The Messiest Moments From Kim Zolciak And Kroy Biermann's Chaotic Split

Since getting married in November 2011, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann faced some challenges. For one, Zolciak is eight years older than her husband, who played in the NFL when they met. This, combined with the fact that Zolciak already had two daughters, Brielle and Adriana, from a previous marriage, caused Biermann's parents to side-eye the relationship. Nevertheless, they pushed forward, even sticking together when Biermann retired from football in 2016. Biermann legally adopted his stepdaughters and welcomed four more children with Zolciak before things soured in 2023.

In December 2020, there were reports of trouble in paradise with the couple. However, Zolciak quickly shut them down. Unfortunately for the couple, in February 2023, more drama arose when their Georgia mansion went into foreclosure, though the couple seemingly took action to save their home. Still, their financial woes were put on display for the world to see, with Zolciak frequently showing off her extravagant lifestyle online. In May 2023, things came to a shocking end when both Zolciak and Biermann filed for divorce within days of one another. Biermann pointed to Zolciak's spending habits in his divorce filing, claiming she'd squandered away much of their money on her extreme gambling habit. On the other hand, Zolciak labeled him an extensive marijuana user. Since then, things have only gotten messier, with no resolution in sight.

Zolciak and Biermann are battling over custody of their kids

In addition to pointing fingers over their finances, Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak are battling over custody of their four youngest children, Kroy Jr., Kash, and twins Kaia and Kane. In her court documents obtained by TMZ, Zolciak requested primary physical custody of the kids and joint legal custody. While Zolciak is willing to give her estranged husband some rights to their youngsters, Biermann is fighting for sole legal and physical custody, virtually, meaning he would be the main caregiver and decision-maker for the kids.

Biermann seemingly doesn't believe Zolciak is stable enough to manage their children. Since his filing, he has accused her of being physically abusive towards him as their children looked on. However, a judge may require him to provide proof of such instances in order to establish himself as the best parent for the kids. Zolciak slammed these claims, sharing that it was actually Biermann who mentally and emotionally battered her throughout their marriage.

The couple remain in the same house after the divorce filing

In the midst of their divorce chaos, it was revealed that Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak owed over $1 million in back taxes, only adding to their money problems. Still, both parties remain in their embattled Georgia mansion, which is again facing pre-foreclosure. This has seemingly been extremely awkward for the soon-to-be exes, who do their best to stay out of each other's way at home. 

Biermann has not made any effort to leave the house, and it has been widely reported that he is unable to afford a new place despite making an estimated $14,164,518 during his time as a professional athlete. Additionally, Zolciak seems to never have been the same since leaving "RHOA." For this reason, he has asked a judge to allow them to sell it in order to pay off much of their debt.

In addition to their massive IRS bill, the couple is being sued by multiple creditors, including Saks Fifth Avenue, who say the former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star ran up a $150,000 tab without paying. Target is also suing Zolciak for an unpaid credit card debt. To alleviate some of their debts, Biermann has begun selling some of his luxury goods. While Zolciak has done the same, the former Atlanta Falcons star says she has not used any funds to help ease their monetary strain.

Zolciak and Biermann have called the police on one another

As if abuse allegations, guardianship disputes, and limited funds weren't enough, the couple has called the police on one another. In May 2023, officers responded to their house after Biermann claimed Zolciak "was refusing to leave" their master bathroom. However, when they spoke to Zolciak, she argued that her husband screamed at her to go, yet when she tried to, he blocked her way. The "Don't Be Tardy" frontrunner also said Biermann chest bumped her, though both shot down the notion that a physical fight occurred. The cops left without any arrests.

The following month, in June 2023, law enforcement was called once again — this time at Zolciak's urging. She told the authorities that Biermann threatened her friend, Elise. The situation unfolded when Zolciak permitted Elise to take their son, Kroy Jr., to a nearby rodeo. However, Biermann apparently didn't know about the outing and accused Elise of kidnapping the boy. Zolciak told the dispatcher that Biermann intimidated Elise and even threatened to press charges against her.

The most recent call to 911 came in October 2023, when Zolciak told police she felt unsafe around Biermann. He'd taken her phones after an argument and was refusing to return them while he remained locked in a bedroom. Eventually, the police were able to retrieve her phones from Biermann, and no one was hauled off to jail.

The embattled couple reconciled briefly, but it didn't last long

The drama halted briefly in July 2023 when Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak reconciled. Zolciak even filed paperwork to drop their divorce altogether. The two were spotted out in public, appearing happy, which was a far cry from their very public feud with one another. The couple even attended church with their children, an indicator that things may be on the right track. An insider told Entertainment Tonight that the pair was working on the relationship, but there was still a long way to go.

"Kim and Kroy are back together but have a lot of work to do on their marriage. The couple's public split had them each making negative claims about the other, and it's been tough for them to deal with that," the source told the outlet.

Unfortunately, their moment of reuniting was short-lived. In August 2023, just a month after coming back together, Biermann refiled his divorce petition. In the new documents, it seemed they'd tried and failed at saving the relationship, with Biermann calling it "irretrievably broken." Though, Zolciak was not going to let go that easily.

Zolciak fought the second divorce, claiming she and Biermann were still intimate

Kim Zolciak is now asking a judge to dismiss Kroy Biermann's latest divorce request. Per Zolciak, she and Biermann were still sleeping with one another. Therefore, there was no way that the marriage could have been "irretrievably broken," as Biermann declared. In fact, Zolciak maintained their last intimate moment was in early September 2023, even after her husband sought another divorce.

While he didn't deny that they'd had sexual encounters under the same roof, Biermann is pushing forward with leaving his wife. He has refrained from social media and handles much of his public statements through his legal representatives. Zolciak is seemingly still fighting for her family behind the scenes and is still using her husband's last name on her Instagram. Thankfully, she's also keeping their troubles offline. Hopefully, these two can finally come to an amicable split and custody agreement that will work for them and their children. However, judging by their list of issues, things may get worse before they can improve.