Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 9/11: Belle Worries Over Shawn, Maggie & Julie Face Off With Vivian

"Days of Our Lives" fans, buckle up, it's going to be another wild week in Salem. As some of the biggest storylines over the last few months finally come to a head, new problems arise for some of Salem's finest. Viewers can expect to see a harrowing life-or-death situation involving Sarah, age-old feuds between iconic legacy characters, and Gwen's secret turns Leo's world on its side.

Along with these storylines, fans can also expect to see the investigation into Dick Van Dyke's mystery character, Theresa's reunion with her loved ones, and how EJ finds himself in a sticky situation. Right now, the biggest stories on the soap are uncovering the mystery surrounding the new arrival at the hospital, Ava and Harris' alliance at Bayview, and Vivian's chaotic return to Salem.

For the fans who would like to know, here's what is going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of September 11, 2023.

Sarah's life is in jeopardy after delivering her baby

Danger strikes on Monday, September 11 when Sarah's life is put in jeopardy after she gives birth to her child. Since Sarah has come back to Salem, fans have seen her struggle with her decision to keep her baby's paternity a secret and commit to marrying Rex. Now that her life is in danger, if she survives the ordeal, will she have a change of heart? Or will this experience make her even more determined to keep the baby away from Xander?

Chanel grapples with her conflicting romantic feelings

On Tuesday, September 12, Chanel struggles with her conflicting romantic feelings. Over the last several weeks, Chanel has been torn between reuniting with her ex-husband Johnny, and starting a new relationship with former employee Talia. Johnny and Chanel have a complicated history with their divorce, but Chanel and Talia also got off on the wrong foot when Talia tried to get revenge on Chanel for her supposed crimes against the Bedford family. Chanel is close to making a decision, and fans will have to wait and see which suitor she chooses.

Rafe hunts for Ava and Harris

The storyline between Ava and Harris heats up on Wednesday, September 13 when Rafe hunts down the pair after they escape from Bayview. Harris and Ava have gotten close over the previous weeks, and now they have escaped from Bayview to find Susan Banks and bring her back to Salem. Unaware that this is the reason for their escape, Rafe will try to track down the pair and bring Ava's charges against her now that she's run away. With their relationship history, will Rafe show mercy to Ava and help her search for Susan, or will he drag her back to Salem kicking and screaming?

Belle worries about Shawn's drinking

Belle's plight doesn't let up on Thursday, September 14 as she continues to worry about Shawn's drinking. Things were looking up for the struggling detective after he hit rock bottom and was placed on a 24-hour psych hold. Shawn seemed ready to work through his problems after shooting his father and putting him in a coma. However, it's not as easy as that. Belle will notice that Shawn isn't progressing as much as she hoped, and it will continue to cause her worry for her husband.

Maggie and Julie feud with Vivian

Fans are in for some good drama on Friday, September 15 as Maggie and Julie go at it with Vivian. AsĀ Louise Sorel returns as Vivian, she's set to cause chaos wherever she lands. Maggie and Julie have been helping each other through the loss of Victor, and it's no surprise that they aren't very happy to see his ex-wife back in town. Chances are, Maggie will have some choice words for Vivian, and thankfully Julie will be there to back her up.

Gwen's revelation puts Leo on his heels

Leo gets the surprise of a lifetime on Friday, September 15 after Gwen reveals her secret to him. Pressure has been building on Gwen, Dimitri, and Leo as the check for Dimitri's inheritance is dangled right in front of their faces. With Leo and Dimitri actually falling in love, real feelings are now at play, and whatever Gwen has to say to Leo will surely rattle him. Could it be possible that the newlyweds are pregnant? Fans will have to tune in to find out.