How Many Times Has Brooke Logan Been Married On The Bold And The Beautiful?

If there's ever a soap character who loves donning white while holding a fresh bouquet of flowers, it's Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Getting married is just something she does, and has even married some men multiple times, especially if they are Forrester men. Brooke loves to claim the love of her life is Ridge Forrester (played by both Ronn Moss and Thorsten Kaye), according to Soaps In Depth. After all they have walked down the aisle to wed a whopping 11 times but only managed to legally marry seven times (via 

Ridge wasn't the only Forrester Brooke married, and she married men who weren't Forresters as well. She spread her wings a bit for a few of her marriages, but always managed to keep it in the family somehow. As of this writing, Brooke has been married to Ridge for about four years now, but they are once again on the rocks and any number of ex-husbands can show up to pick up the pieces of her broken life.

Brooke just loves marrying Ridge on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

Brooke Logan has had a thing for Ridge Forrester since "The Bold and the Beautiful" premiered 35 years ago, but they didn't make it to the altar the first time until 1994. Problems got in the way and the pair divorced. However, they married again in 1998, 2003, and yet again in 2004. In 2012, they said "I do" for the fifth time, and in 2018, they gave it one more shot, according to In 2020, they threw a wedding to celebrate reuniting after a bit of a falling out over Ridge's son, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), according to Soaps In Depth.

Of course, there were those weddings that never resulted in a marriage. They took place in 2003 when Brooke stopped the ceremony because she thought Ridge had feelings for her grown daughter, Bridget (then played by Jennifer Finnegan), who Ridge once believed was his daughter too. In 2006, Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) interrupted the wedding. In 2009, they managed to take their vows but a clerical error made the marriage invalid. In 2014, Brooke believed that Ridge had feelings for her sister, Katie (Heather Tom), and played runaway bride once again.

Brooke married Eric Forrester twice

Although she loved Ridge since the moment she first saw him, Brooke was crushed when he chose to marry Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson) instead of her and sought comfort from Ridge's father, Eric Forrester (John McCook) (via Soaps In Depth). The two fell in love and when Brooke became pregnant and gave birth to his son, he divorced his longtime wife, Stephanie, for Brooke and married her in a lavish outdoor ceremony. Ultimately, Brooke and Eric couldn't make it work because of her feelings for Ridge, but Brooke got two now-grown children out of her marriage to Eric, Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) and Bridget Forrester (played by Jennifer Finnegan and Ashley Jones), according to

Years later, Brooke and Eric impulsively eloped to Las Vegas in 2005 and decided they would run Forrester Creations together. However, Brooke and Eric realized they are much better friends than they are husband and wife and ended their second marriage.

Brooke married two of Ridge's brothers

According to Soap Dirt, Brooke briefly wed Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon), but that marriage was annulled in the end. Years and years later, Thorne (then played by Ingo Rademacher) kept it in the family by marrying Brooke's sister, Katie.

Later, Brooke truly fell for Ridge's other half-brother, Nick Marone. Along the way, Ridge learned that Massimo Marone (Joseph Mascolo), Nick's father, was also Ridge's father, although Ridge will always think of himself as a Forrester (via Soaps In Depth). Brooke married Nick and they thought they were going to make a real go of it at one time, but of course, it didn't work out because Brooke always thought of Ridge.

When Brooke recently dreamed of all the men in her life, she imagined that Thorne and Nick came into her living room so they could talk about their lives together and what went wrong (via Soap Hub). The answer was essentially the same — Ridge.

Brooke also managed to marry two men who were not related to Ridge when she said "I do" to Whipple Jones (Rick Hearst) and Grant Chambers (Charles Grant), according to Soap Dirt.

Brooke married her sister's ex-husband

At one point, Brooke did all she could to deny her attraction to Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), her sister Katie's husband. However, when Katie was suffering from postpartum depression, she encouraged the two to get together after thinking she would die from her heart condition, according to Soaps in Depth. By the time she changed her mind, Brooke and Bill were having a full blown affair. This resulted in Bill and Katie's divorce.

Still, Brooke couldn't get her mind off Ridge and took Bill as a consolation prize when she mistakenly believed Ridge had rejected her. So, Brooke married Bill and tried to make it work, but Bill still loved Katie and Brooke will forever be obsessed with Ridge (via Soaps In Depth). Therefore, this was just one more failed marriage for Brooke. Of course, that didn't mean Brooke and Bill didn't accidentally kiss one night back in 2020 while she was married to Ridge (via

Where Brooke stands today

The year 2022 began with a drunk Brooke kissing Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), the man who was once married to her daughter Bridget and is the father of her other daughter, Hope (Annika Noelle). After Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) had switched the labels on bottles of sparkling cider and real champagne and with Ridge out of town, one thing led to another and Brooke and Deacon shared a passionate kiss together (via Soaps In Depth).

When Ridge learned what happened and how Brooke covered it up for months, he walked out on her and straight to his ex-wife, Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen), the other woman Ridge has married multiple times (via Soaps In Depth). Like Brooke, Ridge can never seem to make up his own mind of who he wants. With Ridge and Taylor's daughter, Steffy Forrester, now comatose after Sheila shot her, according to, will Brooke be the woman to comfort Ridge or will it be Taylor in the end? You never really know what's going to happen next on "The Bold and the Beautiful."