Real Andrews Remains Positive About Taggert's Uncertain General Hospital Future

Lately, "General Hospital" seems to have put an important storyline on the back burner. Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) learned on the May 31 episode that he wasn't Trina Robinson's (Tabyana Ali) biological father, as he had believed since she was born. Once the DNA test revealed that Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) was actually her dad, Taggert politely excused himself from the conversation, and in an emotional scene that tugged at viewers' hearts, he cried uncontrollably in the hospital elevator. 

"General Hospital" fans don't trust the test results and believe that mobster Selina Wu (Lydia Look) may have altered them for Curtis. Coupled with that, Taggert turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows, and that could jeopardize his chances at the police commissioner job that Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) offered him. However, this all happened quite a while ago, and we haven't seen Taggert since, worrying fans that Andrews was off the show. 

In an October 11 Instagram post, the actor addressed Taggert's MIA status. "Curious about Taggert's return to 'General Hospital'? Wondering when we'll see him back in action? Watch this video to know more," he captioned it. With the original "GH" theme playing in the background while he was driving, Andrews admitted to the fans, whom he calls "Champions," that he's okay with his situation, and likened himself to a utility player in baseball, stating, "You call me up to bat and I'm gonna come up and I'm gonna hit a home run for you." 

The fans want more Marcus Taggert

In "General Hospital" star Réal Andrews' Instagram video, he noted that he doesn't worry about whether he's working or not, explaining, "All I can control is what I can control and that's that. When I am called, I'm ready and I show up with excellence." Without exactly saying it, Andrews referenced Marcus Taggert's emotional scenes in the elevator, describing them as "Stuff I'm very, very proud of." It's truly a remarkable piece of acting with many fans confirming they were touched by his performance. As one commented in response, "I was crying right along with Taggert!" That person was among many who admitted to shedding tears.

Several viewers were distraught that they were left hanging with the police commissioner storyline, as Taggert never gave Jordan Ashford a definitive answer as to whether or not he wanted the job. When fans asked about it, his stock response was, "Stay tuned for more exciting stuff." Andrews' followers also insisted that Selina Wu had tampered with the DNA results and that eventually Taggert would be proven to be Trina Robinson's father. One fan responded to Andrews' video by encapsulating everyone's feelings: "The way they dropped [Taggert's story] all is baloney. And I just [find] it so disrespectful to such an important character." 

The actor returned to "GH" in 2020 after a 16-year break, telling Soaps in Depth at the time, "Emotionally, I was a wreck." With any luck, we won't have to wait that long to see Taggert back on our screens again.