Meet Jamie Foxx's New Girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp

Jamie Foxx has had a fascinating dating history, which includes several famous women. The "Ray" star most notably began dating fellow actor Katie Holmes in 2013 before they split in 2019. It seems that the two could no longer sustain the relationship between their thriving careers and long distance but have remained friends in the years after they called it quits. While there have been rumors of Foxx trying to win Holmes back, it appears he has moved on to a new lucky lady, Australian former fitness model Alyce Huckstepp.

It's unclear how they met, at the time of writing, but Foxx and Huckstepp first sparked dating rumors when they were spotted partying together at the nightclub LIV, in Miami Beach, in March 2022. The fun didn't stop there, as Huckstepp was then seen attending the Cannes Film Festival, in May 2022, alongside Foxx. 

She joined him again for yet another work-related event, at the Los Angeles premiere of his Netflix movie "Day Shift" just a few months later in August 2022. Although Huckstepp has been around for a while, their budding relationship was overshadowed by Foxx's health issues in April 2023. Thankfully, with the comedian on the road to recovery, his romance with Huckstepp has continued.

Alyce Huckstepp is a former entrepreneur

Not much is known about Alyce Huckstepp, as it doesn't appear that she is active on social media, with The Sun reporting that she deleted her Instagram account. When Huckstepp was online, the former fitness model promoted a business that she'd launched. The specifics of the company are unknown but she was likely selling goods of some kind. Since her IG profile, which was formerly @alycehuckstepp, is no longer available, it's unclear if she is still an entrepreneur or making strides in the modeling world.

No matter what her work life entails, Huckstepp has carved out plenty of time to spend with her boyfriend, Jamie Foxx. She was spotted hanging out with Foxx and friends at the prestigious Nobu restaurant in Malibu at the end of August 2023. The following month, the couple soaked up the sun in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Foxx and Huckstepp held hands, looking happier than ever upon their arrival. Foxx was seen on the beach in several images, while Huckstepp was spotted nearby inside their living quarters.

Alyce Huckstepp stuck by Jamie Foxx during his health crisis

When Jamie Foxx collapsed on the set of his movie, "Back in Action," in April 2023, immense public speculation and concern followed. There were rumors that he'd suffered a stroke but, thankfully, in July 2023, the actor was well enough to provide an update to his fans via Instagram, expressing gratitude for their thoughts and prayers. While Foxx didn't detail what occurred during his medical scare and recovery, he did thank his loved ones for standing by his side and keeping his personal matters out of the media. 

Alyce Huckstepp was clearly among one of the people in Foxx's corner during that challenging time. "Aside from his family, Alyce has been a huge source of support throughout his recovery process. She makes him really happy, and they spend as much time together as possible," an insider told Us Weekly in September 2023.

Huckstepp was also there during one of Foxx's first jobs after his terrifying incident, the filming of his BetMGM commercial in July. It seems she often plays the background during these instances, an indicator that both parties wish to maintain a level of privacy. Still, Huckstepp evidently enjoys being close to Foxx, no matter what he's doing.