Erin Napier Set The Record Straight About Her Husband Ben's Rumored Supplement Promoting

Erin Napier is not afraid to speak her mind. The "Home Town" star has called out mom shamers and spoke about refraining from questioning couples on when they're going to have a baby. Now, she's back at it again, this time setting the record straight on whether or not her husband is promoting some controversial supplements. In case you haven't been keeping up with the Napier family outside of their HGTV show, Erin's husband, Ben Napier, has lost a fair amount of weight.

But as her husband began showing off his new slimmed-down look on Instagram and Facebook, other users suddenly saw him and his physique popping up alongside supplements. The keto gummy supplements promise weight loss and are using celebrities who have embarked on a weight loss journey, like Ben, to promote their product.

Erin shut things down real quick when she spoke out on her own Instagram post, saying, "If you've been seeing this pic of popping up EVERYWHERE this week like we have, claiming he's peddling some sort of keto supplements, it is fake and you can help us by reporting it to Facebook or wherever — every time you see it. And certainly don't give them your money! #thefakestnews."

Ben's results are from hard work

Fans applauded Erin Napier for both supporting her husband, Ben Napier and shutting down rumors of his promotion of keto diet supplements. One said, "Thanks for confirming it's a scam," while another commented, "It's truly unfortunate that people are using your names to try and steal people's hard-earned money." Others were just happy to give Ben a round of applause for how great he looks.

The home renovator decided to shed a few pounds before he was scheduled to have shoulder surgery. His goal with the lifestyle changes was to be able to sleep comfortably on his back and lower his blood pressure. Ben also noted to TODAY back in 2019 that he wanted to lose weight because of his family: "I want to experience as much of her life as possible. I want a long life so I can be there for Erin and Helen." Since having a second daughter, Mae, getting in better health was more important than ever.

Fortunately, Ben reached his goals and did so through exercise and lifestyle changes — definitely not supplements. He even built a home gym in their barn. According to his wife, the procedure to repair his rotator cuff, eliminate a bone spur, and reduce some cartilage in the joint went great. He had surgery in March 2023, and everything went smoothly, reported Erin via her Instagram, posting a picture of him amongst a pile of stuffed animals courtesy of his daughters.

Ben isn't the only celebrity being targeted

Sadly, Ben Napier isn't the only celebrity whose image is being used without permission for the promotion of diet supplements. Country singer and chef Trisha Yearwood was also part of the scam in which the company pushed ads using her name and likeness to social media followers. She, too, had to create an Instagram post letting her followers know they shouldn't fall for the ads, writing, "To my friends and fans, please know that I have NEVER sold nor endorsed any product advertised as 'Keto Gummies.' Fake advertisers are exploiting my name, my face, my voice, and my overall likeness without my permission."

Reportedly, Hollywood icons like Drew Barrymore and Kevin Costner have even fallen victim to the ploy. As has Rebel Wilson, yet another celeb who has undergone a significant weight transformation recently. While not every famous name comes out and warns fans against believing these false advertisements, the public is likely becoming increasingly wary of celebrity-endorsed products. Still, it can be helpful when stars like Erin officially denounce the ads.

For fans wondering what worked, if not the gummies, just take it from Ben (the real Ben). He told TODAY, that basketball, intermittent fasting, cutting back on snacks, and a low-carb diet helped him succeed. We just love that we can always count on the Napiers to keep it real!