General Hospital's Kate Mansi Opens Up About Her 'Brutal' Divorce

Kristina Corinthos Davis (then Lexi Ainsworth) has always remained close to her father, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) on "General Hospital." Over the years, their relationship has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but for the most part, their familial bond has lasted. Kristina tends to bring out the softer side in Sonny, and no matter what issue she's faced, the lines of communication have always stayed open, and Sonny's been a great listening ear. 

When Kate Mansi took over as Kristina earlier this year, the initial reaction was that Kristina's recasting was a total misstep. However, Mansi has come into her own as Kristina, bringing a new version to the character, but keeping things like her bond with Sonny firmly intact. Kristina is still somewhat floundering through her life, and although things with sister, Molly Lansing Davis (Kristen Vaganos) are on shaky ground, Kristina is on good terms with everyone else. 

Like her character, Mansi also finds herself able to open up to her TV father, Benard, on a recent episode of his State of Mind podcast for World Mental Health Day. One of the primary subjects of the interview was Mansi's contentious engagement and subsequent divorce. The writing was on the wall about the future of their marriage, evident by a moment in the interview when Mansi said, "About 6 weeks before the planned wedding, my husband had a crisis of consciousness and didn't want to go through with it."

Kate Mansi recounts not leaving the house for 6 days after her husband left

Kate Mansi might be new on "General Hospital," exploring the ins and outs of Kristina, but she had no problem opening up to Maurice Benard about the mental health challenges from her contentious engagement and eventual short-lived marriage. Despite her ex's initial reservations about tying the knot, prompting Mansi to say things like, "Well, if you don't want to walk down the aisle with, technically, your wife, then maybe we should just separate because why would you not want to go through with it?'" Mansi's then-fiancé went through with the wedding. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. 

Only a year into the marriage, he wanted out. Recounting the moment he informed her of his intentions, Mansi said, "It was brutal. I have had depression and anxiety for my whole life. For me, in that moment, that wasn't like anything else. When he finally came to me a year later and said, 'I'm calling it, I want a divorce,' I didn't leave the house for 6 days. I was on the floor, depressed. I have my coping skills and my toolboxes to reach for, but with something like that, there is no tool big enough to ease that blow."

These issues occurred during the early COVID-19 years of 2020 to 2021, during which Mansi left "Days of Our Lives," taking a brief break from acting with no notable roles until her polarizing recast as the new Kristina actor on "General Hospital."