Joshua Jackson & Jodie Turner-Smith's Age Gap Is Bigger Than We Thought

Sadly, another one of Hollywood's most adored couples, Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith, recently announced their separation. On October 2, 2023, Turner-Smith was the one to file the paperwork requesting a divorce from her husband, to whom she had been wed for almost four years. Jackson and Turner-Smith were elated to have their daughter join the family in April 2020. Since then, the couple has seemed pretty happy, appearing together at events like New York Fashion Week.

However, sources now report that not everything has been as joyous as it seemed. Furthermore, they detail how divorce has been something at least one-half of the couple, Turner-Smith, has been mulling over for some time. In the paperwork filings, she reportedly stated that they faced "irreconcilable differences" and that they had decided to go their separate ways on September 13.

It's never really clear what "irreconcilable differences" may mean for a couple, especially in Hollywood where many celebs try to keep their proceedings hush-hush. In light of their pending divorce, we decided to take a walk down Jackson-Turner-Smith memory lane, and we were shocked to recall that the pair's age gap was much bigger than we remembered.

How many years separate Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith?

Age is just a number; granted, it's a super hard one to pin down with celebrities these days. Thanks to the miracles of retinoids, it can be tricky to deduce just how old someone is. Jodie Turner-Smith, a flawless goddess, always looks incredible. Her possibly soon-to-be ex-husband Joshua Jackson isn't as youthful as he was on his "Dawson's Creek" days, but he doesn't look almost a decade Turner-Smith's senior! That's right, Jackson is eight years older than the British model.

Get ready for another shock, because Turner-Smith was born in 1986. We'll let you do the math, but the actor in no way looks her age. Jackson was welcomed to the world in 1978, in a whole different decade than his former spouse. To illuminate the gap a bit more, consider Jackson's role in "Dawson's Creek."

When the pilot premiered in 1998, Jackson was cast as 15-year-old high school student Pacey Witter, even though he was really 20 at the time. When it aired on television, it is possible that Turner-Smith's parents may have deemed the content too mature for her, as she was only 12. But age wasn't as important as compatibility by the time they met in 2018 at 40 and 32, and compatibility is something they seemed to have for nearly half a decade.

Could the age gap have factored into their divorce?

There are no obvious connections between the almost 10-year age gap between Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith and the reasons given for divorce. The couple hasn't officially divulged what broke them apart (and they likely won't), but sources close to the acting duo are reportedly dropping hints.

According to Entertainment Tonight, "Jodie and Joshua's hectic work schedules started to weigh on their relationship starting over a year ago when they were both filming projects and not always in the same place." Though they didn't let the public see that the truth of their relationship was they were falling out of love with each other, it was apparently happening behind closed doors. Sadly, one person close to the couple stated Jackson might not have caught on that the rift between them was growing so large, with a source telling Us Weekly, "They had their issues, as many couples do — especially two busy actors who are also juggling a child. Joshua obviously didn't realize it was this bad, that Jodie was this unhappy."

We're saddened to see another iconic Hollywood part ways. Though the couple didn't have as large an age gap as others, like Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige, for instance, they were proof that age is truly just a number when it comes to love. Hopefully, the pair can keep things amicable for their daughter as they figure out their new relationship roles.