Hairstyles Your Husband Secretly Hates

Asking your husband for his honest opinion on your new hairdo can sometimes lead to awkwardness. If he responds less than enthusiastically or worse, too enthusiastically, does that mean he's lying? Of course, his reaction to your hair may hold some weight, but how you feel about your edgy bob or soft layers is what matters most. After all, the hair is on your head. Still, one can't help but become curious about their partner's secret opinions. As it turns out, there is another way to find out what your husband thinks without actually asking him. That's right, you can avoid the awkward hair conversation altogether. Phew.


Other men — some under the guise of anonymity — have taken the bullet for your husband and finally revealed what hair trends they dislike. So, without further ado, here are the haircuts and styles your husband is probably smart enough to pretend to like.

Messy dos

When Beauty Riot polled 50 random men for their opinions on Sienna Miller's bright blonde, straight, and messy do, the guys didn't hold back. On a scale from one to 10, the men rated the hairstyle as having a three in sex appeal. While one man appreciated the star's straight hair, another revealed that it looked "a little 'unkempt' or slept on, 'fried' from coloring maybe." Another chimed in, saying, "Hey lady, here's five bucks, go buy a brush, will ya?" Hardy har har. 


Although unfussy, messy layers are expected to be on trend in 2019, men have difficulty coming to terms with the tousled look. According to a survey by Pantene, 70 percent of men said women "should put more effort/time into making their hair look nice." Additionally, while only a little over a third of the men surveyed said they'd be able to spot a partner's zit, 66 percent said they'd notice a bad hair day. "Bad hair," it seems, is open for interpretation.

All the ponytails

Men apparently have some strong feelings about ponytails. Steve Ward, a professional matchmaker and former host of the VH1 show Tough Love, told StyleCaster that slicked-back ponies — à la Ariana Grande — "make you look like you are making a power play." According to him, this could cause your man to feel threatened. So, in line with Ward's logic, a loose ponytail must make you appear approachable, right? Not exactly. Ward revealed that a loose ponytail sends a message that you "can't be bothered" with doing your hair.


Pantene's research conveyed just how much men care about neat hair. If time only allowed for their partner to either style her hair or apply her makeup, a whopping 80 percent of the men said they'd prefer hair to be the focus. While women may live by the "messy hair, don't care" philosophy, it seems their husbands are very much in the "messy hair, do care" camp.

The pixie

When asked for their opinions on another popular Sienna Miller do — the pixie — men rated the style as definitively meh. While one man told Beauty Riot that the hairstyle was "a waste," another could appreciate the positives of the do. "It looks low maintenance and ready for anything — a night out or a day in," he explained. "It says she would look good in a dress or a pair of jeans in the mountains." Of course, there was the one bro who added: "You accidentally got a picture of Aaron Carter in your survey on women's haircuts."


Even if your partner happens to be one of the ones who doesn't much like the severely short cut, there's no denying just how cool these cuts are. Throughout 2019, the modern style is expected to become even more popular and widely requested at salons across the country. Sorry, not sorry, hubs.

Straight-across bangs

With women like Zooey Deschanel and Jameela Jamil proving just how amazing bangs can be, it's hard to imagine that your husband could have something against the forehead fringe. Nevertheless, it's possible — and likely. Professional matchmaker Steve Ward told StyleCaster his opinion on the hairstyle, saying, "I hate the bangs. They make you look like a 6-year-old kid who took her own childproof scissors and chopped it." Ward continued, calling the look "so plain and boring looking." Ouch. As it happens, though, Ward isn't the only guy who feels this way about bangs.


Self gathered up a panel of men and asked them for their opinions on the popular look. While the guys were fans of side-swept bangs, the reactions they had to blunt bangs were very much the same as Ward's. "Straight-across bangs make you look either too cutesy or too serious," one man remarked. Hmph. Nevertheless, if you like bangs, by all means, get bangs!

Shaggy layers

While you probably couldn't get enough of the shaggy bob in 2018, your husband likely wasn't the biggest fan of this hairstyle. It's hard to believe, we know, but when men were surveyed by Beauty Riot about the popular look, they revealed their true feelings. "Dirty, oily, weirdly cut," one man told the site. Although one guy thought the cut was "sexy, edgy" and another found it "fashionable, versatile, [and] confident," it only ranked a four out of 10 in the "sexiness" factor.


Well, we're sorry to break it you fellas, but shaggy layers are probably not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the shaggy style is going to be combined with another contested look: bangs. That's right. According to what hairstylist Sharon Ramcharitar told The List, shaggy bangs are going to be a solid look in 2019. Who knows? Maybe your husband will even have a change of heart about the shag.

Hair extensions

As you well know, quality hair extensions are expensive and time-consuming. But, if you want long luscious locks, this is a great way to do it. However, if you were able to read your husband's thoughts about your hair extensions, his opinion is not likely to match yours. One man named Robert admitted to Yahoo! News: "I don't like extensions because when you put your hands in her hair you can feel all the lumps. It might be good to look at but not to touch."


Likewise, when Cosmopolitan polled men for their opinions of hair extensions, many of them shared Robert's sentiments. "Not really into it," one man admitted to Cosmo's Jessie Cantrell. "If your extension is showing, then that's too much," another man added. It is true, though, that some men wouldn't mind. In fact, some admitted that they probably wouldn't even be able to tell if a woman's hair was enhanced with extensions.

Half-up, half-down dos

There's no shortage of fun ways to try out a half-up, half-down style. From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's half-down messy tendrils to Poppy Delevingne's fishtail-braided half-updo, you can easily add all kinds of flair to the simple style without needing to try out a new haircut. Although you may be a big fan of the hairstyle, this is definitely a look that confuses men.


Professional matchmaker and former host of Tough Love Steve Ward revealed to StyleCaster, "This is an attempt to try to do something cool with her hair, but it's a half-hearted effort." He further revealed that the look sends "mixed signals" to your man and said it means that "you care about looking cool, but have no idea how to pull it off." It is hard to imagine a half-up, half-down style causing such a strong reaction — and many women would probably argue that it's really not that deep — but, nevertheless, your hubby may just share Ward's opinion.

Big curls

What does your hubby think when you wear your hair au naturel, aka curly? While one man polled by Beauty Riot said he finds big, curly hair to be "hot, hot, hot," most men disliked the style. "Reminds me too much of the '80s,"  one mystery man declared. "I associate this with King Charles I and Diana Ross," another revealed, "I don't want to make out with them." 


Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger also revealed how her clients feel about the style. "Ok, naturally curly bunch. I like stylish curly/wavy hair, but my millionaire men don't," she tweeted. "So, go buy a flat iron..." Hey, now, if you want to wear your hair sleek and straight, that's your M.O. But your man will just have to deal if you share Elite Daily's curly-haired Laura Argintar's opinion: "I have obnoxiously curly hair and I don't GAF what men think about it."

Short styles

You already know how men feel about pixie haircuts, but how do they feel about slightly longer — yet still short — styles? Well, according to a 2004 study, only medium-length and long hair were shown to have a "significant positive effect on ratings of women's attractiveness." Men also considered women with long hair to be healthier. Before you make any decisions to grow your hair out, though, consider what hairstylist Mario Greigo had to say.


During an interview with The Morning Brew, the stylist did confirm that "a lot of men" prefer women to have long hair and explained that most of his married women clients say that their husbands "like them with longer hair." Nevertheless, that's not the be-all and end-all when it comes to deciding whether or not to grow your hair. "It's up to the person," the stylist revealed. "What makes you feel better as a person" is what's most important.

The Thor

Tom Miller, the male editor of Your Tango, revealed his opinion about the hairstyle he dubbed "The Thor." Essentially, this cut is an unfussy blunt lob. "With the exception to a periodic rinse in the shower, you really don't do anything to this hairdo," Miller explained. However, he considered that to be the only positive aspect of having the hairstyle. It seems "The Thor" is yet another style that is just too unkempt-looking to win any favor from the men in our lives.


Miller admitted, though, that if he's learned anything through his work it's that "literally no woman ever has wondered what [he] thought of her hair." Still, who knew our husbands thought our air-dried locks looked like Thor's golden mane? And yes, we know that isn't supposed to be a compliment, but you have to admit it's kind of cool to have superhero hair. Or, better yet, Chris Hemsworth hair.