Inside Hallmark Star Torrey DeVitto's Relationship With Jared LaPine

While she's known for her iconic role as Melissa in the series "Pretty Little Liars" and in "Chicago Med" as Dr. Natalie Manning, Torrey DeVitto has also made a name for herself on the Hallmark channel. Since 2014, the celeb has appeared in quite a few Hallmark movies, including "Write Before Christmas," "Rip in Time," and "Love's Greek to Me."

You might be used to seeing the actor fall in love on the TV screen, but she's also no stranger to romance in her personal life. DeVitto has actually been dating Jared LaPine since around March of 2023, with the couple announcing their engagement in September of the same year.

Though he's not an actor himself, LaPine is also involved in the entertainment industry, working as a production assistant on series such as "K.C. Undercover" and "Dog with a Blog," as well as having directing credits on the short films "Welcome Home," "The One that Rolled Away," and "The One that Likes You." Here's a look inside the relationship between Torrey DeVitto and Jared LaPine.

The couple went public on Instagram in June of 2023

Torrey DeVitto and Jared LaPine first went public with their relationship in June of 2023, with each posting affectionate photos to their Instagrams. Early in the month, LaPine shared a photo of him and DeVitto embracing, captioning the snapshot, "Enter Cheesy/Sappy line here." The Hallmark star commented on the post, simply replying, "I love us."

Later in the month, DeVitto took to her own Instagram to share some photos featuring her new beau. "Michigan Poppies and Pride 🧡 #HappiestPlaceOnEarth," the celeb wrote under the snapshots, two of which featured DeVitto and LaPine in a sunny field of poppies.

Though little is known about the beginning of the couple's relationship, Us Weekly reports that they met through DeVitto's cousin and began dating around March of 2023. While they haven't been together long, the two are already prepared to make a lasting commitment to one another, with the duo announcing their engagement in September.

DeVitto and LaPine announced their engagement

In September 2023, Hallmark star Torrey DeVitto announced her engagement to Jared LaPine on Instagram, showing off her new ring and providing some insight into the special moment. "Earlier this month at 5 pm on a weekday while walking the back trails at the farm," she wrote. "Still in my PJs and goat boots, he got down on one knee, in what I hoped wasn't poison ivy, and asked for forever. My answer was obvious."

LaPine shared the same photo to his own Instagram, celebrating his engagement with the caption, "On September 1st, I got engaged to my best friend. Now [I] get to spend every single day as the luckiest man in the world. I love you more than anything and everything @torreydevitto."

A source close to the couple talked to Us Weekly about the engagement, supplying further insight into the duo's relationship milestone. "He proposed at home on her farm in Michigan. It happened over Labor Day weekend," the source shared. "It was a big surprise, even though they had talked about it someday, she didn't know it was happening that week at all." With such a major relationship moment behind them, we can't wait to see what the future has in store for DeVitto and LaPine.