The Unexpected Country Prince Harry Would Seriously Consider Calling Home

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex's search for U.K. lodging continues amid royal family drama, and he's now mentioned another country he'd love to settle down in. Before jetting to Singapore for a charity polo game, Harry headed to Tokyo, Japan to attend an International Sports Promotion Society event called the Sports Value Summit — Special Edition. Prince Harry joined a panel and discussed his passion for charity work, along with the benefits of sports.

At the panel, the Duke of Sussex also said that he'd love to live in Japan, citing the delicious food and lovely people. He said, "Your warmth, your compassion, your generosity, every single element of the Japanese culture is really unique and very, very special. ... I would happily live here if you'd have me" (via Reuters). He expressed gratitude at being welcomed to the country and added, "I have really, really enjoyed being here in Japan again and I'm looking forward to my next visit" (via Express). 

Prince Harry visited Japan back in 2019, as well. According to USA Today, sports was also a theme on that trip, with Harry visiting athletes trying to compete in the Paralympics and watching the Rugby World Cup.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may want to move somewhere else in Californa

Despite Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex's love for Japan and his desire to perhaps live there, Us Weekly reported in July 2023 that he and Meghan Markle may want to move from their mansion in Montecito to a new city in California. A source told the outlet the couple thinks Montecito, " ... feels a bit remote and removed from the city." A different source mentioned how Harry and Meghan are "casually house hunting [in Malibu]."

In October 2022, the now-defunct Santa Barbara News-Press shared that Harry and Meghan were looking at the Hope Ranch area in Santa Barbara, California as their new home. However, the New York Post reported in July 2023 that the people of Hope Ranch are against such a move. "People are not happy, that's the word around town," a realtor from Santa Barbara told the outlet. "They want them to stay in Montecito and not be drawing that kind of attention to Hope Ranch."

While Montecito is known for having famous residents, Hope Ranch is a much quieter community. A former resident told the outlet that Harry and Meghan's presence could mess with that. They added, "The heads of the HOA are careful about keeping it [quieter] and preserving privacy — that's the number one appeal of Hope Ranch. We're the only ones in the area with a private beach."

Frogmore Cottage no longer belongs to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Although Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, used to have a U.K. home at Frogmore Cottage, they were asked to move out by King Charles III. According to ITV, officials from Buckingham Palace would not say who the new Frogmore residents were going to be when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left for the last time. The idea seemed to be that Frogmore would become Prince Andrew, Duke of York's new residence, and William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, would move into Royal Lodge — but in June 2023, Prince Andrew was adamant to stay at Royal Lodge.

King Charles offered Harry and Meghan a consolation prize after their Frogmore boot, telling the couple that they could use a suite in Buckingham Palace whenever they came to the U.K. However, in September 2023, Prince Harry tried to stay in Windsor Castle when he was in London for one day for a charity event. He was unable to do so because his father (and the majority of the royal staff) were in Scotland at Balmoral Castle at the time (which coincided with the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's death). Harry will be back in the U.K. in January 2024 and may take his father up on his Buckingham Palace offer then.