Expert Tells Us Zooey Deschanel And Jonathan Scott's Body Language Cements Them As New 'It Couple'

When stunning actor and singer Zooey Deschanel first started dating "Property Brothers" star Jonathan Scott in 2019, many were surprised by this unlikely Hollywood match. Still, in the time since the pair first got together, they've made it clear that while they may come from different Hollywood backgrounds, they're a picture-perfect pairing. "Our personalities are so compatible. It's just that we're from different worlds," Deschanel told Today

In August 2023, the pair got engaged, demonstrating that they're in it for the long haul. And it seems that this is one celeb couple that really is built to last. In October 2023, the tale of Scott and Deschanel's lasting love was People Magazine's cover story. To anyone who watched the accompanying interview, it was easy to see all the chemistry and joy between these lovebirds. But their body language during their interview wasn't just sweet for their fans to observe. It served as real proof that this couple is a match made in Hollywood heaven. We talked to Jess Ponce III, body language expert, communication coach, and author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.," and he had nothing but good things to say about what may be going on with this couple beneath the surface.

Zoey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott's body language is proof of true love

"Love must be in the cool Autumn air. At least it is for Zoey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott," Jess Ponce III told us. "This was evident in their new interview, in which the two showed us they are definitely head-over-heels in love." Yes –– this famous duo certainly seemed to be enjoying some pre-wedded bliss. But the love between this pair isn't just about appearances. There's a science to it, too. 

According to Ponce, "The two were completely enmeshed and vibing with one another. As for affectionate body language, their physical proximity was off the charts. She was almost sitting on him. His shoulder is behind hers and their arms are parallel as they are holding hands with interlocked fingers." This body language expert explained that these are some seriously good signs. "[They] gave us clear signs [of] connection and intimacy," he says, adding, "Their encouragement of one another is unquestionable. In fact, Scott's second hand also found its way to their interlocked fingers showing us he is both a protector and supporter." A protector and a supporter? Talk about green flags. 

The love is written all over Zoey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott's faces

If Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel's body language isn't enough of a reason to adore this celeb couple just as much as they adore each other, Jess Ponce III says that there's even more to glean from how the bride- and groom-to-be look at each other. "You could also see that special gleam in their eyes as each spoke," Ponce said. He continued, "She looked fondly at him as he answered questions. Likewise, he smiled affectionally her way during her responses. And their attention to one another didn't seem effortful. It came across as natural and sincere." 

It's clear that the feelings are mutual between this pair. Plus, we can only imagine the kind of projects that will be in the talented couple's future if they partner up, not just in life and parenting Deschanel's two children with ex-husband, Jacob Pechenik, but also in work. In the words of Ponce," These two are going to be one of the new it couples to watch!" And, we couldn't agree more.