Get To Know Nick And Vanessa Lachey's 3 Kids

You might know Nick and Vanessa Lachey as the sometimes-controversial hosts of Netflix's "Love is Blind," but both of their careers were up and running long before Netflix even existed. Nick was part of the '90s boy band 98 Degrees, releasing songs like "True to Your Heart" and "I Do." In the early 2000s, he starred in the hit reality show "Newlyweds" alongside his first wife, Jessica Simpson, who has since shared some major regrets about their marriage. Yes, Nick was even a part of that infamous "Chicken of the Sea" scene (per YouTube).

Vanessa, meanwhile (born Vanessa Minnillo), was a pageant queen and Entertainment Tonight correspondent. She also made a name for herself guest starring on TV shows like "How I Met Your Mother," "Psych," and "30 Rock." These days, when she's not busy co-hosting Netflix reality shows, she's headlining the "NCIS" franchise.

The Lachey's love story began in 2006 when Vanessa appeared in Nick's music video, "What's Left of Me." "[The] video, which was on 'TRL,' was the beginning of our relationship. That's what made it no longer friends and it got romantic," she remembered in an interview with Billboard. The celebrity couple tied the knot in 2011 and have since welcomed three children: Camden, Brooklyn, and Phoenix. As Nick Lachey told The List in an exclusive interview, the family put down roots in Hawaii after Vanessa landed her "NCIS: Hawaii" role in 2021. Since then, they've enjoyed plenty of quality time by the pool. Here's what else we know about the Lachey's three kids.

Camden Lachey has a lot in common with his dad

Camden, the oldest of the Lachey children, was born in September 2012. He'll always hold a special place in his dad's heart. In 2022, Nick Lachey celebrated his son's birthday in front of a live crowd. "Almost 10 years ago, the most amazing thing happened to me. I had a son," the singer announced in front of cheering fans, adding, "Guys, help me out and sing 'Happy Birthday' to Camden." The "Perfect Match" host also wrote a touching birthday tribute to his firstborn on Instagram: "You are the most special, resilient, curious, unique, talented, handsome, perfect human being in the world. There is truly no one like you," he shared.

As Nick proudly told People, Camden also shares his love of music. "You never want to force your kids to do what you do, but it's nice when they naturally gravitate to the same passions that you have," he said. Who knows, maybe we'll see Camden and his younger brother Phoenix in a boyband years down the line! When he's not exploring his musical side, you can probably find Camden cheering on the Cincinnati Bengals alongside his famous father — he also likes to play flag football. "Great football Sunday!!" Nick wrote on Instagram in December 2022, sharing a selfie with his lookalike son. "#Bengals beat the Chiefs and Cam scores 4 TDs in a playoff [doubleheader] to head to the flag football championship game," he proudly added.

Brooklyn Lachey is a Taylor Swift Fan

In 2015, Nick and Vanessa Lachey welcomed their only daughter, Brooklyn. She regularly appears on her parents' social media pages, and Vanessa even posted a montage of special moments with her daughter on Instagram. They can be seen chatting over breakfast, dancing while watching "13 Going on 30," and relaxing outside on a trip to the North Shore. "I wished and prayed for all my babies, but there is something special that happened to me when I had her. Brooklyn is truly a magical little girl and try and soak up as much time [as] I can ... " wrote the "Love is Blind" host. According to Vanessa's Instagram, Brooklyn also likes to match outfits. "She's super intuitive, very smart and very sweet," the mom of three told People in 2022.

What's more, the middle child is a big fan of horses (she had a horse-themed seventh birthday party). She also likes Taylor Swift. In 2023, Brooklyn attended the sold-out Eras Tour with her mom (per Instagram). Nick Lachey, meanwhile, applauded his daughter's love for her family, others, and animals in a post celebrating her eighth birthday. "You have so much to give and trust me, the world needs it!" he wrote.

Phoenix Lachey was born on Christmas Eve

Phoenix Lachey was born 10 weeks premature on Christmas Eve in December 2016. As Vanessa recounted on Instagram, her youngest son likes to say he came early on purpose so as not to miss Christmas. "Every year, we do all the things and it warms my heart (his too!) One of our favorite family traditions is a gingerbread house we have every year. The night of his birthday he's allowed to eat it!" she shared with followers. Besides his lifelong interest in gingerbread houses, Phoenix also likes performing karaoke with his older brother. In a September 2022 video that's sure to haunt the boys well into high school, Camden and Phoenix can be seen singing and dancing along to "The Final Countdown."

According to Nick Lachey, his son Phoenix is "always the life of the party." As the 98 Degrees singer wrote on his social media, there's "Never a dull moment [with Phoenix], even the way he came into the world 10 weeks early! His love for life is as undeniable as our love for him."

Although it's unclear whether the Lachey kids have seen "Love is Blind" or "The Ultimatum," Nick says they're all big fans of his appearance on "The Masked Singer." Still, they'll sometimes ask him to stop singing around the house (via "The Ellen Show"). According to Vanessa, her husband likes to defend himself by saying, "My singing put a roof over your head."