The Bold And The Beautiful Forrester Creations Feuds Through The Years

Family drama has always been prevalent on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Between Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) many sins (including sleeping with her daughter's husband and boyfriend), and the complicated Buckingham family tree, there is never a shortage of familial fighting. The only thing that makes spending time with family worse is working with family; the Forresters know that all too well.

Forrester Creations is the central business of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and even though it's passed through many different families, it always seems to end up with the Forresters. The fictional company was started in 1958 by Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), who secured a loan from her father to get the business up and running, along with her husband, Eric (John McCook). It was a success for many years, run under the couple's supervision. But as always in soap operas, things are never as easy as they seem, and outside sources started grabbing for pieces of the proverbial pie.

Brooke took control of Forrester Creations

In 1993, Brooke was working at Forrester Creations when she created the formula for BeLieF, a wrinkle-free solution for fabric. She celebrated with Ridge (then Ronn Moss), but he eventually went back to his other love, Taylor Hayes (then Hunter Tylo). Brooke started dating Connor Davis (Scott Thompson Baker), a lawyer, who told Brooke that she legally owned the BeLieF patent. She took 51% of Forrester stock and became CEO of the company, much to Stephanie's dismay.

Years later in 2005, Eric renewed his relationship with Brooke and they got married; he became her co-CEO, once again putting the company in the hands of the Forresters. 

It was around this time that Katherine Chancellor (Wilma Jeanne Cooper) revealed that Stephanie was made the sole owner of Forrester Creations per a trust made by her father and that Eric didn't have a claim to the company. Stephanie subsequently took control, fired Brooke and Eric, and named her son Thorne (Winsor Harmon) as president of the Forrester Creations. After deciding she didn't want to head up the business anymore, Stephanie got rid of the trust and gave her shares to her kids, along with Eric, Brooke, and Taylor.

Nick Marone became CEO

The company was handed to Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) after Stephanie threw his mother Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) off of a balcony. Nick threatened to kill Stephanie or put her in jail if Forrester wasn't given to him. Once he was made CEO, Nick named Jackie president and made Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar) the head designer. It wasn't a popular move; most of the current employees left the company due to their loyalty to the Forrester family.

Under Nick's command, Forrester acquired many small businesses across the city, monopolizing the fashion business in Los Angeles. In retaliation, Brooke and Ridge started up Forrester Originals, another fashion house to compete with Forrester Creations.

Nick agreed to return Forrester to Eric if he divorced Stephanie; upset with his wife's animosity towards Brooke, Eric agreed and regained control as Chairman and CEO of the company. His position didn't last long, as he gave the CEO position to Ridge soon after. Eric took another step back later that year when he made Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) president of the business. Eric made bad decision after bad decision as he fired Stephanie from Forrester right when their sales took a dip.

Eric sold Forrester to Spencer Publications

When the public found out that Eric had fired Stephanie from the company, Forrester took a nosedive, forcing Eric to take out multiple loans from the bank. Things only got worse from there. Eric frantically tried to pay back the loans on time, but he couldn't compete with the determination of Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont). The son of Eric's nemesis, Bill set out to take control of Forrester and snuff out Eric. 

Bill got the opportunity when Eric came up late to pay back one of his loans, and the bank was forced to foreclose the business. Bill bought Forrester, made it part of Spencer Publications, and named his wife Katie Logan (Heather Tom) as the CEO. The Forresters were furious that they had lost the business, even though Katie tried to stay friendly with the family. She offered Ridge and Thorne positions at the company, but they both turned her down. 

Katie brought Brooke and Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) on as the president and vice president, respectively. Rick was remade CEO of Forrester International, while Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Taylor's daughter, started working in the PR department. New faces and the next generation started fights over the business all over again.

Steffy won the company back for the Forresters

Steffy successfully won Forrester back from Bill after she kissed him and threatened to tell Katie if he didn't sign the company over to her. Under her control, Forrester gained the REST Trust, making Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor co-owners with 25% of the company for each person. Steffy also made her father Ridge CEO once more. Eric took another hit when he divorced Donna and was forced to give her 12.5% of his stock at Forrester, which she subsequently sold to Bill Spencer.

Forrester Creations was thrown into scandal after news broke that Brooke had mistakenly slept with her daughter Hope's (then Kimberly Matula) boyfriend. Ridge accused Steffy of orchestrating the video that revealed the news and fired her, even though it was actually Justin (Aaron D. Spears) who had released the video. 

In an attempt to keep her daughter in the company, Taylor gifted Steffy her own shares. Years later, in 2018, Steffy and Eric were made co-majority shareholders of Forrester when Bill gave his 12.5% of shares to Steffy. Finally, the company was back in the hands of the Forresters, although that didn't seem to stop the drama that ensued.

Eric and Ridge poised for another fight

In 2023, Ridge and Eric are back in charge at Forrester Creations, and both father and son played nice for a while, happy that the company was back in the hands of the family who created it. The relative peace only lasted until Ridge started dreaming of bigger and better things for the family business. 

Hoping to create a new vision for Forrester Creations and focus on the design lines that they already have, Ridge neglected Eric's ideas for the company and subtly encouraged him to step back and give up control of the business.

As stubborn as Eric is, he isn't ready to retire or let go of Forrester Creations yet. He still has new ideas and designs for the future that he wants to collaborate on, and he will not go down without a fight. It looks like another Forrester feud is brewing, and this time, they're keeping it all in the family.