How Kody Brown Has Changed, According To Christine & Janelle

Kody Brown, TLC's controversial polygamist, faced a significant disruption as three of his initial wives left his plural clan within a span of less than two years. Christine Brown decided to go her own way in November 2021, followed by Janelle Brown less than a year later. Finally, Meri Brown left mere months after Janelle. With only one wife remaining, the reality star's transformation has become apparent to those around him. Nevertheless, Kody refuses to shoulder the blame, instead pointing fingers at each of his ex-wives for various reasons. In particular, he accuses Christine and Janelle of being responsible for the fallout in the family, claiming that they "basically shattered [his] whole world."

As Kody grapples with his exes breaking free from him and finding their voices in the process, he openly acknowledges that his marriage to Robyn Brown has faltered after the other sister wives left. "We've been through a very hard experience, and our reaction to it has changed us," he told People, adding, "We are not the same." However, according to Christine and Janelle, Kody's changed demeanor predates all of the breakup drama that went down.

Janelle is rejecting Kody's new-found patriarchal values

Janelle Brown found herself grappling with uncertainty about reuniting with Kody Brown, expressing reservations over his new-found patriarchal values in a Season 18 episode of "Sister Wives," People reported. In a candid conversation with her former sister wife, Christine Brown, Janelle opened up about Kody's disapproval of his wives' growing independence, which is apparently a stark departure from his past behaviors. Firm in her stance, she stated, "That will never be me. He's really advocating patriarchy, and I'm not that person."

When Christine asked her about the possibility of being married to Kody again, Janelle admitted openness to the idea but expressed skepticism about the self-proclaimed patriarch's ability to change his ways. Kody had previously criticized Janelle for displaying too much independence, especially when she purchased an RV without consulting with him first, per Us Weekly. Accusing her of making "single woman decisions," Kody's remarks did not sit well with Janelle.

The mother of six took to her confessional to highlight how Kody had neglected her needs for far too long, leading her to take matters into her own hands. "I decided to be my own hero, and I rescued myself," she explained. In a later episode of the show, Janelle expressed her willingness to get counseling but emphasized that she still didn't want to get back together, leaving Kody stunned.

Christine feels like Kody is a completely different man

Christine Brown, having moved on from her divorce from Kody Brown and finding happiness with her next husband, openly expresses her opinions about Kody's personality switch. In the discussed episode, she remarked, "I don't know who he is," highlighting the stark differences from the man Kody used to be. Christine recalled his previous carefree nature, emphasizing that he didn't let others influence his decisions. Following their breakup, Christine spoke with Entertainment Tonight in 2022, stating that she felt a significant relief when they separated, describing the experience as an "enormous weight lifted."

This shift in Kody's demeanor has not gone unnoticed by fans of the show and his own children. Gwendlyn Brown, Kody's daughter with Christine, shared her perspective in a YouTube video in which she recapped a Season 17 episode, pointing out that Kody was more at ease communicating with his children when they were younger and less capable of forming independent opinions.

Fans seemed to agree that Kody's notable change had to do with his children. A Reddit user elaborated on how Kody's unhappiness became apparent when he began having children with Robyn Brown, his fourth and only remaining wife. The person suggested that Kody previously had less parenting responsibility compared to his current role with Robyn's children, which may have led to his dissatisfaction. Regardless of the cause, Kody's transformation has been noticed by seemingly everyone, while the patriarch continues to deflect blame onto his ex-wives.