Brooke And Ridge's 5 Best The Bold And The Beautiful Weddings

If there's one couple from daytime soap operas who loves getting hitched, it's Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Brooke has been married a record amount of times on "The Bold and the Beautiful," most of those times to Ridge. The two met soon after her start on the soap in 1987 when Ridge was involved with Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson). They have been on-again-off-again for years, with Ridge straying back to his other love, Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen), occasionally — but he always manages to make it back to Brooke.

Brooke and Ridge have had a total of 11 weddings, although only seven of those have actually resulted in legal marriages. There have been beach nuptials, destination weddings, courthouse ceremonies, and living room fairytales; there has also been deception, heartbreak, and more than one wedding crasher. For better or worse, these are Brooke and Ridge's five best weddings — so far!

Ridge and Brooke first got married in 1994

Brooke and Ridge's first wedding in 1994 was one of the most iconic on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Even though Ridge had been married to Taylor Hayes until then, she had left on a trip to the Middle East and was presumed dead in a plane crash. So, naturally, Ridge moved on with Brooke, and they planned to marry.

They were wed at Point Dume on the beach, complete with over-the-top music and Brooke riding to the ceremony on horseback. Their family and friends attended, as it was a big and happy occasion. Ridge and Brooke visited Morocco on their honeymoon, where they met Prince Omar Rashid at his palace. Conveniently, he had kidnapped Taylor prior to the plane crash she supposedly died in and was keeping her at his palace. Taylor threw a wrench in Brooke and Ridge's relationship when she returned to Los Angeles alive and well. Thankfully, Ridge divorced Taylor and stuck by Brooke.

Their marriage in 2003 didn't go as planned

Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester planned to marry again in 2003 at the Forrester mansion. But as Brooke walked down the aisle, she stopped the wedding and told Ridge she couldn't go through with it. She later explained that she wouldn't marry Ridge when she knew he and her daughter, Bridget Forrester (then Jennifer Finnegan), still had unresolved feelings for each other. Ridge found closure with Bridget and returned to Brooke, begging for another chance.

The couple traveled to an island in South America for their wedding, and it seemed like a romantic getaway as they married and the ceremony went off without a hitch. That is, until after the ceremony when Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) kidnapped Ridge. He tried to escape but tumbled into a furnace and was presumed dead. He returned to town alive to find that Brooke had slept with Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) and became pregnant, unsure who was the child's father. Not quite the fairytale they had hoped for.

Stephanie finally approved of Brooke in 2012

The couple walked down the aisle in the Forrester mansion again in 2012, but it was a happy family affair this time. Brooke's daughter Hope (then Kimberly Matula) was her maid of honor, and Ridge's son Thomas (then Adam Gregory) was his best man. After years of fighting back and forth, Ridge's mom, Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), and Brooke finally made peace, ending their infamous feud. In an attempt to mend fences, Brooke allowed Stephanie to plan the wedding.

Despite their history, Stephanie blessed the marriage and fully supported Brooke and Ridge's relationship — it only took her until the seventh wedding to approve. The ceremony had no problems; however, the honeymoon didn't go quite as planned. Ridge discovered that Brooke had gone behind his back and contacted Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) to keep him away from their daughter, Hope. They returned to Los Angeles separately, starting their marriage on the wrong foot.

Their ceremony in 2014 was delayed for years

Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester's (now Thorsten Kaye) eighth wedding in 2014 was filled with drama from start to finish. Again, they held the ceremony at the Forrester Mansion, and this time, Brooke's maid of honor was her sister, Katie Logan (Heather Tom). This was another of their weddings that didn't end in holy matrimony. During the ceremony, Katie passed out and went to the hospital, delaying Brooke and Ridge's nuptials. Even though it seemed Katie was having a real health emergency, she faked the whole situation to stop the wedding since she was in love with Ridge — who still harbored feelings for her, too.

Brooke and Ridge split when he reunited with Katie, and Brooke planned to marry Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). However, Ridge crashed Bill and Brooke's wedding, only to fall out of a helicopter and go missing. He returned to town with amnesia and moved on from Katie with Caroline Spencer II (Linsey Godfrey).

Brooke and Ridge finally tied the knot (again) in 2018

Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester finally reunited for their 11th wedding in 2018, holding yet another ceremony at the Forrester Mansion with Katie Logan as Brooke's maid of honor. This time, there was no fainting and no delay; everything about the wedding was perfect. Even though Stephanie Forrester had passed away by then, her portrait sat on the mantel at the mansion, seemingly blessing their relationship and marriage. However, Brooke and Ridge separated when the drama between their children grew to a boiling point.

The two have been up and down since they met back in 1987, but what keeps them going is their love for one another. No matter how many times they think it's over, they always manage to find a way back to each other. Here's hoping their next wedding is the one that sticks. Although, on a soap opera, one can never say for certain.