Why Chrishell Stause Was Stunned When Justin Hartley Filed For Divorce

Fans of Netflix's "Selling Sunset" are probably caught up with Chrishell Stause's relationship drama, but the show began after the separation of Chrishell and her husband, Justin Hartley. What actually happened that triggered their divorce?

Viewers of the show know Chrishell as the office sweetheart who refuses to get walked over and disrespected, which probably stems from her home life growing up in poverty and even spending bouts of time homeless, as well as her dramatic split with Justin. Despite all of the madness that Chrishell has endured on and off the show, she works as a top real estate agent in Los Angeles' The Oppenheim Group, selling luxury homes in all different parts of LA, including the Valley, which holds a special place in her heart. 

Chrishell and Justin's divorce was filed in November of 2019 after he shockingly texted Chrishell that he was filing. But that's not all, there were other details that were equally as shocking to both Chrishell as well as family and friends of the couple throughout the entire process.

Why Chrishell didn't see it coming

One of the biggest reasons Chrishell Stause was stunned when her ex-husband, Justin Hartley, filed for divorce is because the date he listed as their separation date made no sense at all, and there is evidence to prove the date was inaccurate. Despite Justin attesting that the two separated on July 8, 2019, the two were spotted at several events together including The Hollywood Reporter and Moet & Chandon Golden Globes party.

Not only that, but between the months of July and November, when Justin filed the paperwork, there were photos of the seemingly happy couple on Instagram, which have since been deleted. A clip from an episode of "Selling Sunset" shows Chrishell discussing her divorce with Mary Fitzgerald, a friend and agent at The Oppenheim Group. When Mary asks how Chrishell found out about Justin's decision, she responds, "I found out because he texted me ... that we were filed ... 45 minutes later, the world knew." And, according to Us Weekly, the people closest to the couple were also shocked by the news. 

Justin has now moved on as he and Sofia Pernas take their relationship to the next level. But, Chrishell got lucky in love too! 

Chrishell's love life now

Despite the beautiful Chrishell Stause facing the heartache of divorce, she is now happier than ever with her new love, Australian musician G Flip. The two fell hard and fast and got married after only one year of dating exclusively. 

The couple met on Halloween in 2021 while they were both in other relationships. After each of them split from their partners, the two began talking and getting to know each other more. On the People Everyday Podcast, according to People, G Flip spoke about their initial connection, saying, "We just found a lot of similarities, even though people would think we are from like different corners of the world. We find ourselves so similar sometimes."

According to People, the couple has been managing long distance, with Chrishell working and living in Los Angeles and G Flip pursuing music in Australia. Chrishell has made several visits to see the love of her life, G Flip. On Chrishell's Instagram story, she shared photos of her and G Flip in Sydney. She also shared a slide post on Instagram with the caption, "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from sunny Australia! I hope you all are feeling the love-sending lots your way." It seems that despite the challenge of distance and work schedules, the happy couple is keeping their connection strong, and fans have loved watching the stunning transformation of Chrishell Stause from heartbroken to head over heels in love again.