Princess Charlotte Has A Fun Hobby In Common With Late Grandmother Princess Diana

Even though William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales are trying to raise their three children as normally as possible, they're definitely going to continue to be in the spotlight as they grow up. And Princess Charlotte has had a number of public moments that will melt your heart. And as she gets older, she's been able to attend more and more major monarchy events. Charlotte had a twinning moment with her mom at the coronation of King Charles III, and Charlotte wore a special brooch as a touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at her funeral.

Charlotte's also been spotted attending the ballet with her mom on a couple of occasions. For example, she got to see "Cinderella" on the weekend before her eighth birthday and "The Nutcracker" when she was three. Kate has confirmed that Charlotte likes to do more than just watch — she likes to be the one dancing. "My daughter Charlotte likes dancing, she loves ballet and tap," Kate said, per Hello! And Charlotte's love of dance is one that her grandmother Princess Diana had too.

Princess Diana once showcased her talent for dance on stage

Princess Charlotte has loved dancing for years. When Charlotte was just two years old, Prince William noted his daughter was a fan of dancing. William has also confirmed his mother's passion for dance. He talked with the English National Ballet director Tamara Rojo about his mom, saying, "She loved dancing. She was a fantastic dancer" (per Town & Country). Fans of Netflix's "The Crown"' know that Diana was a dance enthusiast. And while the show does have its made-up moments, the scene in Season 4, when Princess Diana took the stage at the Royal Opera House for a choreographed duet performance of "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel, was completely real.

Wayne Sleep was the ballet dancer Diana danced with for the surprise routine and he talked about their memorable performance with The Guardian. "The routine had a bit of everything: jazz, ballet, even a kickline," Sleep said. The professional dancer also explained one of the reasons that Diana enjoyed dancing so much. "She loved the freedom dancing gave her," he shared. "A few days [after the performance] I got a letter. She wrote: 'Now I understand the buzz you get from performing.'" We bet that her granddaughter Princess Charlotte would have loved to see her grandmother dance on stage.

Princess Diana was a beloved royal patron of the ballet

Princess Diana has had some celebrity dance partners, including John Travolta at the White House — their dance was famously caught on camera. White House photographer Pete Souza, who captured the image, revealed on Instagram that Diana also took to the dance floor with Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, Neil Diamond, and President Ronald Reagan that night.

Diana was even a longtime patron of the English National Ballet. On the 25th anniversary of Diana's death, the ballet posted a tribute to her on Facebook, reaffirming Diana's passion for dance. Their former artistic director, Derek Deane, shared, "I will never forget the radiant look on her face whilst she watched that first night of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall in 1997, lost in adoration. 'The most beautiful thing I've ever seen', she said." 

Perhaps someday Princess Charlotte will follow in her grandmother's footsteps with the English National Ballet and get the same royal appointment or get invited to the White House to dance with Hollywood celebs. But in the meantime and most of all, we hope that Charlotte gets the same joy from dancing that Diana got from it. Diana's "Uptown Girl" partner wasn't the only one who saw how much dancing meant to Diana. In the documentary, "Diana: In Her Own Words," her private ballet instructor, Anne Allan, noted that Diana, "had dance in her soul. [...] She loved the freeness of being able to move and dance" (per PopSugar).