about his Hallmark fans, showing his appreciation through a collection of fanmail snapshots. "Spent the day going through everything that came home with me from the last convention," he captioned the photos. Many of the featured cards referenced Hynes' birthday, showing trees planted in his honor and donations made to the Paws Canada Organization in celebration.

Seeing these thoughtful gifts was heartwarming in and of itself, but the actor's kind words to his fans made the post even sweeter. "Lovely to reflect on the time spent all together while going through your cards, donations, gifts and making good on the promise to pass along your kind words for my mother," the "Winter in Vail" star continued, going on to reference his brief break from the platform.

"I know it's been a while, but I've been thinkin' of ya, even if I've been quiet on here ;) ," the post concludes. "Mom sends her best. As always it's an emotional moment reading your words. Hope life has been alright for ya 🤍:)"