Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 10/9: Marlena Confronts Harris

As the weather outside turns chilly, "Days of Our Lives" fans are hunkering down as the drama on the soap heats up. Get ready because we've got a whole new week of spoilers. New faces pop up around town, power moves are made in the world of business that have dire consequences, and a fan-favorite character returns to the screen in the upcoming week.

Along with those stories, viewers can expect to see the tension between Stephanie and Alex build, Johnny and Chanel rally around Paulina as she tries to pursue Abe, and Sarah loses her resolve to stay away from Xander. Currently, the biggest storylines involve Tate and Holly becoming front-burner characters, Alex taking a job at Titan Industries, and the search for Susan Banks in London.

Here's what will happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of October 9, 2023.

Stephanie encounters a surprise at Titan

Stephanie is in for a surprise on Monday, October 9, when she visits the offices at Titan. Since Alex has been revealed as Victor's son and half of the estate was left to him, he has taken over Titan Industries and staked a claim in the company. Given Stephanie's affection for Alex, seeing him find a purpose in the family business might be encouraging. But will she fear that, given Alex's ambition, he could end up just like Victor?

Kate asks Chad about marriage plans

Kate gets nosy on Monday, October 9, as she questions Chad about marrying Stephanie. Chad never thought he would find love again after Abigail was murdered, but then Stephanie Johnson came along, and he fell for her. Their relationship hasn't been without trials, like Stephanie's ex Alex butting in, but they've managed to stay together. Now, it seems everyone is asking if and when the couple will tie the knot. Since Kate is like a mother to Chad, we're sure her questions will come with a side of advice; whether or not it's encouraging remains to be seen.

Tate and Holly reconnect

On Tuesday, October 10, legacy children Tate Black and Holly Jonas reconnect as Tate returns to Salem. There has been a lot of buzz in the soap world since it was announced that Tate and Holly were being recast on the soap and much speculation about their potential storylines. Along with getting involved in their parent's drama, having Tate and Holly reconnect could be the start of a new couple in Salem. It might even jumpstart a new young crew on the soap if "Days" decides to spring SORAS on more unsuspecting children.

Marlena confronts Harris

On Wednesday, October 11, Marlena confronts Harris Michaels as the search for Susan Banks comes to a head. Harris and Ava have been on the run in London, looking for Susan and hoping to find her alive so Ava will be exonerated for her supposed murder. Since Marlena was the one who advocated for Harris in Bayview, odds are she won't be happy that he escaped with Ava and went along with her plan. Will all be forgiven if they find Susan alive?

Shawn and Belle have differing views on their marriage

Shawn and Belle are at odds again on Thursday, October 12, as they share the different views of their marriage. Their relationship has been on the rocks since Shawn started drinking after he shot Bo, but things have gotten worse now that he got drunk after Victor's funeral and slept with Talia Hunter. It's the first time Shawn's cheated on Belle, but Belle has cheated on Shawn before. Will she be able to forgive him like he did her, or is this the beginning of the end for the beloved couple?

EJ discovers what happened to Susan

The mystery of what happened to Susan Banks is solved on Friday, October 13, when EJ finally finds out what happened to his mother. It's been assumed that Susan was killed in the explosion caused by Ava in the spring, but she has recently remembered that she saw Susan escape. EJ has been out for revenge ever since, trying to kill Ava every chance he gets. But now that he's learned that Susan is actually alive, will he back off or still want to punish Ava for what she did?