GH's Roger Howarth Supports Jon Lindstrom's New Project & We Love The Co-Star Camaraderie

At a fan event in 2021, reported on by Soap Hub, "General Hospital" star Roger Howarth was asked about which actors he enjoyed as scene partners when he played Paul Ryan on "As the World Turns." The soft-spoken Howarth stated, "There were so many. I thought that was a great cast." However, Jon Lindstrom was one who came to mind, and it's now evident Howarth has a good deal of respect for the actor and his work.

After "ATWT," Howarth would again work with Lindstrom on "GH" when he played Franco Baldwin, and eventually, Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt, the colleague of Lindstrom's psychiatrist character, Kevin Collins. Over the years, Lindstrom has had nothing but praise for his "GH" co-stars. Howarth finally had the opportunity to return the accolades with an Instagram post on October 12.

Howarth, who has rarely opened up to the fans about his personal life and thoughts, had recently created an Instagram page on September 13, to which one fan replied, "It's about damn time!!" The actor shared a selfie with his castmate, along with the cover of Lindstrom's debut thriller novel, "Hollywood Hustle," and had some really nice things to say.

Howarth feels Lindstrom is a very cool person

Good-natured "General Hospital" star Roger Howarth lauded his friend Jon Lindstrom's new book on Instagram. "People who challenge themselves to grow and do new exciting and creative things...are cool. And he was cool before. Beautiful, Jon," he wrote in the caption. With minimal words, Howarth expressed how blown away he was by the fact that Lindstrom had written a novel, noting, "Here's the link to his new adventure. A novel. So cool." One adoring fan replied, "Love you guys and the friendship you have."

Lindstrom had originally announced his first book deal, way back in December 2022 on Instagram. He shared the Publishers Marketplace Deal Report about it, and wrote, "Feeling pretty good this morning, as this is the news I woke to. A huge THANK YOU to Liza Fleissig of the Liza Royce Agency and to Jess Verdi & everyone at Crooked Lane Books for inviting me on the journey of my life!" The book centers around an aging actor whose daughter is kidnapped by an evil gang of miscreants. He must work with a former detective and a Hollywood stuntman to rescue her before she is murdered. 

Now that the book is here, the fact that Howarth promoted it and its author with such high praise, illustrates their true friendship. With their great on and off-screen chemistry, hopefully, the two can play the lead characters if the book ever gets made into a film!