Where Do Chase Chrisley And Emmy Medders Stand After Their Split?

Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders appeared to be a great match for him.  The couple met years before they made things official in July 2020. By 2021, there seemed to be trouble in paradise, with the two briefly going their separate ways. However, in October 2022, they got engaged, with Chrisley pulling off a heartfelt proposal at Nashville's First Horizon Baseball Stadium. Sadly, by July 2023, Chrisley and Medders decided to end it for good, removing photos from one another's respective Instagram profiles. They took things a step further by hitting the unfollow button.

Despite some breaking up and making up in the past, Chrisley is adamant that there is no chance of the once-beaming couple reconciling. Instead, he is moving forward and has already jumped back into the dating world.  Chrisley is even considering using the reality television dating series "The Bachelor" to find his next girlfriend, an indicator of where these former lovebirds stand months after their split.

Chase Chrisley still loves the Medders family ... from a distance

Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders may be over for good romantically, but he still has love for her family. Medders' relatives and his family members were present for Chrisley's extravagant marriage proposal. This includes Medders' father, Michael, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2019. When speaking with People shortly after the proposal in October 2022, Medders shared that having her father present in Nashville to witness Chrisley get down on one knee made the moment all the more special. Chrisley shared this sentiment as well, ensuring his future father-in-law was included. Still, even with a special place in his heart, Chrisley will only interact with his ex-in-laws when absolutely necessary. "If [her family] needed me, I would be there for them. But if I don't have to be there in a room with them, I'm not going to," Chrisley revealed during the September 5 episode of Savannah's "Unlocked" podcast.

While it seems that Chrisley has maintained a decent connection with the Medders clan during and after the relationship, Savannah and Medders were always quite rocky. During that recent sit down with her brother, she admitted that she believed Medders did not have good intentions for her brother. At one point, she'd even advised him not to get engaged. However, he clearly did not take heed of her warnings.

Chase Chrisley says too much has transpired with Emmy Medders for them to reunite

Neither Chase Chrisley nor Emmy Medders ever revealed the specifics surrounding the demise of their relationship. However, Chrisley has shared that they both were at fault. For that reason, he says, they'd never be able to reconnect.

"There was a lot of dirty s— that went down that should have been handled differently. Just the lack of respect was not there. I made mistakes in our relationship, 100%. But, so did she," Chrisley explained during the "Unlocked" episode.

Chrisley may be back on the market, but it's unclear if Medders is dating again. Instead, it seems she's turned much of her attention to her relatives. In a September 10 Instagram Story update, she told her followers that her father Michael's ALS is getting worse. This is likely why she'd moved back to Atlanta to be closer to her loved ones during this challenging time. Despite being ex-partners, neither Medders nor Chrisley appears to want to overtly attack the other, which shows maturity in how they handled their split.