Hallmark Star Alison Sweeney's Kids Are Growing Up To Look Just Like Mom

Alison Sweeney might be best known for being a Hallmark Channel favorite, but at home, she's a devoted mom of two kids. Family life is a number one priority for the actor, which is why she ultimately left "Days of Our Lives," the soap opera that propelled her to stardom in the '90s.

In a candid interview with Closer Weekly, Sweeney emphasized the significance of her role as a mother, expressing joy in witnessing her children's individual growth. When asked to describe herself as a parent using only three words in a talk with Good Housekeeping, Sweeney opted for "firm," "loving," and "funny."

Together with her husband, David Sanov, Sweeney is a parent to Benjamin Sanov, born in 2005, and Megan Sanov, welcomed four years later. Sweeney frequently shares sweet moments her family spends together on her Instagram account, proving that Benjamin and Megan are growing up to look just like their mom.

Alison Sweeney's doppelgänger daughter likes Taylor Swift and horse riding

Alison Sweeney's social media updates reveal that her daughter, Megan Sanov, has a penchant for spending time outdoors. In an Instagram post, Sweeney shared a snapshot of the duo smiling amid trees during a hiking trip, with the caption spilling the beans that Megan enjoys talking about Taylor Swift.

In an interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine, Sweeney revealed that the two often go horseback riding over the weekends, which seems to be more than just a pastime for Megan. To mark National Daughter's Day, Sweeney took to Instagram to share a beaming picture featuring Megan in full riding gear atop a horse, capturing her love for the activity. Enthusiastic fans flooded the comment section, emphasizing the uncanny resemblance between mother and daughter. A user remarked, "If that doesn't look like you!" while others mistook Megan for a younger Sweeney. Another comment stated, "She is your twin."

Although Megan's social media accounts aren't public, Sweeney posts enough pics of her for us to know that Megan is the spitting image of her famous mom. They may be lookalikes, but Sweeney remains skeptical about Megan pursuing acting — at least for the present. In her interview with Closer Weekly, Sweeney noted that Megan frequently discusses her mother's career field and that she thinks she may have an interest in acting but that she hasn't actively pursued it yet. "We'll have to see," Sweeney said of her kids' plans for the future.

Benjamin is following in his mom's footsteps

Alison Sweeney doesn't reserve her sweet social media tributes solely for her daughter; her son, Benjamin Sanov, also takes the spotlight on her Instagram. The proud mom celebrated Benjamin's debut stage performance in May 2023 with a post, raving about his lead role in a production of "Macbeth" at his school. "He nailed it," she captioned the snap. While he doesn't resemble his mom as much as Megan does, he's still clearly Sweeney's son, sharing her trademark flaxen hair and megawatt smile. It appears Benjamin shares his mother's passion for the entertainment industry, too.

In a conversation with People, Sweeney revealed that Benjamin worked on the set of her Hallmark movie, "A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery." While not gracing the screen, he took on various roles, including assisting the crew. Sweeney couldn't contain her pride as she spoke about her son's strong work ethic, highlighting her joy in witnessing him delve into what he found interesting. The Hallmark star stated, "With every experience, I hope my kids take away more confidence in themselves to thrive in any dynamic."

Benjamin shared insights into his learning experience in the interview as well, expressing a particular interest in camera work. "While it was sometimes nerve-wracking, I would love to work on another film set," he concluded.