The Truth About Joshua Jackson And Jodie Turner-Smith's Relationship

Keeping things low-key, Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith have reportedly been in a relationship since 2018, when they were first spotted together at Usher's 40th birthday party. Though early on the pair continued to keep their romance relatively private, they also weren't exactly trying to hide it either; the two were occasionally seen out and about as their relationship continued to develop. By late 2019, it was confirmed that they had gotten married and soon after the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child.

While preparing for their new arrival, Jackson and Turner-Smith often shared parts of their parenthood journey on social media, offering their fans glimpses into the special time in their lives. Though years have passed since Jackson and Turner-Smith first connected, the "Queen & Slim" actor has made it clear that the two still make the time to appreciate their partnership and celebrate choosing each other. Turner-Smith once told Net-A-Porter that time has only served to strengthen the couple's romance. With a love story worthy of melting even the coldest heart, fans of the stars are dying to know more of the details about Jackson and Turner-Smith's ultra-sweet relationship.

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson met at a party

While chatting on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" in 2021, Jodie Turner-Smith revealed how she initially met Joshua Jackson, providing plenty of details about the pair's real-life meet-cute that sound like gems straight out of one of your favorite rom-coms. The "Nightflyers" star stated that from the moment she spotted Jackson, she was attracted to her soon-to-be partner right from the start. However, she ultimately decided to play coy after Jackson noticed her. "I just pretended like I didn't see him," she remarked, adding that Jackson was calling out to get her attention. The shirt she happened to be wearing inspired him to make a "Sorry to Bother You" reference, and the two ended up hanging out for the rest of the event. "I shouted, 'Detroit!' across the room," Jackson recalled to Mr. Porter. "Not the smoothest thing I've ever done, but it worked."

Turner-Smith also revealed to Meyers that the couple's initial meet-up was never supposed to turn into anything serious, with her stating that they didn't plan on anything beyond a one-off. "We're in a two, three-year one-night stand now," she added. In regards to the early days of their romance, Turner-Smith also admitted that in the aftermath of a birthday party at Jackson's home, one of her friends stole his "Late Night with Seth Meyers" t-shirt, prompting her to request a replacement to bring back home to her husband.

Their relationship developed out of the public eye

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson weren't initially very open about their relationship, but they also weren't going to extreme lengths to hide it. While Us Weekly reported that the actors were spotted in public holding hands in November of 2018, a source also told the entertainment outlet that the pair had reportedly attended Usher's 40th birthday bash just a month prior and were clearly together. "They were all over each other," the insider alleged, adding that Jackson and Turner-Smith were "super smitten and gazing into each other's eyes as they danced together their whole night."

The following year in August of 2019, Turner-Smith shared a sweet image of her and Jackson gazing at one another, captioning the cute photo, "two people who only fancy each other a bit." If the heartfelt post didn't already make it clear that Turner-Smith and Jackson's romance still had plenty of heat, the Daily Mail reported in September of 2019 that there were rumors that the couple was planning to wed. The news source added that Turner-Smith had recently shared another look at her and Jackson's love life with a clip of the pair lying in bed. "He's smiling in his sleep tho," she captioned the video.

Their red carpet debut sparked speculation

By the time they made it red carpet official, it was already clear that Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith were in a relationship. Notably, Turner-Smith directly confirmed that she and the "Dr. Death" actor were together in July 2019. Per W magazine, when Bossip posed a NSFW question about whether or not they were an item, she tweeted, "Yes. the answer is yes." Later that year, People reported that their red carpet debut at the Los Angeles premiere of "Queen & Slim" only managed to fuel the circulating rumors that the couple was possibly already married.

While the entertainment source noted Jackson and Turner-Smith's chic Gucci ensembles, they added that it was their rings that left plenty of onlookers speechless and furthering the possibility the pair had already tied the knot. Jackson wore a three-band gold ring on his wedding finger, while Turner-Smith rocked a stunning diamond ring accented with diamonds on her ring finger. Similarly, the write-up also mentioned that the Daily Mail had previously reported that Jackson and Turner-Smith had appeared to have picked up a marriage license in Beverly Hills. However, at the time, neither of the stars confirmed anything beyond that they were, very clearly, a happy couple.

They secretly got married in 2019

After plenty of speculation, a source confirmed to Us Weekly what had already been strongly suspected, that Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith had privately gotten married. The insider's report was given only a month after the couple's red carpet debut. In addition to revealing the pair's personal affairs, the source remarked on the couple's close bond, telling the outlet that Jackson couldn't be prouder of his other half. With the new information, the Daily Mail's previous mention of Jackson and Turner-Smith supposedly going to get a marriage license in early August of 2019 appeared to be true.

While the couple themselves didn't make a public confirmation at the time, in a February 2020 interview with the Sunday Times, Turner-Smith strongly hinted that the rumors were accurate, saying, "I haven't said to anybody, 'Yeah we got married." The model added, "People are assuming whatever they want, but when people tell me 'Congratulations,' I say, 'Thank you.'" In addition to touching on speculation about her marriage, the star also spoke of the prejudice she faced as a result of being in a relationship with Jackson. "There was this wave of people who were upset that I was possibly married to a white man," she shared.

They had a double proposal

While appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Joshua Jackson spoke about his relationship with his wife, revealing that Jodie Turner-Smith asked him to marry her on New Years' Eve while the pair were in Nicaragua. "It was very beautiful, incredibly romantic, we were walking down the beach, and she asked me to marry her," Jackson stated. The actor went on to hold up his wedding band and say, "This is the best choice I ever made." Still, despite the seemingly sweet engagement story, many people were surprised that Turner-Smith was the one who proposed, and in a later interview with Refinery29, Jackson chose to clarify his initial statement.

After thanking the outlet for allowing him to shed light on the event, Jackson admitted that his original report had a negative impact on Turner-Smith. The actor went on to say that though things did happen the way he told it after he said yes, Jackson then asked Turner-Smith to give him the chance to have a traditional proposal as well. The "Fringe" star added that he'd wanted the opportunity to ask both her father and step-father about their union as well as getting the chance to get down on one knee. Additionally, Jackson also addressed the negative backlash received by Turner-Smith by stating, "[F]or anybody who is freaked out by a woman claiming her own space, shut the f*** up." He added that he was appalled by some of the messages sent to his significant other.

The couple welcomed a baby girl in 2020

In early 2020, Jodie Turner-Smith was spotted out and about with a baby bump, making it clear that a new arrival was on the way for the happy couple. Soon after, People confirmed that Turner-Smith and her partner Joshua Jackson were expecting a baby girl, noting that the actor made the reveal on one of her Instagram stories. While the entertainment source shared the images from Turner-Smith's social media, the write-up also stated that before the confirmation, the British actor had previously referred to her unborn baby as she on "The Graham Norton Show."

Later, towards the end of her pregnancy, Turner-Smith shared an Instagram pic of herself posing nude, offering a reflective caption of her journey so far. "A fantastic voyage that begins in wonder and transformation," she wrote, also adding, "I will never forget how this felt and now won't soon forget how it looked." Then, in late April of 2020, People announced that reps for the actors had confirmed that Turner-Smith had given birth to the couple's baby girl, with the rep stating, "Both mother and baby are happy and healthy." According to JustJared, a print version of Turner-Smith's October 2020 Vogue interview revealed the newborn's name to be Janie.

They chose home birth for an important reason

After the birth of their daughter, Janie, Joshua Jackson revealed why he and Jodie Turner-Smith decided to have a home birth during an interview with Esquire. "The American medical system has a horrendous track record with Black women," said "The Mighty Ducks" actor. "She wanted to be in a place where she was as comfortable as possible, understandably." And so the birth took place at their home. Additionally, the outlet noted that at the time, due to the pandemic, some hospitals weren't allowing partners to accompany the woman giving birth, which, as a reflection of their choice, wasn't an issue for Jackson and Turner-Smith.

Similarly, in her Vogue essay, the British actor reflected on her journey to motherhood, recalling each stage of her pregnancy and mentioning the challenges that came along with each trimester, saying that it was also a learning experience. Turner-Smith also expressed that throughout the process, Jackson was always there for her. "It made me realise how lucky and privileged I am to have a partner willing to follow me around the world, supporting me while I did my job," she stated. Turner-Smith also voiced the statistics for Black women who face birthing complications, reaffirming that the risk of pregnancy-related death was enough to affect the couple's decision to have a home birth. According to the model, she was in labor for several days before giving birth to her daughter at her home in Los Angeles.

The Bahamas are 'really special' to the couple

Fans of Jodie Turner-Smith and her husband Joshua Jackson love it when the pair opens up and shares some of the intimate details about their relationship, and Turner-Smith's interview with AnOther definitely didn't disappoint. While chatting with the magazine, the "After Yang" star discussed everything from her films to how being a dark-skinned Black woman impacts her work and everyday life. When the topic of her stay in the Bahamas came up, Turner-Smith stated that her location was partially related to her role as a Bahamian in "Bad Monkey" but added that the place holds another special significance for her as well.

"The Bahamas have a really special history for me and Josh, because this was the first place we came together," said Turner-Smith. She then went on to clarify that her and Jackson's trip to the sovereign country was truly special because, as their first vacation, it was an indication that the pair were becoming serious as a couple. She stated that Jackson also rented a boat and that the two went on a tour of the Exumas, adding, "And when we were on this boat ride, the captain kept saying, you guys are going to make a baby out here and you're going to call it Exuma." Additionally, Turner-Smith said that this time, when she and Jackson returned to the Bahamas with their daughter, they went right to the Exumas.

The pair loves parenting

Since the arrival of their little one, Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith can't stop gushing about how much they're enjoying their experience with parenthood. While speaking with ET in 2021, Jackson reflected on his marriage and all of the changes that have occurred since the birth of his daughter. "There is nothing that is not better off than being married to her and having that baby. It's everything," said "The Affair" actor. Similarly, in a 2021 interview with Mr. Porter, Jackson stated that being a father changed his priorities for the better, noting that "my family has to be the central focus" for him to be satisfied.

That same year, Turner-Smith shared a heartfelt Instagram post on Thanksgiving, showing the world a small peek of her daughter's tiny feet. "I'm most thankful for you," she captioned the image. Regarding their balance between public and private life, People noted that despite the actors' desire not to share images of their daughter's face, both are very open when it comes to speaking about the positives of parenthood and complimenting each other's parenting abilities. "He's an amazing partner and an amazing dad," Turner-Smith told People. Most recently, while chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Jackson proudly stated that his daughter had begun talking. When asked about her potentially following her parents into the entertainment business, Jackson said, "[Being an] actress is gonna be too small for her," adding, "she's gonna rule the world."

Jodie Turner-Smith is Joshua Jackson's biggest fan

When it comes to celebrity crushes, sometimes stars really are just like us. In a 2020 write-up, Jodie Turner-Smith told W magazine that Pacey Witter from "Dawson's Creek" was her first teen crush. On a similar note, Bustle recounted that when the original "Dawson's Creek" theme song "I Don't Want To Wait" came on when they were at a Home Depot in February 2020, Turner-Smith was ready to revive her love for the teen drama and lip-sync along. The article also shared images from Turner-Smith's Instagram Story where the nostalgic moment was originally captured. "[I] felt ALL THE FEELS," she wrote, additionally hashtagging the clip, "PACEY4EVA."

Still, that's far from the only time Turner-Smith has let her inner fangirl out to shine. In 2021, People reshared snapshots originally provided by Joshua Jackson on Instagram Stories that showed The British actor sporting a t-shirt with an image of Pacey's face. The outlet noted that Turner-Smith also shared a photo of herself in the t-shirt while promoting another one of Jackson's shows. "Did you stream #DrDeath yet????" She captioned the pic. Of course, more recently, during an interview with Vanity Fair, Turner-Smith proved she's still her husband's biggest fan. Touching on one of Jackson's upcoming roles for a Paramount + series remake, Turner-Smith didn't hold back any excitement about seeing her husband on screen. "I love to see him do stuff where he can continue to lean into the idea of him as the sex symbol that he is, because he's a sex symbol," she said.

The couple takes the time to reaffirm their love

Though they're still fairly private with certain aspects of their relationship, neither Jodie Turner-Smith nor Joshua Jackson is shy about sharing their love for one another. While chatting with People, Turner-Smith couldn't help but praise her husband and their happy marriage. Revealing to the outlet that the pair had numerous similarities, the "Anne Boleyn" star expressed, "I think it's really beautiful to be with someone who is so supportive and so loving." She went on to state that the couple is very aware of just how lucky they are. "We high five each other all the time about how great we chose," Turner-Smith revealed.

Of course, the pair's affectionate proclamations aren't just limited to their interviews. Both Jackson and Turner-Smith have shared plenty of sweet social media posts about each other. For example, in marking their second Valentine's Day together, Turner-Smith crafted an endearing post on Instagram, expressing her excitement for their future and finishing it off by stating, "love you, baby daddy." Similarly, the "Little Fires Everywhere" star has also given heartfelt statements to mark special moments. These include his birthday tribute to Turner-Smith, which he shared on Instagram, offering an image of his smiling wife and thanking Turner-Smith for all the things she'd brought into his life. Jackson also made sure to celebrate Mother's Day with a post expressing love and thanks to his wife for being an amazing mother to their little girl.