The Boozy Game Kate Middleton Loves To Play

When we think of royalty, we often think first of glittering ceremonies dripping in pomp and circumstance like the recent coronation of King Charles III. However, with the pressures of always remaining in the public eye, surely royals need to find ways to let loose and have a little fun. Catherine, Princess of Wales, is no exception to this rule, and in her heart is still very much Kate Middleton, the young woman who loved to play sports and games and enjoy an occasional drink.

In a recent interview on Mike Tindall's podcast "The Good, The Bad & The Rugby," Princess Catherine joined Prince William and Princess Anne to celebrate the Rugby World Cup by discussing their love of sports. Mike Tindall is Princess Anne's son-in-law and is also a former rugby player himself. 

During the podcast episode, which aired on Sept. 9, 2023, Tindall lovingly poked fun at Kate for being competitive when it comes to sports and games. "I'm not going to say you're uber-competitive," he teased her. She replied to him that she "isn't competitive at all," to which Tindall insisted to his cohosts and other guests in a jovial tone that Kate surely is competitive, and he knows because, as he said, "I've seen her play beer pong."

Why we bet Kate is great at beer pong

It checks out that Kate would be phenomenal at beer pong because she herself has said that she has a passion for table tennis, also known as ping pong. In fact, during the same conversation on Mike Tindall's podcast in which her beer pong prowess was discussed, Kate admitted that she and her husband Prince William are both so competitive at table tennis that they will sometimes play for hours, without either one of them admitting defeat (via US Weekly).

"I don't think we've managed to finish a game of [table] tennis, the two of us," Kate said. "It becomes a mental challenge between the two of us." William chimed in to agree with his wife, saying that rather than ending a game when a certain number of points has been reached, these table tennis battles between the royal couple essentially become a contest of "who can out-mental each other."

And while playing a spirited game of pong (either ping pong or beer pong) might be one way Kate lets loose and has fun, competitive games aren't the only time the Princess of Wales enjoys a boozy beverage. 

Kate's boozy beverages of choice

While beer pong is usually played with a lighter beer, Kate Middleton has famously been photographed enjoying a pint of the classic Irish stout Guinness on St. Patrick's Day several years running (via People). This past St. Patrick's Day, William and Kate traveled to Dublin, the home of Guinness, to do their annual toast, which they did at the Guinness Storehouse. As Kate sported the bright emerald green of the independent Ireland, she was all smiles enjoying her pint. 

But some events call for a different type of beverage, and when Guinness doesn't quite suffice, Princess Kate is said to enjoy a spicy margarita — or two. This past summer, while attending a music festival, Kate was seen letting loose, spicy marg in hand (via Marie Claire). While attending the Houghton Music Festival with family friend Rose Hanbury, Kate wore an off-the-shoulder top and casual pants and was seen celebrating "in high spirits" with her entourage. Others in her party reportedly ordered a giant bottle of rosé to enjoy.

And perhaps what we love most about this story? Not only does Kate once again prove herself relatable, but also royally generous; upon leaving the festival, she reportedly left a tip for the restaurant staff totally about 700 euros. We'd have a drink with her anytime.