All About Prince Christian Of Denmark's Lavish 18th Birthday Gala

When Prince Christian was born on October 15, 2005, his fate was sealed. Unlike other children of his generation, this brown-haired, blue-eyed royal would grow up in the public eye. Indeed, as the first-born son of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, the adorable royal is second in line to be monarch of Denmark. Thus, while his contemporaries were engaging in activities like soccer or art, Christian was learning how to do the royal wave. While other kids' photos were being hung on their parents' mantel, Christian's were being published in People magazine.

If the differences between the prince and other kids of his era were already quite stark, these days they are growing even more distinct. With Christian's 18th birthday fast approaching, the young royal's life is expected to take a major turn. Speaking to the Danish publication B.T., royal expert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen revealed, "[Christian] will be given relatively more tasks than he has now, so he will have a completely different life when he turns 18" (via Express). Sørensen alluded to the prince's birthday marking the end of a press deal that guaranteed him relative privacy until he reached adulthood.

Even though this new phase of Christian's life is expected to be challenging, he seems determined to celebrate it with all his might. On the very night of his 18th birthday, the prince will throw a massive party that will include a fancy dress code, famous guests, and a palace dance floor.

Prince Christian's party will be held at the luxurious Christiansborg Palace

Every young king must have his castle, and Prince Christian of Denmark is no exception. Photographs of his 18th birthday party invitations, which were shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, reveal that the event is set to take place at the stunning and glamourous Christiansborg Palace. Our invitation must've gotten lost in the mail...

As explained by Visit Copenhagen, a Danish tourism organization, the Christiansborg Palace is an over-the-top architectural gem that currently serves as a national government building. Inside, you'll find several historical salons, including the impressive Throne Room where Christian will one day welcome international visitors. The prince's party, however, is more likely to be held in the Great Hall, where his grandmother, Queen Margrethe II, holds her legendary gala dinners. With yellow marble walls illuminated by Venetian glass chandeliers, the space is truly imposing. If that weren't all elaborate enough, tapestries by a famous local artist, Bjørn Nørgaard, hang from all sides of the room, bringing in a burst of color.

According to Christiansborg Palace, parties held in the Great Hall generally begin with a grand candlelight dinner served on porcelain plates. Once the guests are done eating, the palace staff will swoop in and convert the space into a ballroom. The prince and his companions will likely dance the night away here.

The guest list will include hundreds of young people

Although the idea of a royal ball may sound like it comes straight out of a history book, Prince Christian of Denmark wants his birthday party to focus on fresh young faces. The Danish Royal House announced the details of the night on Instagram. As translated by People, the statement reads, "In the evening, the queen hosts a gala dinner where the guests reflect Prince Christian's own generation." Interestingly, these guests will not just include the rich and famous. The announcement went on to state, "Representatives from a selection of the country's youth organizations as well as young people who have marked themselves in the world of sports, art, and culture are invited."

In addition to including people with a wide range of interests, Christian's party will involve young folks from different parts of Denmark. Per the Danish Royal House's announcement, "The Kingehuset, in cooperation with the country's municipalities, will invite up to 200 young people from the common community to take part in the celebration, as each of Denmark's municipalities as well as Greenland and the Faroe Islands, will have the opportunity to choose two 18 year-olds to participate in the gala table."

Naturally, though, this does not mean that other princes and princesses will not be attending the event. It is believed that the Dutch, Swedish, and Belgian royal families will make an appearance at this lavish celebration.

The prince's good friend, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, is set to attend

Prince Christian of Denmark's 18th birthday party involves a long guest list of very important people — many of whom are strangers. However, among a sea of unfamiliar faces, there is at least one person who will bring the prince a feeling of comfort. Christian's longtime friend, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, will attend the gala, along with her father, Crown Prince Haakon, according to the Royal House of Norway.

Over the years, Ingrid has spoken positively of Christian — even naming him as one of the people with whom she hopes to build a productive professional relationship. In an NRK TV interview that she gave on her own 18th birthday, the princess explained, "I am so lucky that I have many heirs of the same age in Europe now, so I hope that we can use each other [for advice] eventually." The princess went on to reveal that she has "a lot of contact" with the heirs of Sweden and Denmark. 

That being said, Ingrid lamented the fact that the pandemic had prevented Europe's young royals from spending time together, stating, "It's been a long time since we've gathered everyone because of the [coronavirus]." Christian's birthday party will give Europe's future monarchs the chance to spend some quality time together and even reconnect as they each get closer to the throne.

Will Princess Maria Chiara make an appearance?

Royal fans are curious to know if Princess Maria Chiara, Duchess of Noto and Capri, will make an appearance at the gala, according to the Daily Mail. In May 2023, Christian and Chiara sparked dating rumors when they were spotted with together at the Monaco Grand Prix. A source later alleged to Woman's Day, "Christian is definitely taken with Chiara — it remains to be seen if she feels the same. For now, they get along well, both families approve and they have a lot of similar tastes in music, sports and even film."

Interestingly, the same source hinted that Christian's birthday could be a pivotal moment for his relationship with the Italian beauty. Apparently, the prince believes that 18 is a good age to get serious with someone, and Maria is his person of choice. The anonymous Danish insider explained, "Chiara ticks all the right boxes — she's funny, intelligent and very well connected via her social media." 

However, Chiara has since denied having a romantic relationship with the prince. As she revealed in an Instagram post, "I would like to set the records straight with regards to the unfounded rumour that has been circulating about me. Prince Christian and I share a close friendship." Whether you still wish to believe they're dating or, as Chiara insists, close friends, you probably won't be too surprised if she shows up to the gala.

Christian's gala has a serious dress code

European royal families are known for looking good. So when we say that the guests at Prince Christian's birthday gala are expected to show up, we mean show up. As revealed by the party invitations leaked on X, formerly known as Twitter, the dress code for this event goes way beyond formal. Guests can choose to wear either ballgowns, military dress uniforms, or white tie attire. Military honors are welcome, and tiaras are encouraged. Oh my!

As of this writing, it remains unclear who exactly will don what in terms of headwear. However, it is likely that European royals like Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and her daughters, Princess Cathalina-Amalia and Princess Alexia, will all show up adorned in their very best bling. Meanwhile, it is understood that Christian's own little sister, Princess Isabella, will not be encouraged to wear a tiara to the party. According to Danish royal protocol, princesses do not receive their first tiaras until their 18th birthday. By Christian's birthday, Isabella will still have two years to go before she can debut the jeweled headpiece.

While Christian has not made any official announcements about what he will be wearing, we can look to the past for a few hints. In September 2022, the prince showed up to Queen Margrethe's 50th anniversary of ascension wearing a tuxedo fashioned with a white tie. Time will tell if he chooses a similar ensemble.

The party will correspond with the release of a documentary

At the end of the day, Prince Christian of Denmark's 18th birthday is not all about fun and games. Although the actual celebration is sure to be a good time, it also commemorates something much greater — the prince's eligibility to one day become king. Because of this, the Danish royal family will release a documentary about Christian's life as a prince on the eve of his birthday. And, from what we can tell, the film itself will be quite formal.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the palace released a statement revealing that the documentary will follow Christian and his dad, Prince Frederik as they learn what it means to be a ruler. Throughout the film, the pair will be engaged in a series of kingly lessons, which were apparently designed to prepare them for the throne. Per the palace, "Together, they undertake this adventure with a clear mission: to ensure that Prince Christian knows better the country of which he will one day be king."

The documentary, however, will not just introduce Denmark to Christian — it will also introduce Christian to Denmark. Rumor has it that the documentary will feature Christian speaking honestly about the weight of his future responsibilities, presenting the public with a more human side of the young prince. As the palace reportedly stated, the film will allow us to get "up close and personal" with the monarch-to-be. 

Prince Christian's birthday gala will be bookended with royal duties

Before Prince Christian gets to party the night away, he will spend his 18th birthday embroiled in official duties. For the young prince, this will be one of the first occasions that he actually has to work for the crown. Indeed, on the morning of his special day, Christian will be present for the changing of the guard — a royal ceremony in which a new group of soldiers takes over for the ones that were previously on duty. After this, the Danish Royal Household announced that Christian will join the rest of his family on the balcony of the Frederik VIII's Palace, where he will greet the public.

Additionally, Christian's royal activities will not end on his actual birthday. On November 14, 2023, the 18-year-old royal is scheduled to appear before the Council of State and swear his loyalty to the Danish Constitution. Per the Danish Royal Household's Instagram, "Prince Christian will hereafter be appointed head of state." However, the institution clarified, "Prince Christian will not get a seat in the State Council until a change of throne has taken place."