The Floridian Paradise Where TLC Filmed 90 Day: The Last Resort

It's the perfect recipe for reality TV: Four couples who are at their wit's end decide to head off on a group retreat to rediscover what made them fall in love in the first place. This is the juicy premise of "90 Day: The Last Resort." 

In TLC's latest iteration of the franchise, the series' most popular (and problematic) couples are back, and unfortunately, they're looking unhappier than ever. "The Last Resort" takes viewers along for the ride as Jovi and Yara, Ed and Liz, Angela and Michael (the latter via video calls), and Kalani and Asuelu fight to save their struggling relationships while soaking up the sun at a retreat in Florida.

The drama that "90 Day Fiancé" fans are used to hits differently this time as the primary shooting location for the series is at an absolutely stunning subtropical locale. The camera captures it all, showcasing crystalline swimming pools, palm tree canopies, and endless sandy beaches. It all makes for an interesting and unique setting for the show. We've all been wondering just where it is the couples have jet set off to, and now we finally have an answer. The couples are brewing up drama in the Florida Keys at one of its most beautiful resort hotels.

This city in the Florida Keys is breathtaking

Besides all of Big Ed's hilarious and strange moments, one thing we can't get enough of in "90 Day: The Last Resort" is the vacation-worthy film location. The white sand beaches, picturesque blue water, and towering palm trees seen during the TLC series have us looking at our calendar and wanting to book a stay there ASAP.

If you were thinking the couples had been whisked away somewhere international due to the tropical setting, that's not the case. According to sources with Starcasm and a few mildly annoyed TripAdvisor reviews, the actual shooting location of "The Last Resort" is right here in the United States at the coveted Isla Bella Beach Resort. The swanky resort is located in beautiful Marathon, Florida, a city of less than 10,000 people in the heart of the Florida Keys. 

Hanging off the southern tip of the Sunshine State, the Florida Keys make for the perfect backdrop to the couples' romance and drama in "The Last Resort." The Keys are an island paradise all their own, with two of its beaches winning a spot on U.S. News & World Report's list of Florida's best beaches. Creatives like Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, and Jimmy Buffett couldn't get enough of the archipelago. 

All about the Isla Bella Beach Resort

The Isla Bella Beach Resort is the ideal island getaway. According to the hotel's website, the property spans a whopping 24 acres and has nearly 200 rooms. When the "90 Day: The Last Resort" couples aren't pointing fingers at one another or embroiled in another heated argument, they're usually relaxing in one of the resort's five gorgeous pools or flopped out in their spacious suites — which offer in-room dining! We can hardly blame them for wanting to spend some time in their lavish suites. Because of its island location, the Isla Bella features stunning ocean views from every room.

There's no shortage of dining options for the show participants to indulge in as well. There's a delicious Polynesian-inspired restaurant inside the resort where diners can enjoy a filet mignon or Kahlua pork. Or, if they're enjoying a day on the beach and start feeling a tad hungry, the resort offers a poolside grill where they may grab a bite to eat. At the end of the day, they can wind down with some stellar music and a frozen margarita at the Beach Bar.

All these beautiful amenities make us want to watch episodes of "90 Day: The Last Resort" just so we can catch a glimpse of them. Here's hoping the tropical paradise setting will be enough to salvage the relationships of our favorite drama-prone couples.